Why would private police forces be better than government?

Q: Why would private police forces be better than a monopoly police force?

A: A private police force is better than a public police force because if it does a bad job, you can fire them tomorrow and hire another one, just as you can fire Brinks Home Security and hire Guardian Protective Services, tomorrow, without asking permission of anybody. Your neighbor’s don’t have to agree with you. They can continue to use whatever service they use now. But if you turn out to be happier with Guardian than with Brinks, you can also let your neighbors know that they provide a better value for the money.

A public police force always ends up doing things you don’t want done. They shoot unarmed people in the streets, especially minorities. They arrest more people for smoking weed in America than for all violent crimes combined. Including the government as a whole, they murder people abroad on flimsy pretexts to make money for Big Oil. These are services that no sane person wants. But because they are “public”, they are permitted to force you at gunpoint to buy their service, even if you want nothing in the world more than to be free of it. That makes it, not a Protective Service, but a Protection Racket. They promise to protect you if you buy their service. They promise to harm you themselves if you don’t buy their service. That’s exactly what the mafia does. Except that the Mafia doesn’t have little nannies who follow you around after they extort you telling you what to do. They are not that presumptuous.

Ferguson, MO, for example, might want to get the New Black Panthers or the Huey Newton Gun Club to patrol their streets, instead of their current racist, violent, murderous police force. It would probably be much safer to be black in Ferguson if they did so.

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  1. Rich Paul, the rants and raves of this “article” make no sense. If there were privatized police departments, they would still have to follow the law. The PD has to follow the laws as well. This self entitlement you and the freekeeners seem to have is what gets you in trouble. Maybe if you stopped breaking the law and doing drugs will help keep you from getting arrested all the time. Most you’re articles are paranoia driven. That is the drugs talking. You lost your wife because of all the drugs and arrests. You are a convicted felon. You did this to yourself not the PD.

  2. “A competitive police industry is more fair to people in the lower class. The problem with minorities and the poor being targeted by bias could be fixed with police forces that specialize in dealing with their unique issues. Competition allows the bad forces to be driven out, and the good ones, focused on the problems that those communities are focused on, and can do so at lower rates than current taxes, would rise to the top.”
    “Private police forces would not be tied down by bureaucracy as much and could act on dangers to the public much more efficiently. Money used more efficiently could go towards better equipment and training to make sure officers can handle any situation. Justifying costs would come down to convincing the customer rather than taking it from traffic tickets when there is more serious, violent crime happening.”
    Just brainstorming. I wasn’t a fan of how you called people who disagree with you insane. 😉

  3. That’s the real point of private police: entitled white men can pay whatever they need to do what ever they want while having their private police force excert violence against the poor, minorities, women, everyone else.

  4. yeah, because influential white males don’t have police committing violence against poor people and minorities now… as was stated in the article… YOU FUCKING MORON.

  5. What would you do when these private police kick you off every property you park your crapmobile and inject heroin in you degenerate fuck?

  6. The brilliance of Rich Paul can’t be applauded loudly enough.

  7. Private Police Forces could be a better option than the government owned police department as govt impose restrictions and sometimes lack funds for the department but in private forces this is not the case they have latest tools and technology and did not take so much time to approve things just like the best assignment help now near me UK which also does not take long time to complete the task and even deliver the best outcomes. Private Police agencies are a plus point for the society according to me.

  8. An open police power consistently winds up doing things you don’t need done. They shoot unarmed individuals in the boulevards, particularly Wikipedia Writing Services minorities. They capture a greater number of individuals for smoking weed in America than for every savage wrongdoing joined.

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