New Mover David Jurist’s Arraignment for Driving on Suspended License

David Jurist moved to Keene from Arkansas back in September and a month later was already in handcuffs in Hillsborough, NH for the dastardly crime of driving safely without a government permission slip. After receiving personal recognizance bail, he was released and other Keene activists made the trip to Hillsborough to pick him and his car up.

David is a freedom to travel activist and has studied many unusual courtroom approaches. For years I’ve encouraged people who want to try unique approaches to court cases to move to the Keene area so we can document them on video. (Many states do not allow recording in court, so it’s impossible for the court theorists to prove their techniques actually work.) So, I was excited to see him question the judge Edward B. Tenney during his arraignment this week at Hillsborough District Court.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Another self entitled freekeener who thinks he is above the law. I believe you will lose this one. I also believe you knew you were driving with a suspended license.

    So your name is not David Jurist.  Go figure.

  2. Well done, David.  Your victory here is assured regardless of the court’s findings.

    Incorrect rulings from judges repeatedly demonstrate that the “justice system” has nothing to do with justice and has little to do with law.  It is hypocrisy at its finest with the court and police making the same violations they throw others in cages for.

  3. Splendid, David. Jacks has just blessed your case with another one of his dire predictions. If this is anything like his other failed predictions, than it’s likely that your success in this case is now almost guaranteed,

  4. Jumping Jacks Now, now, Jacks.  It appears the police in the vid think they are above the law and can routinely ignore constitutional rights and due process, and the judge agrees!  What a sad state of affairs, isn’t it Jacks?  On the bright side, it creates a great opportunity to fight for liberty and document it as David Jurist has done here.

    I really encourage you to watch the video this time Jacks, its very good.

  5. Jumping Jacks Laws that are unjust should not be respected, but the courts frequently don’t follow the law itself which begs the question why should anybody else?

  6. libretea Jumping Jacks “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law – just a fight for survival.” – Billy Jack

  7. If you weren’t properly served, David, then why show up to the hearing?  I’m no legal expert, but it seems to me not showing up would have just strengthened your case.

  8. Intrigare libretea Jumping Jacks If only our dear friend Jacks here possessed even a thimbleful of the grit Billy Jack shows towards those that overstep their authority.

  9. Intrigare If you don’t show up they may put out a bench warrant.

  10. Jumping Jacks Self entitled? I pay for muh roads every time I buy gas. So I have every right to travel on what I pay for and I will continue to exercise that protected right. Who said I was driving? I move Jacks to provide evidence that I was transporting persons or property for profit.

  11. Intrigare I have skipped arraignment in other states because of these issues. Technically they don’t have personal jurisdiction if you’re not properly served the required paperwork. Or at least that’s what their law says. It would be nice to win this case to show people that the law still works. A lot of people are losing hope and turning to anarchy as the cure for the disease.

  12. Intrigare Jumping Jacks No, he was driving with a suspended license. It looks like you didn’t watch the video because there are no cops in this video.

  13. libretea Jumping Jacks Driving with a suspended license is breaking the law. It is not a stupid law which would explain why he is standing before a judge and has a significant bond.

  14. Intrigare libretea Jumping Jacks The police didn’t break the law. David did if that is his real name

  15. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks You were busted for driving on a suspended license. There are laws regarding driving on the roads. If you choose not to follow them, there are consequences to your actions. You are finding that out now. You can’t drive until you are cleared of any charges.  After all the fines and the possibility of you losing your license for an extended period. Your taxes will continue paying for the roads I drive on that you cannot use.

  16. Freedom of movement isn’t freedom to drive around without a drivers license.

  17. To charge someone with a crime there must a signed complaint and affidavit. There must also be probable cause. The police prosecutor and judge never told me what the probable cause was for the stop. It’s not on the complaint either. In New Hampshire I think they try to skip these due process requirements by calling it a violation instead of a crime, misdemeanor or felony.

  18. I guess anarchists and libertarians cannot grasp the concept of fairness. You pay a fee to have the freedom to drive where ever you want in the United States of America, as do

  19. What about this US Supreme Court decision: 235 US 610 (1915)
    movement of motor vehicles over the highways is attended by constant
    and serious dangers to the public, and is also abnormally destructive to
    the ways themselves . . . In the absence of national legislation
    covering the subject a State may rightfully prescribe uniform
    regulations necessary for public safety and order in respect to the
    operation upon its highways of all motor vehicles — those moving in
    interstate commerce as well as others. And to this end it may require
    the registration of such vehicles and the licensing of their drivers . .
    . This is but an exercise of the police power uniformly recognized as
    belonging to the States and essential to the preservation of the health,
    safety and comfort of their citizens.
    Here are the facts from this case:
     On that day he left his office in Washington in his own automobile and drove it into Prince George’s County and while temporarily there was arrested on the charge of operating it upon the highways without having procured the certificate of registration required by § 133 of the Motor Vehicle Law.
    How are you different from Mr Hendrick?

