HB 567 Would Move New Hampshire into Atlantic Standard Time, Year-Round

Last week, liberty activists testified in Concord in favor of HB 567 which would move us to Atlantic Standard Time year-round, so long as MA and ME also do. This would end the stupid, dangerous, and annoying clock shifting we currently have to do twice a year. I’m happy to announce that all signatures on the blue sheet in the committee room were in favor of this bill!

Here’s full video of all the house testimony on the bill:

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  1. “This would end the stupid, dangerous, and annoying clock shifting we currently have to do twice a year. ” Are you serious? Dangerous? What is stupid about it? It takes a few seconds to change your clock. Some clocks are tied into the atomic clock in Denver like your cell phone and the internet are so you don’t have to change anything. How many signatures are on the blue sheet? Basically what this boils down to is you are just lazy.

  2. Laziness is a rational response when there is no need to engage in pointless effort. The time shift twice a year disrupts schedules in a world that runs 24 hours a day. The “spring forward” makes people lose an hour of sleep, and statistics show this has an effect on stress-related medical issues and traffic accidents. Endangering people without a good reason is stupid.

    Woodrow Wilson signed the first law creating daylight saving time, as a World War I measure. Certainly he did things that were far more horrible, but it shows that the concept arises from the notion that governmental micromanagement — in this case of time itself — can somehow make us better off. It “redistributes” time from one end of the day to the other to give the illusion that we have more daylight.

  3. Come on Jacks, my sweets, get with the program. Jacks, my dear, don’t you know that everybody complains about the clock change and how they loose an hour of sleep? Puddin’, I just say what I say to all of them, ” It’s Sunday, sleep in another hour!” Boy, Jacks, it is really tiring hearing about you suggesting logical suggestions, time and time again, pookums. Honey, why don’t you just take a rest. Jacks, my dear, don’t you have anything else to do, my sweets, pookums, puddin’. Hmmmm, did I miss anything? LOL Love when you stir the pot!!

  4. My goodness, DK dear! I think you’re finally starting to get it! I’m so proud of you, sweetie pie!

  5. OR; in: “Gary McGath’s “CASE”,—- instead of ‘laziness’, “STUPIDNESS”.

  6. i want and have argued for one time but. .last time it was contingent on what mass does. . I’m waiting till bills cross over this time before i got to argue

  7. Jacks just likes to argue. If Ian had come out against this he would have argued in favor of it. There is never any rational rhyme or reason for his arguments.

  8. I think you’re misunderstanding Jacks’s motives here, kk. You see, Jacks thinks that other people’s lives are best lived when they all just sit back and do nothing while his friends are left alone to run things. Because questioning this sort of thing means you’re a bad person, Jacks has taken it upon himself to remind us just how horrible we all are every chance he gets. He really is just the best, isn’t he kk?

  9. DK -“it is really tiring hearing about you suggesting logical suggestions” If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it. Don’t respond to it. That is logical

  10. That’s the spirit, pookums! Just throw DK’s words right back at him! Show him what’s what!

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