Last interview prior to the raid: Savage Truth 603

A few weeks before the coordinated, unnecessarily destructive, expensive raids on the Crypto Six, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Skylar Bennett aka Savage Truth 603. We talked about cryptocurrency and the awesome New Hampshire Goldbacks:

Thank you to all the great bloggers here at Free Keene who continued cranking out the content while I was being held in jail for 69 days. Also thank you to everyone who is supporting the Crypto Six. Please don’t forget that Nobody is still behind bars after being denied bail. You can write to him at the address you can find on

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  1. Ian doing what he does best. Great interview. I learned a lot. “Service-backed money,” Hmmm… Yeah I’ll still take gold lol.

  2. Good to see you back Ian!

  3. Keep it up Ian. Personally I’m a bigger fan of the goldbacks than crypto but I see each has it’s own place. It’s amazing the look on people’s faces when you give them a goldback.

  4. This is typical Ian. Talking about the very business that took him down. I would think the novel would be a good read. Fiction can be fun. I thought Ian wasn’t allowed to be on the internet. Wasn’t his computers confiscated?

  5. Speaking of fiction… Hey Jumping Jacks! How’s your medical doctorate coming along?

  6. Have anyone in your crypto meetings discussed HUMBL?…….Instant transactions worldwide,ETX blockchain with most secure use of digibyte.

  7. From the prosecutors perspective, it’s probably best to let Ian and company get on the internet. It increases their chances of slipping up and adding to the pile of evidence. They’ve arguably slipped up a few times on FTL (especially Aria, she can’t keep her mouth shut.)

  8. “This is typical Ian. Talking about the very business that took him down. I would think the novel would be a good read. Fiction can be fun. I thought Ian wasn’t allowed to be on the internet. Wasn’t his computers confiscated?”

    You must be the dumbest piece of shit on planet earth. The judge ordered his release and the conditions and restrictions thereof on his internet usage are solely related to buying/selling crypto.

  9. “From the prosecutors perspective, it’s probably best to let Ian and company get on the internet. It increases their chances of slipping up and adding to the pile of evidence. They’ve arguably slipped up a few times on FTL (especially Aria, she can’t keep her mouth shut.)”

    The government has already made a bunch of shit up. There is no reason to believe they won’t continue to do so. The reason you should stfu is because the more you talk the more they can frame things in ways they weren’t actually intended or said. It’s not really about saying things you shouldn’t say since you can simply hang someone with enough words regardless of the content thereof.

  10. FJ – You seem to have many chips on your shoulders. Typical freekeener trying out some words his mother would say. Find what he can and can’t do on the computers. It’s always enjoyable to read insane remarks from someone who more than likely has never met Ian. Sorry, your fantasy is going to spend some serious time in jail. I am going to be there to watch it live.

  11. HAHA, haven’t been back to this site in ages, used to be my hobby checking in on the shenanigans of the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight! Doesn’t seem like much has changed except for the gang trading those boring old state charges for federal ones. Hope you dodge these ones better than those!

    And holy shit! What happened to Ridley? Did he have a nervous breakdown or something? Clearly the reporting and blogging gig didn’t pan out, he was ahead of his time before Greenwald and Patreon and Substack! Bitcoin Gandhi is pushing the boundaries of taste a bit for me as I admire the man but knowing Dave he’s too oblivious to even realize comparing himself to Gandhi is insulting.

    Keep at it you crazy kids, the citizens of Keene and NH aren’t going to annoy the shit out of themselves

  12. And what’s with the goofy accent, haha? Jesus Christ, it’s as if all libertarians think “What can I do to make what I’m doing as ridiculous and unlikely to be taken seriously as possible”, regardless of what the activity actually is. Going to the store to buy some milk? Turn it in to a stupid political stunt that wastes people’s time or insults them or usually both.

  13. The one way you know you’re winning is the haters come out in droves! That and the continued series of successes that we’re achieving. FBI raid? That’s a badge of honor for those who care about freedom and are migrating to New Hampshire.