  20. Jumping Jacks libretea Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, do you really think that it makes sense to argue that the measure of a “good” law should be determined solely by how much violence is organized around it to ensure obedience? Now surely you can come up with a better argument than this? Remember, there was a great deal of violence organized around the Eighteenth Amendment. You wouldn’t argue that that was a “good” law, now would you Jacks?

  21. “Your
    Honor, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of God,
    to look for a probable cause affidavit of material facts alleged in
    support of the charge, that appears in the record of these proceedings
    like weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.” -Neil Rowe

  22. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist It’s very interesting that you’ve been associating the concept of taxes with that of  punishment in these threads lately, Jacks. The left-wing portion of your ego has a lot of demands to meet, doesn’t it?

  23. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks libretea Peaches, do you vote? Do you contribute to your community? This is about a criminal who was driving with a suspended license. Where you get your rants and raves from is a total mystery.

  24. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell libretea My goodness, that’s quite a slew of Jacksisms you had pre-prepared for me, Jacks. Too bad it doesn’t explain how you came to the conclusion that these are “good” laws. Would you care to try and support your previous statement a second time, Jacks, or have you just decided to give up?

  25. You sir are a sick person. Women in the Keene area be aware.

  26. It’s amazing how Ian (freeman) Bernard surrounds himself with the likes of Kyle Tasker and David Crawford, both known for creeping on underaged children, and now this fake “David Jurist” who also wants to creep on unsuspecting women! Do you not realize that you’re being investigated by the FBI for downloading kiddie porn in you’re household? What an idiot!

  27. Milwaukee You don’t have much of a sense of humor do you Milwaukee? Several of my female friends thought this post was hilarious.

  28. Milwaukee Sick? Because he’s considering looking for a girlfriend?  lol you guys will try anything, won’t you?

  29. Milwaukee You had me at “pay a fee to have the freedom…” LOL

  30. Jumping Jacks Intrigare libretea Now now Jacks, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but even police can’t just go around throwing whomever they want into cages without any kind of process or procedures… that is, at least not as long as we want to call this country a “constitutional republic.”

  31. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks libretea Let’s be fair to Jacks, shall we?  We both know he can’t respond to your argument from a historical perspective if he rejects history altogether.  May I suggest an approach that could be more effective for someone like Jacks… perhaps a puppet show demonstrating the problem with might makes right?

  32. Jumping Jacks Intrigare Aw Jacks, you didn’t actually watch through the vid looking for cops did you?   I didn’t mean uniformed police officers silly!  You get a gold star for effort though.  For more info about the term “police,” check out and

  33. Milwaukee Very well put. The people you mentioned are criminals. The only other one I would add is Chris Cantwell.

  34. Intrigare Jumping Jacks You said, ” It appears the police in the vid think they are above the law and can routinely ignore constitutional rights”.  Now you back down and say your words meant something else. Typical activist. By the way, there were no police in this video.

  35. Jumping Jacks Intrigare Aw Jacks, I’m sorry your reading comprehension is lacking.  Actually wait, let me back up a bit.
    What I mean to say is I’m sorry all your comprehension is lacking.  Thanks for the compliment however.  I’ll take your “activist” label and add it to my list of personal accomplishments, right next to “free keene troll.”

    Enjoy your day, Jacks.  And Jacks?  Please try to save some lives today at your rehab centers.  Remember Narcan may be an enabling agent, but that negative is overshadowed by its life-saving features.

  36. Milwaukee Socket wrenches and knives, Milwaukee dear. Socket wrenches and knives.

  37. Milwaukee The same can be said about you grasping the idea of freedom, Milwaukee darling. Freedom means accepting risks, including allowing others the right to weigh risks for themselves. You’ll always argue that such things are unacceptable, but then you’re arguing for what we have now – a government monopoly who despises competition and forces us to pay for their services whether we use them or not.

  38. Well I guess if you don’t like living here you can move to the Outback and live like the Aborigines. Good day mate.

  39. Milwaukee Will you be personally evicting me, Milwaukee darling? You are aware that public property isn’t guided by the same rules of ownership as those a private owner uses when setting terms and conditions, aren’t you?

  40. Intrigare Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks libretea While I have no doubt that our dear friend Jacks here would thoroughly enjoy a good puppet show, I’m quite certain that using such tools as an enhancement to learning would have absolutely no effect on him whatsoever, caro mio. You see Intrigare, Jacks already firmly believes in the principle that might makes right. That’s why it’s so entertaining to read his posts whenever his side (the right side you know) loses any ground.
    By the way caro mio, I certainly hope that Jacks has enjoyed reading those links you furnished for him earlier. I’m anticipating that another one of my white whales might be looming on the horizon!

