Kratom Ban Bill Opposed by Standing-Room-Only Crowd at NH State House – Full Video

A standing-room-only crowd showed up to the NH state house on Tuesday to testify against a bill that would ban Kratom, SM758, only to discover that at the senator who submitted the bill changed it at the last minute into a bill that would instead regulate Kratom. It was a sneaky move on the senator’s part, as it flipped the energy in the room. Most of the average folks who’d taken time off to come out and speak against the potential prohibition of Kratom were then relieved that it was now a regulatory bill, without understanding that regulations are also bad for freedom and will hurt the industry.

Luckily, NH 2020 candidate for governor, “Nobody” and I were both there to testify against both the prohibition and regulation concepts. Here’s the full hearing video:

If you’re not familiar, Kratom is a plant in the coffee family that has helped people break additions to opiates and has helped others with pain relief, while for others it helps them with productivity.

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  1. It’s great to see how many people are benefiting from kratom. That plant is the only reason I’m not homeless and doing heroin. It makes the opiate cravings far more manageable. It’s the only thing that I’ve tried that lessens the intensity of the craving while not turning me into a stoned zombie. I can actually live my life again.

  2. Which pharmaceutical giant is paying that senator?

  3. These idiot activists obviously aren’t welcome anywhere so they have to get their shrinking masses to descend on the state house and bully them into their warped thinking. I firmly believe these idiot activists more than likely will meet even more resistance from it’s politicians then in Keene. Hopefully they will get the hint that their distorted thinking and warped views aren’t wanted anywhere.

  4. It looks a little like poison ivy. I’m sure in the near future we’ll be reading about some enthusiastic jack booted cops getting caught “red handed” pulling up Granny’s poison ivy patch.

    If they’d have just stalled a bit longer they could have used Nobody’s machete and really cleaned house.

  5. RunningWolf has Absolutely no idea how large our “idiot Advocates” are. As of last count there were 15 million of us…Strong. #keepkratomlegal

  6. I’ve still yet to try kratom..there’s so many different kinds…good job showeruppers

  7. Running wolf, aka Lance Dyer. Ha ave u paid for the dog yet?

  8. Kratom is a very dangerous drug. Medical facilities use it to ween people off of heroin. It has a long list of complications, side effects, and a significant mortality and morbidity rate. Drug clinics are very careful about prescribing this for heroin addictions. I myself won’t use it in my clinical practice. Kratom ranks up there with methadone. To actually think it’s a violation of anyone’s rights to regulate it is absurd.

    Mississippi is currently trying to regulate it and/or ban the drug all together.

    The drug Kratom will be regulated and administered by health care professionals in NH. I predict Kratom will be made illegal like heroin in the close future.

  9. i not scared O’ Kratom…

  10. do they also say pot is a very dangerous drug….it’s already lumped with heroin…i think the gooberment calls any drug that competes with their big pharma string pullers, dangerous

  11. David Crawford – Marijuana has become more dangerous because the THC levels are always going up. Marijuana has been bred to have up to 28-30%. Scientists are discovering the bad effects this has on the body. Back in 1970 THC levels were around 10%. This has nothing to do with “big pharmacology manufactures.

  12. “Kratom is a very dangerous drug.”

    A generalized statement, Jumping Jacks. One that gives away the fact that you don’t know anything about Kratom.

    “Medical facilities use it to ween people off of heroin. It has a long list of complications, side effects, and a significant mortality and morbidity rate.”

    Is the morbidity rate from kratom or from heroin? This is an important distinction, don’t you think? Because in deaths blamed on methadone, addicts are often found to have been taking other opiates in combination with it.

    “I myself won’t use it in my clinical practice.”

    Spare us your bullshit, lying wuss. You’re no more an expert on these things than the rest of us are.

    “To actually think it’s a violation of anyone’s rights to regulate it is absurd.”

    Uh huh. So people don’t have a right to life-saving medicine just because you say so? Wow. What a self-important position to be taking. But who are we to question an “expert” like yourself, right?

    “Marijuana has become more dangerous because the THC levels are always going up.”

    It hasn’t become more dangerous, dummy. It’s become more potent. This is a direct result of buttinskys like yourself. You idiots ban a substance which then drives its market underground. Then black marketeers are forced to find ways to make said substance more potent so they can get it to customers in smaller volumes and with less risk. Thanks for creating that problem, by the way.

  13. I have smoked the current pot…I am not pro-drug …I think the state should not be in charge of pot

  14. This is the first I’ve heard JJ allude to a “clinical practice”… Are you a doctor jj… Did Drac wave goodbye to FK

  15. The dumb fucks trying to ban it aught to be locked up in the same horrid conditions that they have no problem using on others.

  16. Jacks I doubt your a medical professional, but lets just say you are. Of course you wouldn’t allow it in your practice bc if you did how else would you keep all the ppl you’ve turned physically addicted to the prescriptions that are regulated btw coming back? You’d lose the hook you’ve got on these ppl who have no other choice but to be chained to the same pain clinic that got them physically addicted in the 1st place if you told them of a cheaper more hassle free option to combat the withdrawal they are afraid of going thru if they didn’t continue going to your clinics

  17. “Jumping Jacks” is probably an establishment shill, whether they realize it or not. Jesus christ I’ve never seen a comment more uninformed and genuinely stupid than that. That’s the kind of misinformation that prevents lives from being saved.

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