  14. Getting arrested and facing prison time is a success? lol

    I hope you keep having many more successes then.

  15. Hey Jumping Jacks,

    Have you ever met Ian? Have you ever had the misfortune of shaking his hand? It feels like a slimy eel.

  16. I saw on PACER that Mark Edgington is suing the FBI over the first botched raid in 2016. Looks like he’s asking the court to enforce the first circuit court of appeals ruling that the search warrant was technically deficient and is seeking the return of all unlawfully seized property, court costs, and an apology letter from the FBI.

  17. “Getting arrested and facing prison time is a success? lol ”

    If it brings massive amounts of media attention and leads to new movers to New Hampshire than yes… it’s the expected outcome and I’d call it a wild success.

  18. Lots of media attention, Look ma, Ian and friends made the local paper! lol

    Then the movers grow up and leave, and the cycle begins anew. It’s the libertard circle of life….

    Seriously though, where are all the OG Free Keene douchebags?

  19. THE GHOST OF KARL MARX – We will see what happens at the trial. If he is acquitted, I’ll shake his hand. If convicted, no real loss.

  20. That’s quite the punishment you’ve set up for yourself. I wouldn’t want to shake a slimy eel. Fortunately for you, it’s a pretty safe bet.

  21. Hey, Jacks. Didja know that when you post a fact you have to include a link with it to authenticate it? Otherwise, whatever you said is fundamentally untrue. Forever. No exceptions. Really. I’m not making this up. It’s a real, live libtard weirdo guideline. Karl told me all about it when he was explaining to me how collective societies work. He’s a professional researcher or some shit, so he knows what he’s talking about.

    Anyway, aren’t we lucky to have such a swell guy in the forum? I mean, not to make comparisons or anything, but he’s clearly way more awesome than you are. But hey, maybe there’s a chance you can beat this guy at his own game. Got any other family members with badass jobs you’d like to tell us about? I’m all ears.

  22. omchbsicswwl – Another poor attempt at the limelight. You must be 6 years old by now. You read into posts and assign your typical BS feelings to what someone has said. You must be a very lonely person. One hand down your pants and another up your nose. Maybe you can do yourself a favor and have someone cut that fastigial tumor off of your neck. It does not serve a purpose. Well, keep reading those responses on the forum.I enjoy a good laugh at your expense.

  23. THE GHOST OF KARL MARX – Yes, I believe it is a safe bet.

  24. Ha ha ha. Nice one, Jacks. That tumor comment was the best one, though. Hands down. Let me guess, you included it to show off how much more awesome you are than the rest of us, right? God you’re so cool.

    Anyway, just thought you’d like to know, it turns out the fastigial nucleus isn’t found on the neck. Or inside of it, either. It’s a tad higher up. Inside the skull, actually. You know, where your brain is? Weird you got that wrong, am I right? I guess your doctoral candidate school just isn’t as good as some of the others are, huh munchkin?

  25. Oh, wait. It occurs to me now that you might actually have meant “vestigial.” Sorry about that, munchkin. Translating your retardobabble into plain English can be such a chore at times.

  26. Jack”s comment makes sense as written, you just weren’t smart enough to get it, champ.

  27. Uh huh. I’m sure you were hanging onto every word, weren’tcha Karl? Anyway, I’ve already talked about my favorite part. Which one was yours? My bet’s on the hand down your pants part. You know, for obvious reasons.

  28. I liked the fastigial tumor part. You should definitely get that removed. You’d be doing a real service to society.

  29. You know what, I’ve heard of this great tool that could help you. Let me post a description (since I know you don’t look things up lol):

    A guillotine (/???l?ti?n/ GHIL-?-teen, also US: /??i??ti?n/ GHEE-, French: [?ij?tin] (About this soundlisten)) is an apparatus designed for efficiently carrying out fastigal tumor removal. The device consists of a tall, upright frame with a weighted and angled blade suspended at the top. The condemned person is secured with stocks at the bottom of the frame, positioning the neck directly below the blade. The blade is then released, swiftly and forcefully removing the fastigal tumor from the victim with a single, clean pass so that the fastigal tumor falls into a basket or other receptacle below.

