My Appearance on RT America Friday to Comment on Facebook’s Takedown of Hundreds of Pages

RT America contacted me Friday and asked for a quick comment on behalf of Cop Block regarding this week’s mass page takedown by Facebook. The takedown affected the facebook pages of major police accountability and pro-liberty sites including the Free Thought Project, the Anti-Media, Cop Block and others. I explained that Facebook is their property and they can do as they wish with it. Police accountability activists and other libertarians should be building alternative platforms rather than relying on those provided by political corporate behemoths like Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the segment that aired on RT America yesterday:

The good news is, such a platform already exists in the form of Mastodon, which is a decentralized, federated competitor to Twitter. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which are centralized platforms controlled by corporations, a Mastodon server can be run by anyone and worldwide there are thousands of Mastodon servers. Each server admin decides the rules for their server, including which other Mastodon servers to connect to – this is what it means when Mastodon is described as “federated”. Its decentralized, federated structure is why Mastodon is much more censorship resistant than the centralized, corporate platforms.

Cop Block's new Mastodon!

Cop Block’s new Mastodon!

I recommend you create an account on your preferred Mastodon instance. If you’re pro-liberty, then you should try out Liberdon, which launched this summer and houses various libertarians and voluntarists. I just made a CopBlock account there today, which you can follow here.

I also highly recommend following “The Police State” on Liberdon – they’ve been doing a solid job reporting on police corruption – much better than the mostly-dormant Cop Block.

Facebook’s blog post explaining their takedowns basically admitted they were upset that pages like Cop Block were getting people to leave Facebook and visit their respective websites, meaning potential revenue for the sites in question and potentially less revenue for Facebook. Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook. Whether there were political motivations behind the takedowns is more speculative, but it certainly reeks of it. Regardless of their reasons, perhaps you should consider leaving Facebook entirely and helping build the decentralized alternatives. It’s up to you.

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  1. Great story! I too am on Mastodon. It’s getting more and more popular among frankly everybody. It previously seemed it was heavily utilized by socialist leaning developers, but as more people got on board the decentralized system has been adopted by libertarians, anarchists, and other sorts. I followed the cop block alternative. Glad to see someone is trying to pick up where cop block ended. Though it’s hardly like there is nothing happening. I think you’re just not hearing about it. Or not connected to the people most active today.

  2. I knew it was only a matter of time. Groups like copblock are nothing but hate groups calling for the death of police officers and those who disagree with them. “Potential Revenue”? I seriously doubt it. Facebook like to make money too. Why would they cut blogs that were making them money? It’s safe to say, those blogs that are cut were not making any revenue for Facebook. Mastodon will eventually do the same thing facebook is doing.

  3. Hmmm, Copblock, Hmmm!

  4. My goodness, Jacks! It should be obvious even to you what Facebook is up to! They’re trying to affect the outcome of the midterm elections, silly! After all, it’s no secret that Facebook’s corporate leadership is absolutely teeming with leftist activists! I thought you were smarter than this, pookums?

  5. That’s right, Mr. Hmmm! Now you’re getting it! Cop Block indeed!

  6. “I knew it was only a matter of time. Groups like copblock are nothing but hate groups calling for the death of police officers and those who disagree with them.”

    Your arrogance continues to amaze me. The big difference between a hate group and cop block is hate group lack a foundation for harm for the shit they spew. At best you might argue some participants believe in the use of self-defense against cops which would be entirely justified given near every interaction with a cop involves a threat of violence by the cop against a peaceful non-violent person. There are only rarely legitimate actions of police officers acting violently against violent individuals.

    I don’t know if you are or were part of “stop free Keene”, but that would be a better example of a hate group. Certainly you fall within its members beliefs and open willingness to utilize violence against your fellow man.

    “Why would they cut blogs that were making them money? It’s safe to say, those blogs that are cut were not making any revenue for Facebook.”

    It’s likely the pages were making Facebook money, but they may have been more of a detriment for one reason or another. Maybe it was advertisers disliking or unable to target this group. Seems unlikely that this was the problem given how facebook advertising lets advertisers target to particular groups though. More likely these pages were promoting content outside of facebook and facebook probably didn’t like that. This or maybe the politics of facebook are such that they simply don’t like certain groups of people and wanted to marginalize them and none of this has to do with money at all. We can merely speculate. But what is clear is they were targeting certain groups and it had nothing to do with the claimed reasons. I know enough targets to see through the propaganda.

    “Mastodon will eventually do the same thing facebook is doing.”

    Again with your arrogance. Mastodon isn’t a company. It’s a peace of open source software that is developed by people who care about retaining control over the tools they utilize. The whole point is to hand control over to others to run the infrastructure. There isn’t a single Mastodon but thousands of them. The developers don’t run the servers and to suggest they can do what facebook does is misleading and arrogant. It is sponsored by dozens of companies and hundreds or thousands of users. If Mastodon’s developers ever tried to do what facebook does there would be forks by concerned developers of the software and nobody would run the official Mastodon flavor any more. Doing what facebook does would literally undermine the very reasons the software has a user base.

  7. RUSSIA today (aka RT) hmmm..

  8. obvio Ian is in league w RUSSIA

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