Last interview prior to the raid: Savage Truth 603

A few weeks before the coordinated, unnecessarily destructive, expensive raids on the Crypto Six, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Skylar Bennett aka Savage Truth 603. We talked about cryptocurrency and the awesome New Hampshire Goldbacks:

Thank you to all the great bloggers here at Free Keene who continued cranking out the content while I was being held in jail for 69 days. Also thank you to everyone who is supporting the Crypto Six. Please don’t forget that Nobody is still behind bars after being denied bail. You can write to him at the address you can find on

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  1. I’m actually a registered Republican. lol

  2. A registered Republican, huh Karl? Wow. That is funny. Especially with you being a fag and all.

    By the way, the threat I was referring to wasn’t the one about the guillotine. You threatened to shoot us yesterday, remember? I’m surprised you forgot about that.

    Oh, and Karl? You might want to go back and reread Jacks’ comment. He wasn’t making a brain joke. In fact, he specifically described that sort of tumor as being found on the neck. He makes ridiculous mistakes like that all the time. That’s why we make fun of him so much.

    Oh, and one last thing, Karl. Intrigare and I have noticed you tend to give Jacks the benefit of the doubt a lot – in spite of the fact that he’s obviously mentally retarded. It’s eerily similar to the way you place blind confidence in the WHO, the CDC, and Pope Saint Fauci the Great (may he live forever). Any idea why that is, Karl?

  3. Looking at it with a skeptical eye is all I’m doing. I don’t know if they’re lying or not. I’ll let Silvia chime in if she knows more about it than me. Happy now? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, being skeptical of it is enough for me to not take it. That and thinking covid is a minor threat, like the flu.

    Honestly I might take the vaccine anyway because I would love to travel, which is a very sad thing for any believer in the freedom of movement ๐Ÿ™

    And regarding Nobody, from what I could pick up from this site and the few minutes of FTL I’ve listened to, I suspect at one point he said fuck it, leave me in here for life… that is, until others talked him out of it. I think we’re talking about a depressed man who found little to live for after the passing of his Wife. That’s my theory anyway. The good news is its not really about them personally, its about the message. The haters and the establishment are the ones who make it personal.

    Registered Republican, lol. You’ve got them fooled… Or us … ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Huh? When did I threaten to shoot you? Do you have me confused with a different troll? Your reading comprehension sucks, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Huh, I wonder where the brain is located. Let’s see, it is contained within your head which is on… the neck. lol

    I like Jacks. He’s hung around here for years dealing with you dipshits. I admire his tenacity.

    Intrigare, why are you selectively skeptical of the scientific research and not of “looking around” or wherever you claim to get your facts? I’ll also note that skepticism is a perspective that one uses to find reasons for why something is right or wrong. Just saying you are skeptical of something for no reason isn’t sufficient; your skepticism should bring you to reasons as to why something is wrong.

    It’s surprising, I know. What is Karl Marx’s ghost doing in the republican party? I’m not sure why they let me register myself. It’s good for a chuckle though.

  5. They’re lying, Intrigare. Obviously.

    But there’s a reason why Karl here puts his faith in bureaucrats. Remember that movie “Spaceballs?” I think Dark Helmet put it best: “So, Lonestar. Now you see that evil will always triumph. Because good is dumb.”

  6. Oh wait, I forgot that you are unable to discern satire. Let me be clear buttercups, I was joking about being an FBI agent. You see, Intrigare was starting to hint that I am some sort of nefarious actor from the government here to troll a bunch of dipshits, and I played along because I found it funny. Do you understand now? Man, if I have to explain the context of every conversation this is going to take awhile. You’ll notice also that, even if I was an FBI agent, there wasn’t a direct threat present.

    Also, can we talk? Your homophobia has been getting less and less creative. Can you spice it up for me next time? Talk about all the gay I do? Gay is funny after all for some reason. Those homosexuals, liking the same sex and all. That’s not God’s way! (Okay, just so you know, I don’t actually agree with you. I don’t want you getting confused now.)

  7. “Intrigare, why are you selectively skeptical of the scientific research and not of โ€œlooking aroundโ€ or wherever you claim to get your facts?”

    This question doesn’t make any sense. Sorry, my reading comprehension…

    Let me say this though…

    1. My eyes are my go-to source when collecting info… guilty as charged?
    2. I’m not sure how you find out about research if not by… looking around.
    3. Often what many would call “scientific research,” isn’t
    4. Lastly, this Orwell quote, since I’m a libertarian afterall, I have to quote the fictional paranoid fantasy:

    The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.โ€ โ€”George Orwell

    Iโ€™ll also note that skepticism is a perspective that one uses to find reasons for why something is right or wrong. Just saying you are skeptical of something for no reason isnโ€™t sufficient; your skepticism should bring you to reasons as to why something is wrong.

