VIDEO: Indie Journalist Dave Ridley Gets Booted From KSC Campus by Keene Police

Proving he’s the most consistent, longest-running activist in the Shire, Dave Ridley from once again returns to Keene to occupy the hallways and confront bureaucrats and politicians with tough questions. If you want to jump straight to the encounter with Keene Police, it’s here. However, if you have time, it’s one of a series of entertaining videos Ridley recorded while attempting to attend a “public” meeting at Keene State College.

Ridley is known for his excellent “ambush” interviews of politicians and bureaucrats and this series doesn’t disappoint with ridiculous reactions a-plenty. In the initial video in the series, he actually gets some answers to his questions from city councilor Phil Jones:

Immediately after, the interactions return to what longtime Ridley Report viewers expect from bureaucrats and political people that Ridley ambushes – evading, cowardice, and excuses:

Someone calls KSC security and an officer Kelly responds demands Ridley’s name and threatens to order him off the campus and call Keene Police if he doesn’t go:

The encounter with KSC security officer Kelly continues while awaiting the arrival of KPD officers, where in one part the officer claims he’s just doing his job. Finally, two KPD officers arrive and demand Ridley leave the campus under threat of trespassing charges and arrest: (skip the walking – he included that for the record, I think)

Ridley then goes to a different city meeting at city hall, where all manner of ridiculous behavior was on display:

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  1. When coercively they backed him out, they Knew his name. They asked him, Dave right?

    All you had to do was say your name! Talk about Double-Speak.

    ? ? ?

  2. Looking at the videos, it would appear Ridley didn’t follow the rules so he was asked to leave. Since he chose to be childish, he was told to leave. I believe the only reason why freekeene is running this story because Ridley runs freekeene ads. It would also appear Ridley worked harder to get thrown out then rounding up a story.

  3. Acknowledgment of the authorities’ own self-importance must always take precedence, Luna. After all, society would surely collapse without them to save us from ourselves.

    Fortunately for us, we have hero-worshipers like Jacks here to tirelessly entertain us with lectures on “consequences.”. I wonder if Jacks’s alter ego – runningwolfkenpo – might even make an appearance? This is about one of Dave’s “Ridleos,” after all. Boy, that would really be exciting, wouldn’t it?

  4. Were the rules Dave Ridley violated reasonable? I strongly suspect they were not. We’re talking about public servants, representatives – they should have no expectation of privacy on the job. They *should* publicly respond to questions from constituents, I think that’s part of their job.

  5. When David asked is it going down, he said some weird shit about Boston GPS. Absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. He saw him going down, and the light beaming out of his eyes. So, he picked up on a Radio signal or something lol.

    That’s called a Glitch in the Matrix.

    Sounds like he’s been speaking to Boston PD. Yeah, he went down.. fear took over and he pulled the closest thing to his consciousness that made him feel ‘stable’ again. You’re seeing the State crumble , at an Individual level. We gotta start demanding their names before we corner them with Facts.

    Where else did that come from? Just a guess.

  6. We gotta build fast!

  7. These State Agents, are like soulless robots.

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