Massachusetts Talk Host Chuck Morse Interviews Free Keene Blogger

This week I was interviewed by Massachusetts talk show host Chuck Morse on his show “Left-Right Radio”. We talked about Robin Hooding and the libertarian migration to New Hampshire:

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  1. Robinhooding? Really? The freekeene minions haven’t been out dumping quarters in parking machines for a very long time. A lot of freekeeners have left. Of course being interviewed by an extreme leftest who drove his campaign into a $51,000 campaign debt while losing to Barney Frank is no small achievement. The highest he got in government was filling in for Maggie Hussan for 3 days as governor. There haven’t been that many people moving to New Hampshire for the freekeene cause. es, freekeene is going down the drain. Of course Ian’s delusions will keep the freekeene delusions alive in his head.

  2. Jacks honey, in your eagerness to be the first person to post, you ended up mixing up your Chuck Morses. Now I know that this is just the comments section of an obscure blog, pookums, but could you maybe just this once try to put some effort into preparation? Our dear friends over at Stop Free Keene are watching, you know. You don’t want to make them look stupid, now do you?

  3. The only reason there is no longer any Robinhooding going on Ian is because your 15 minutes of fame was a failure thanks to the Colbert Report and other news media outlets making a mockery of your group as well as a lack of funds and foot soldiers that you had to pay to plunk the meters with nickels. “Escape to Keene”? Why then have libertarians beat feet out of there?

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