Libertarians Counterprotest Anti-Gun Event in Keene

This weekend there were nationwide anti-gun protests across the United States and one of them happened in Keene’s Central Square on Saturday morning. Nationally syndicated talk radio program “Free Talk Live” co-host Chris Rietmann came out with a sign announcing he was an AR-15 owner and inviting people to talk to him. Another talk show host, Vincent Freeman from “Questioning Authority” was there to document:

Also appearing in favor of freedom in the video is Robert from Vermont, a regular Free Talk Live caller. For all the people in NH who want to ban guns, they should just move to Massachusetts and they’ll instantly attain their goals.

Rietmann is a regular Thursday night co-host on Free Talk Live and Vincent’s show is live on Saturday nights. Both shows are streamed live now on Twitch in HD and of course are available in audio form via streaming and satellite on LRN.FM.

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  1. Robert from Vermont 🙂

  2. We can be sure that authoritarians like those always responsible for democide (the murder of citizen noncombatants by their OWN governments that killed 200 million in the 20th century) and certain adversaries like Russia/China are happy (HAPPY) to support gun grabbers. Doesn’t it make you marchers comfortable who has your back?? Hmmmmmmmm?????? The support you show for the victims of the Armenian genocide, the victims of Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot is underwhelming. You craven losers are so self absorbed that you deserve to reside (not live) in NK.

  3. Gonna make a protest sign that says “Disarmed Victims of Genocide and Democide Accuse YOU of “Bloody Hands”, You Infantile Pawns of Tyrannists !!!!! You Belong In a Hell of Your Own Making.

  4. i think everyone has common ground of protecting kids in schools. I think there isnt a nut for every bolt. Meaning maybe the solution isn’t on the federal level; Maybe the solution is per school or per town

  5. This is about the only thing I support with this group.

  6. I have a different take. I want to protect children FROM government indoctrination free fire zones (which by no coincidence will prolong their life, health (physical and mental), and intellectual development). Destroy taxation and eliminate the “need” for two income streams to maintain a home. Destroy groupthink and all forms of communism. “First, kill all the lawyers”. If any control freaks are left, get them.

  7. You know Jacks, I hope this doesn’t mean you’re intending to blow your chance to buy low and sell high this time around. After all, another cryptocurrency rally is just around the corner. Just ask the experts.

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