Speeding Ticket Trial Video: Steven Johnson

This week, newer mover-to-Keene Steven Johnson tried his hand at a speeding ticket trial against newer Keene cop Luke Antin, who appears to be a decent guy. Steven heroically refused the plea deal and appeared for trial before judge Edward J Burke, in Keene District Court… but not really.

See, Keene District Court normally occurs in Cheshire County courthouse’s courtroom one. At 8:30 in the morning on November 7th, as usual, dozens of people had filed obediently into courtroom one, awaiting Burke’s arrival. Little did they know, however, that Burke had appeared in the smaller, upstairs courtroom three at 8:30am sharp.

This is a smart move – it prevents the average court attendee from seeing someone actually take a speeding charge to trial. (Based on the large number of youtube views on speeding ticket trials – people are very interested in this subject.) Sure, we give the court victims fliers to encourage them to not take a plea deal, but it’s another matter entirely for them to witness someone actually doing it.

So, courtroom three contained four people: Burke, Steven, KPD officer Luke Antin, and the cameraman – me. Thankfully, we can record the court proceedings in New Hampshire, so the trial can be seen by the world. Here’s the video:

Of course, Steven was found guilty, but he got them to waste a half hour of their time in court, and ultimately was given a suspended fine. We later had a pleasant conversation off-camera with officer Antin outside the court and Burke asked me after I’d packed up my camera who I thought was going to win the election! I told him, whoever wins, we lose.

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  1. He was speeding. It’s simple, abide by the laws of the road, or you will get a ticket. Be safe out there people.

  2. Milwaukee His whole argument if you were watching the video was that he was being safe and the arbitrary speed limits don’t determine what is and isn’t safe. What is safe is dependent on lots of different factors from the car that is being driven to the conditions of the road. 
    He argued that the road conditions were such that nothing prevented him from safely driving in excess of the speed limit. The roads were clear of other vehicles during the short windows that his speed was in excess of the speed limit, and the good conditions of the road surface and whether resulted in conditions in which it was safe to drive in excess of the posted speed limit. 
    Generally the posted speed limit is such that new drivers should abide by it and other drivers should abide by it during times of bad weather. This does not include larger commercial vehicles that may be towing a load or private vehicles in similar circumstances.

  3. It is 55mph at that portion of the road, then when you go down the hill it is 45 for the safety of those crossing the highway. 75mph is way too fast, case closed. Good day libretea.

  4. Milwaukee Milwaukee darling, do you know with utmost certainty that most of the people who drive that portion of the roadway travel at 55 mph like the sign tells them to, or is this just another one of these reckless statements of yours where you insist that your wants and wishes take precedence over the natural behaviors of others? I’m not sure if you’ve heard dear, but did you know that there’s a principle in traffic engineering called the 85th percentile operating speed? If you haven’t, then you might want to study up on this concept. You wouldn’t want to continue this discussion with libretea while completely unprepared, now would you?

  5. He was caught speeding and there was overwhelming evidence so he lost. It would appear the freekeeners propaganda flyers are a joke especially since the freekeeners don’t follow their own advice. The tax payer money you wasted for this court appearance will come out of your taxes as well as everyone else.

  6. Your buddy Robert Taylor is a full potato white supremacist – down there in DC at that neonazi confab interviewing with the press about how much Trump is going to help the white race. Along with your buddy Cantwell- you must be so proud.
    And purposely speeding just to jam up the judicial system to lose your pointless case – you all need to get jobs.

  7. i didnt watch the whole vid….imo  the best way to win is to  go after the elements of the crime, but you got the fee waved which is a win…. also its a informative video to a degree

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