Documentary Focusing on NH’s Liberty Movement Celebrates Two Years & Over 115,000 Views!

Two years ago today, the premiere documentary covering the New Hampshire liberty migrations was released on YouTube: “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire“. It’s since racked up over 115,000 views on YouTube and has inspired countless people to start planning and making their move to The Shire!

The director and executive producer, Vince Perfetto, recently made this retrospective blog post celebrating the second anniversary of the movie. I highly recommend checking it out.

Now that the movie’s been such a hit on YouTube, to commemorate the second anniversary, it’s been uploaded to Facebook. Can the Facebook version get its own 100,000 views? Please help us accomplish that by sharing the facebook version. Thank you!

Here’s Vince’s blog post from

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101 reasons why libertarians like you should join us in New Hampshire.

Two years ago this month, on November 17th, 2014, the documentary about the amazing libertarian migration to New Hampshire premiered on YouTube.  It’s called, “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire”.  Since then, it has been viewed over 115,000 times and it’s inspired countless liberty-lovers to pick up their lives and move to New Hampshire.  


Last year, when I wrote the one-year retrospective for the first anniversary of the movie’s release, the Free State Project was nearing completion of its goal of recruiting 20,000 libertarians to pledge to make the move to New Hampshire and get active to achieve liberty in our lifetime.  In February of this year, we made it to the goal and the official move began! Now, thousands more libertarians will be coming to join the highest concentration of freedom-lovers in the world.


It’s humbling to think that “101 Reasons” helped accomplish that goal by showing libertarians around the world why New Hampshire is such a special place, and further, why the people who’ve migrated here for more liberty are such an amazing group.  If you don’t live in NH, you really can’t know how awesome it is to be surrounded by more libertarians than you could possibly meet, but “101 Reasons” successfully gives the viewer a taste of what it’s like to be part of this community.


The movie, which you can watch for free online, focuses on the many reasons why even before Free State Project participants chose it, New Hampshire was a destination for liberty.  It also focuses on the activism and the unprecedented community that we’ve been steadily building here since the earliest movers started arriving in 2003.

101 Reasons' Editor, Beau Davis

101 Reasons’ Editor, Beau Davis


Thanks to editor Beau Davis’ tireless efforts, I’m really proud of what we’ve created, and am grateful for the opportunity to share New Hampshire with libertarians everywhere that are seeking a real solution, especially now, after arguably the worst national election we’ve seen in our lifetimes.


Libertarians are likely feeling burned out right now.  Libertarian candidates in most places outside NH continue to be ignored, marginalized, and sidelined.  Their vote totals across the country are anything but encouraging.  I remember what it was like living in Ft. Myers, Florida.  I felt like we were just spinning our wheels – repeating the same pointless acts every four years and getting no traction whatsoever.  Here, we’re actually winning.  I’m writing this just two days after more than 15 Free State Project early movers won state house seats here in New Hampshire, (running as Republicans and Democrats). In more good election news, dozens of candidates that were endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance won seats, as well. These are principled people, most of whom were incumbents from previous elections.  We’ve been winning here for years, unlike libertarians elsewhere.


Liberty-minded people need a solution and a plan that actually works. Migrating to New Hampshire to join forces with other libertarians in the already freest state is the plan, and it is working.  Find out why by watching 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire.  If you’ve already seen it, please help us celebrate the second anniversary by sharing the YouTube link on your social media.  If you’re planning to move, I look forward to meeting you in New Hampshire someday!

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  1. Out of the 115000 people who supposedly watched this video, how many moved to New Hampshire? I would like to know how many actually watched the whole video. I’m sure it’s less then 115000

  2. Jumping Jacks We don’t know exactly how many people have moved here so far. It’s somewhere in the thousands. The move was triggered earlier this year when the FSP hit their goal of 20,000 people signing the Statement of Intent to move to New Hampshire. There are new people moving here every day. It’s exciting. Thanks for your support.

  3. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks No, it is not in the thousands. New Hampshire has the slowest growing population. Any growth is not due to freestaters moving to NH. By the way, prove all those signatures are legit.  Some of my friends who live out of state signed that intent including me. They will not be moving to NH and I already live in NH.  So there you have it. Your freekeene rants and raves mean nothing and are lies.

