Libertarian Party of NH Votes to Censure LP Vice Presidential Candidate Bill Weld

Bill Weld

Bill Weld Censured by LP of NH

Many libertarians are sharply divided over the national Libertarian Party’s nomination of two former republicans, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for president and vice-president, respectively. Some, like me, say it’s a continued betrayal of the party’s principle of non-aggression, as Johnson and Weld are not taking principled stands on the issues. Nor are they even broaching the subject of non-aggression, the principle to which they signed their names in order to join the party in the first place, which says, “I do not support or advocate the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.”

To others, like Free Keene blogger Rich Paul, the watering down of the message is seen as a way to promote libertarianism in the hopes that people will see Johnson and Weld’s campaign and learn more about the principle of non-aggression on their own.

It’s a disagreement that has split the libertarian party for much longer than just this campaign season. Sadly, the pandering pragmatists have been winning for a decade-or-so, and have nominated unprincipled people like Bob Barr, Bill Weld, and Gary Johnson, when the party used to put forward principled, true libertarians like Harry Browne and Ron Paul. Browne and Paul explained the principles and ideas of liberty, whereas Johnson and Weld won’t even broach the subject. Their campaign is about them, not libertarianism.

Thankfully, the tide is turning in the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. First, the party’s delegates to the national convention this year were some of the only delegates to NOT vote in favor of Johnson/Weld. Then, more recently the party overwhelmingly voted in principled doers Darryl W Perry and Rodger Paxton into the chairman/vice chairman roles.

Now the LP of NH’s executive committee has made an unprecedented move and voted to censure Weld for donating money to Chris Sununu, the republican candidate for governor here in New Hampshire:

Since the gubernatorial race is pivotal to ballot access retention in New Hampshire for the Libertarian Party, it is a betrayal for Bill Weld to give money to our direct competitor, money that will be used in direct contravention to the money spent by the national Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire to achieve and retain our ballot access.

It’s refreshing to see the long-languishing Libertarian Party of New Hampshire finally getting active again and making a stand for the principles that have been long lost on the national LP. Kudos.

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  1. Screw the LPNH.  They would have better spent their time working against Trump and Hillary than working against Johnson and Weld.

  2. Right now, Darryl Perry has to correct some idiot who pretends not to know the difference between “censor” and “censure”.

  3. The libertarian party are always wishy washy. Having Ron Paul for a hero is the first mistake, everyone else involved is the second mistake.

  4. RichPaul What do you know about it? You would only vote for the person who would legalize current illegal drugs.

  5. questions: who are the executive board?  Does being Censured mean hes booted or cant talk or had his libertarian stripes taken off him and cant claim it anymore?  Who wroote the censure blurb?(was it darryl?) and , Did anyone ever use or hear of the word  contravention before it was in that blurb?  what does it mean ..

  6. dide Darryl  ipso facto boot  Bill Weld?

  7. *now that hes the boss or whatever

  8. The principle of non-aggression carried to its logical end equals a complete lack of government, so obviously running for the leader of any government is a non-principled action for a small “L” libertarian.
    To be a principled member of the Libertarian Party means adhering mostly to the party’s platform which is mostly a blueprint for a minarchist style government with a smaller, less intrusive government than we have now.
    It is fine for those who criticize the LP for existing, to do so, but not fair to hold their candidates to an anarchist/voluntaryist position.
    Perhaps there should be another party whose platform is, “Our goal is to disband any and all government and nothing else. ” Then a “pure libertarian ” who holds the principle of non-aggression dear, could criticize a candidate of said party for minarchist compromises.

  9. “The Libertarian vice presidential candidate, William F. Weld, said Tuesday that he plans to focus exclusively on blasting Donald Trump over the next five weeks, a strategic pivot aimed at denying Trump the White House and giving himself a key role in helping to rebuild the GOP.”
    “Maybe somebody is going to come up with a new playbook, and I don’t know who it’s going to be, but it would be fun to participate,” Weld said…

  10. The true believers will still deny that he’s an establishment player. The LP is his side chick and they accept it.

  11. A compelling reason. I’ve questioned for some time now why Weld has not been taken off the ballot. As I am to understand it; he freely admits to perpetuating gun control rhetoric in his campaign for Massachusetts governor and freely admits now that he was saying whatever he had to to get elected. This is a clear violation of the None Agression Principle. The man freely admits to lying (coercion) for political gain.
    Who are we to be?
    Dave Moser
    York LP
    York, PA

  12. Darryl,are you drunk with Libertarian power?   That’s what’s going on here.

  13. Sure, keep stabbing your own party in the back. Jackasses.

  14. Jumping Jacks RichPaul Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, don’t you think it’s insincere of you to be condemning others for voting practices that you yourself endorse? After all, you vote for candidates who promise to keep drugs illegal, don’t you?

  15. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks RichPaul Peaches, you apparently do not know as much as you think you do. I addressed my comments to Rich Paul and here you are butting in saying nothing worth repeating,  Why is that Peaches? Obviously you aren’t getting enough attention at home from mommy and daddy.

  16. IAN and DARRYL, you ARE NOT the Libertarian standard!! Go join/create/run under the Anarchist Party and stop making Libertarians look BAT-SHIT CRAZY. Shame and fuck both of you.

  17. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell RichPaul I’m sorry Jacks, but this is a open blog. We’re both guests here. but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to cave in to your whining demands every single time you carelessly set yourself up for an ambush. If you find the prospect of unsolicited confrontation so disquieting, Jacks, then why don’t you make other arrangements with Rich so you can discuss your concerns about drug legalization with him privately?

  18. So… My problem with this article (and I just wandered here by accident; I’m not even a Johnson/Weld supporter) is that you insist these guys haven’t subscribed to the non-aggression principle. And yet, their foreign policy sounds as “non-aggressive” as the one held by my chosen candidate team, Stein/Baraka. I’m not seeing nor understanding the reason for the complaint. If you don’t want war, that kind of makes you non-aggressive, right?
    As much as I don’t care for their support of TPP, they would still be my second choice if we had rank choice voting.

  19. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks RichPaul Peaches, no it’s you who whines and moans. You seem to jump in and answer questions that were not directed at you. It would seem your constant thirst of attention is turning your ridiculous rants into cries for help.

  20. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell RichPaul Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, countering with such unsophisticated ripostes is just so pedestrian, don’t you think? I would have thought that you could have done much better than this, especially when considering the fact that you have me all figured out.

  21. David Moser You sound like you’d fit right in in New Hampshire – come on up!

  22. It’s sour grapes actually m Darryl was a failed candidate for the LP nomination who was caught cheating by buying poll votes.

  23. Exactly. Worthless man-child needs to go join an anarchist party and stop hurting the liberty movement.

  24. Johnson/Weld are statist Republican back benchers. They’re Jeb Bush without the donor class appeal.

  25. Johnson/Weld are statist Republican back benchers. They’re Jeb Bush without the donor class appeal.

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