SUCCESS! New Hampshire Courts and State Police Wipe Record of Victimless Crime Spree

Eight years after I was released from jail, my record now shows no arrests, no charges, no jail time. Just a regular guy who has had zero problems with the law. All wiped away. I am so relieved. Thanks for following along with this story. It is now officially over. NO CRIMINAL RECORD. The End!

Watch Victimless Crime Spree

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  1. cool
    depending on the background check that is run on me …. they don’t show anything

  2. Interesting. To bad the system didn’t work in this instance. I still believe you are a criminal and your video has proven that.

  3. Jumping Jacks. Boris is thinking that Karen is in vain makings pretenses of virtue. What is necessary to make you less of twat, Amerikansky? Diapers change? Distributions of facial tissue for cry baby? Pacifiers in mouth? Or maybe is just better that Jumping Jacks deals with Derrick’s good news like healthy adult peoples instead of like mentallys ill person? You think that fair?

  4. Oh my Jacks, we actually agree!

    > Interesting.
    Yes it is!

    > to bad the system didn’t work in this instance
    Yeah, that was Derrick J’s point from the beginning. Armed uniformed people attacking peaceful people and all.

    >I still believe you are a criminal and your video has proven that.
    Yes of course you believe that. You also believe the state is omnipotent, should rule with an iron fist, and if its agents harm anyone then that automatically means they deserved it. Is that close Jacks?

  5. lots of people “believe” lots of things jj, like for instance, kids believe in Santa

  6. Why doesn’t anyone put a stop to these people? They are such an embarrassment to the community of Keene.

  7. Mark Wolf as you can see if you watch Victimless Crime Spree, the powers have tried many times to put a stop to liberty activism. However history proves time and time again you can’t quell the human spirit and its inherent thirst for freedom, now can you?

  8. Intrigare – You are inappropriate. You have freekeeners, and other questionable activists who are trying to make themselves look stupid at New Hampshire’s expense. It’s amazing how you freekeeners believe you are victims in all situations. You believe the laws were created just to punish you. You enjoy limelight. Your little heads pop up out your holes anytime you think you will get some lime light. You live for confrontations. I feel bad for New Hampshire.

  9. Government is a religion and now Derrick can get into heaven, cuz his sins have been erased.

    All hail the power of the Overlord(s) !!!

    He’s been saved!! It’s a miracle !!

  10. government cheese, i don’t think you are right about being charged a fee on anything but convictions

  11. FreeKeene is a JOKE! Always has been a joke and always will be. FUCKING TWATS

  12. Great news! Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree was an entertaining and enlightening film. I am glad to see it had somewhat of a happy ending. I said somewhat because while his record has been cleaned up, we still live in a society where people are arrested for victimless crimes, and there was never any justice levied upon those who arrested Derrick for “crimes” with no victims.

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