    I don’t have to deem something to be wrong in order to not want to put it in my body. Take cock for example. Ha but I’ll leave that for you and Silvia to debate.

  8. Forgot some quotes in there, but I think its still clear

  9. Oh. I see. So that was a joke? Gosh. Sorry, Karl. I didn’t get that. You know, maybe you should start working on your delivery? That might help you land them better.

    And I’m not a homophobe, you filthy choad chaser! I mean so what? Sometimes I like to wisecrack about how much you love cramming live gerbils up your butt. It’s all in fun, right? I don’t have a problem or anything. Honest.

    Anyway, what else do you want to talk about? You know, there’s another “Golden Girls” marathon coming up this weekend on the Hallmark Channel. “The Best of Dorothy.” She’s my second favorite Golden Girl, by the way. My first is Sophia, obviously. Who’s yours? I’ll bet it’s Blanche. You seem like a Blanche kind of guy.

  10. “Theyโ€™re lying, Intrigare. Obviously.”

    Well I know they lie Silvia, but are the vaccines totally ineffective at preventing covid? I don’t know… Is there info you’ve come across that counters Pfizer’s?

  11. Intrigare: “Take cock for example.”

    Karl: “Don’t mind if I do.”

    Ha ha ha. See how I did that, Karl? Now that’s how you land a punchline. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I see what you did there, Silvia. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh and I gotta say, my favorite is also Sophia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. You are using homosexual activity as an insult, when it really isn’t. Yeah, you are a homophobe.

    The hallmark channel…. lol. I’d rather take a dick.

  14. Well, Intrigare, the thing is, I can’t bring myself to be overly enthusiastic about a prophylactic that supposedly protects me from a virus that over 99% of the population is already immune to. Add the risk that’s imposed by the vaccines themselves – side effects which have been reported to cripple and even kill its recipients – and I’m even more persuaded to give this thing a pass. Besides. Assuming that positive test I got a few months ago is correct, I already am immune and have nothing to worry about anyway.

  15. You do take dicks, Karl. So many in fact, that from far enough away you look a lot like a porcupine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Same. And I’m trying to post a link to a funny Sophia compilation vid from youtube but the filter won’t let me ๐Ÿ™

    I suppose its poetic justice though… YouTube filters us, we filter them.

  17. (Same was about what you said about vaccines, not about dicks. Lol. And it should come as no surprise that Marx prefers dick over Hallmark ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  18. Lol. Yeah, Intrigare. You know, that filter’s been messing with you and Karl something awful this sesh, hasn’t it? Not sure why, but it’s been leaving me alone lately. Ironic, considering my potty mouth. I mean if anyone deserves to be “filtered,” it’s definitely me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Some may think that would be because you have mod privileges here. Remember when Jumping Jacks said that? Lol what a clown

  20. Ha ha ha. It’s best to not question Jacks and his all seeing eye. After all, Intrigare, he’s in the medical profession. That’s how he knows. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. i am writing in regards to a segment I found interesting about Keenes current job climate.

    One of the positions seemed to come off as the poor business owners can’t find people to work.

    The other position was more in line with the workers have more power now.

    My opinion is that I have no sympathy for any business owner struggling to find workers. For far to long business owners in Keene and NH have been allowed to keep people living below the areas reasonable cost of living standards.
    This has lead to the drugs and crime that is an obvious issue.

    There is one business model that works for finding people to work. It is called paying a fair wage. The worker currently has the power in the current economy. To me that is far better than corporate America dictating what someone is worth.

    If we want to celebrate being free..we should celebrate individuals decision not to work for anything less than they are worth. The worker finally has some power in NH. They shouldnt feel bad for exercising that power.

    If you are a business fairly or struggle to find people. This isnt rocket science. Businesses fail everyday. No one will have sympathy for you because tour business went under because no one wanted to work for 9.25 an hour.

  22. BTW MIT and the US Govt have determined what it costs to live in every location. If you want to live comfortably in Keene and are single….you need to earn around 14.50 an hour. Expect nothing less.

  23. I’m sure businesses would pay more if it were simply a choice between doing that and going under. Unfortunately its a bit more complicated than that.

    I believe we’re seeing the effects of a middle class squeeze.

  24. Hmm… The spam filter is preventing me from responding with more than a sentence. Oh well. Good discussion, dipshits.

  25. This comment section, is people with fake names saying really long shit.

    Why does it matter what someone says, if they are not accountable for it?

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