Dash Force News’ Podcast Interviews Me About DASH Acceptance in New Hampshire

Dash Force News Covers NH Cryptocurrency Activism

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Yesterday while attending the TALKERS 2018 conference in Manhattan, I stepped away for an hour to be a guest on the DASH Force News’ “Three Amigos Podcast” to discuss the amazing success we’ve had getting business owners to accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH at retail point-of-sale here in New Hampshire.

In addition, we also discussed Forkfest, the active NH Freedom Migration, and the advertising proposal I made this week to get DASH to renew their sponsorship of Free Talk Live, my national talk radio show. Plus, I announced the public beta of a very cool website where you can create printable DASH tips you can leave with servers at restaurants or give to whoever you want to introduce to cryptocurrency! It’s called cryptotip.org and it’s exclusive to DASH at this time. If you love DASH, you should give it a try and feel free to let me know what you think!

Thanks so much to the DASH Force News crew for the opportunity. Here’s the full interview:

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  1. The crypto currency market is in turmoil. Amazing success? How many businesses are using these crypto currencies? You seem to take a lot of credit but I’m sure there are a lot more people behind the scenes who are doing more work then you. Dash is just another currency that will follow bitcoin into the abyss.

  2. Say Jacks, you don’t suppose that DASH Force News’ Three Amigos might be some of Ian’s minions too, now do you? Maybe you should put on your detective cap and go find out? You know, make a few phone calls or whatever it is that you do? Some of us are quite intrigued by this delightful little fancy of yours, and we want to know more!

  3. You know Jacks, the object of this exercise is to buy low and sell high. Understanding that, what do you think the more streetwise cryptoasset traders will be doing today, pookums?

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