  41. Milwaukee You got so many things wrong. Ian changed his name. He no longer goes by Bernard. Those accused are not necessarily guilty and even if they are somehow “guilty” of something I don’t at least in the one case think the people involved were children. A child is generally accepted as being pre-pubicent. However they didn’t actually molest anyone. The FBI in the one case got back on and had to harass the guy into responding after the chat with the *actual* young women was ended. It was entrapment.

    David’s comments are at best humorous. To imply otherwise is to suggest women are somehow more vulnerable and not equal to men. If you think that you’re more of a psychopath than I realized. 
    David’s not being investigated for downloading ‘kiddie’ porn. He doesn’t live with Ian. He doesn’t even live near Ian. The other problem is Ian’s internet connection doesn’t equal Ian. There were hundreds of people who used and who have access to his connection. It also makes the assumption that the FBI or someone else isn’t out to get him. We already know from the numerous posters around Keene that there are multiple people who are. The FBI merely took advantage of it to lend credibility to other baseless claims. If I am wrong about the FBI’s intent I’m going to put the money on you being arrested for distributing child porn. You can only put up fliers, make comments online, email child porn, circumvent someones internet connection to access child porn, etc for so long when you are completely incompetant. What generally happens is the FBI conducts a follow up raid on neighbors and others when they find nothing on the computers that the seize. The FBI is stupid and slow- but they do will go to great lengths sometimes to catch perps like you that piss them off and think they can get away with shit like this.

  42. Intrigare Jumping Jacks libretea What they are suppose to be able to do and what they get away with are two different things.

  43. Jumping Jacks libretea You’d have supported Hitler under your fucked up logic. The law is not moral. A moral law wouldn’t obligate people to get drivers licenses. These licenses aren’t being suspended for reasons of safety. Heck- the laws might have been put in place on that argument. However evidence shows us that the reality is *anybody* can get a drivers license and it doesn’t actually make us any safer. What it does do is give the government and means of creating a lower class of those it (or the masses) dislikes. There may not be any logic in the actual proceedings either. 
    Child support is a great example. Many states suspend drivers licenses when parents whom are told to pay child support don’t or fail to make payments on time. Now I’m not going to argue that mandatory child support payments are immoral (even if I think they are). What I am going to argue is the law and courts are unjustly putting people in prison and suspending drivers licenses over it. It’s illogical from a safety perspective and it’s generally illogical to suspend the license of those whom you are trying to get money out of.

    What happens? The people you want money from can’t get the jobs to make payment on the child support debt. Yikes! There is a reason Brittan got rid of debtors prisons long ago. If they have jobs they end up losing them.

    The judges also often make illogical and criminal IMHO judgments in this regard. I know people whom have degrees and can’t maintain jobs or jobs that pay what the average degree-in-that-field pays.Half the problem is the system turns peoples lives upside down and their lives go to shit. When you abuse the hell out of someone don’t be surprised if they get depressed and can’t maintain a job let alone a good paying one that a normal degree holding person could have gotten.

  44. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Why should I or anyone pay for roads they aren’t allowed to use. This is a wealth distribution system that I don’t agree with. If driving is a privilege (and not a right as it clearly says in the Constitution) then why should the unprivileged pay for the roads? They shouldn’t. The same applies to government indoctrination programs (ie public ‘schools’), parks, police, and other various other government services? It’s humorous how they call these things ‘public’ and then deny select people their right to use them. They aren’t public. They are part of a wealth redistribution program that involves making the masses dependent on the government to survive. If we just got rid of all the taxes we’d all be making twice as much and be able to afford these things independent of the government. I can hire my own private security. I can educate my kids myself or otherwise pay for their education, I can take responsibility for my own health care (or not if I prefer to die). 

    Not having a drivers license doesn’t make one not liable in the event of an accident. Drivers licenses don’t actually make us safer. Police can even pull people over whom do not have a drivers licenses as is evidenced by this very case. What they do is give government an ability to unjustly deny people employment for trivial or unrelated ‘crimes’.

  45. DavidJurist Where is that quote of Neil Rowe’s from?

  46. If anyone see’s his car driving around,  2002 Toyota Sienna Arkansas plate 564 UYJ,  Take a picture or just report it to the PD. This message has been sent all over the area to people who will do just that.

  47. libretea Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks DavidJurist And even if you’ve never used a government road, libretea, you have no choice about the matter when paying motor fuel taxes. So, since we are effectively forced to both use and pay for these government roadways, there really isn’t any moral wrong being committed when one finally decides to evade the government’s endless amendments to their terms and conditions.

  48. Jumping Jacks lol

  49. Jumping Jacks LOL

  50. Go back to Arkansas. Your sister is still single- you still have a chance with her.

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