  4. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist

    Thank you for admitting that you engage in fraudulent behavior.  It’s the first step to your recovery.  Good luck.

  5. Ok, I did the final editing this morning and will be going into the southern hemisphere soon. This page is what I’m leaving behind. Elon Musk speaks of the composition of the atmosphere virtually every time he speaks in public, as do I, and he is making electric cars as fast as he possibly can and I will be producing O2 as fast as I possibly can.
    The most recent post at the Repair the Sky page has everything, I think, and to say that it is kind of important is an understatement. It is a bit of a read though, yes, however … both Elon and I could use all the affirmation and help we can get. Truly.

  6. I am aware of a bunch of “movers” that signed up with the FSP and moved to NH, only to move back where I live. The numbers are incorrect.

  7. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks DavidJurist No, it’s activists like you who engage in fraudulent behavior. The freekeeners are always making up lies and push it as the truth.

  8. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Jacksoff, You’ve proven time and time again that you do not live here in NH by your ignorance surrounding the current events and/or the way the political system and climate here work.

    I call BS. And I did move. I’m here now. Are you saying that my family and I don’t exist? My wife, my daughter and myself all moved here to NH. My daughter did not sign as she was not old enough to understand such a commitment. So you’re right the count may not be entirely accurate but it’s definitely over 2000 moved at this point. Since then we’ve had another child. I think your simple mind doesn’t account for other factors, like the young people leaving in droves when they come of age.

    PS. You’re stupidity is showing.

  9. InternetJeb Jumping Jacks DavidJurist I don’t believe you live in NEW Hampshire. The people who have moved to NH are not part of the freekeene or free stater movement. Between 2014-2015 the population only grew a couple of thousand and that had nothing to do with the little piece of paper with supposed 20,000 signatures. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks DavidJurist And just imagine WEEDA – twelve steps from now Jacks will be well on his way to both confessing his misdeeds and making amends for them!

  11. Jumping Jacks InternetJeb DavidJurist My goodness, Jacks, how do you expect to regain the superior position here with such feeble sallies? I would have thought that by now you would have accused all three of these gentleman of engaging in acts of homosexuality, pedophilia, and self-harm. What’s the problem, Jacks? If you don’t pick up your game here you’re going to fall even more behind!

  12. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    That was a rather flaccid retort.  I’ll give you some time to regain your composure and try again.  Maybe you’re just tired ?

  13. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks It would appear the word “flaccid” is something you deal with on a daily basis. 

    Obviously the report can’t get any simpler. It shows you not passing the third grade has really affected you.

  14. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks InternetJeb DavidJurist Wow, you are really full of yourself for being a freekeene troll.

  15. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell InternetJeb DavidJurist Now, now, Jacks. You have no cause to be offended here. I’m not the one who exaggerates his own worth by telling everyone how wealthy and important he is, now am I?

  16. Do not reply to Mr. Vermell if that is his actual name, he is inconsequential.

  17. Milwaukee My goodness Milwaukee, if you’re really so perturbed by my presence here then why haven’t you taken my advice to heart and started flagging each and every one of my comments? Really dear, these cautionary remonstrances of yours are all just becoming so unexciting and quotidian, particularly when I’m still waiting patiently to see this backbone you claim to possess.

  18. Thanks a lot for bringing David Crawford to NH. He’s on a FB page whimpering about how the actors from Hamilton should all be fired. I thought you all were brave, gun totin’ freedom lovers – what the fuck did you bring this assclown here for?

  19. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks It’s not thousands.  I remember when all 20,000 of you were going to be here by 2006, according to Jason Sorens. 

    Any truth to the rumor that the FSP was paying people to sign?

  20. InternetJeb

    PS. You’re stupidity is showing.

    Oh, sweet irony.

  21. powertool DavidJurist Jumping Jacks No powertool, signing bonuses were never necessary. It turns out that in order to get those last few thousand signatures the FSP decided to shift the focus of their enrollment efforts towards individuals with ideals more to the left rather than libertarian. That was not one of their finest moments in my opinion.

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