  30. Wow. Well that was detailed. You know, Karl, you should probably be more cautious about posting violent fantasies like that. Someone might mistake it as a threat and call the cops. Not me, mind you. But someone.

    Anyway, what other libtard weirdo fantasies have you been having these days? Now I think you just want to roll around on the floor with a dozen or so cocker spaniel puppies, but the guys here are betting you’re into things that’re way more awful. You know, probably something involving handcuffs, ball gags, and farm animals with huge, throbbing cocks. God I hope they’re wrong.

  31. Na, nobody thinks I’m threatening you, ya silly billy. I’m just offering you options.

    Must you bring your homoerotic fantasies into every comment? I think you might want to see a therapist, my dude.

  32. I get it. I get it. You’re making use of the evasive language commonly utilized by the garden variety libtard weirdo, aren’tcha Karl? Which means that whatever would normally be construed as a threat is actually just a form of friendly guidance, right? I probably should warn ya. Tyrants just love language abusers like yourself. They require them, in fact. Can you guess why?

    Anyway, like I told you before – picturing you as a butthole-craving, commie lunatic is funny to me. So lighten up, buttmuncher. Even Jumping Jacks gets the joke and he’s way dumber than you are.

  33. Oh, you poor baby. I’m not sure how you live day to day if you find my comments threatening.

  34. Yikes, Karl. I guess I was way off the mark about you. You’re actually only a few teaspoons smarter than Jacks, aren’tcha?

    Anyway didja hear the good news? LA reinstated their indoor mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status. Oh, and masks are so critical in saving lives, they’ve decided to wait until Sunday for the mandate to start. Hey, you don’t think this has anything to do with the recall election, now do you?

  35. Who cares?

  36. That’s an excellent question, Karl. Thanks for asking. Boy, it’s a shame Jacks is never this inquisitive. You know, some of the people around here think he might be mentally retarded. Not me, of course. I just think he’s special. Although that is the libtard weirdo term for a retarded person, so maybe I do as well. In any case, you’re a super cool progressive guy, so I’m sure you probably know about more of this than I do.

    Anyway, to change the subject, don’t you think that requiring the vaccinated to wear masks will only confirm people’s suspicions that the vaccine doesn’t really stop anyone from carrying and transmitting COVID? Before you answer, feel free to consult with Jacks on this. He doesn’t possess your staggering intellect, but he is a doctoral candidate, so he knows all about this sort of thing.

  37. Welcome back, Ian. I hope you stay out of lock up.

  38. The only people that have those suspicions are the libertards that aren’t getting vaccinated or wearing masks anyway. Wearing a bit of cloth on your face is an epic affront to your freedoms! How brave. lol dipshits


  40. That’s nice, Karl. Anyway, not only are we braver than you libtard weirdos. We’re smarter than you, too. That’s how we were able to notice that RNA vaccines are hurting people at higher rates than COVID has. It’s also why we don’t fall for libtard baloney like climate change, peak oil, and critical race theory.

  41. I’d add rape culture and patriarchy to that list also.

    But from one libertard to another, come on, what’s a little loss of freedom beyond a little loss in convenience? AmIright?

  42. You’re not, Intrigare. Were I to live my life according to that formula, I’d surely wind up becoming just like Jumping Jacks. Or worse, a servile groveler like Ethan Klein, the originator of this little intellectual turd blossom:

    “Yeah. I mean there’s a whole… there’s a whole… The CDC is like this whole governmental body with scientists and shit that just tell us what to do. You don’t have to think about it dude.”

  43. 🙂

  44. Lol.

  45. No, the RNA vaccines are not worse than COVID. lol what a dipshit answer. I would ask for where you got that information, but I know that you just make it up. Even if they were by the way, you could get one of the non-RNA vaccines.

    You don’t listen to a lot of factual information, what’s new?

  46. You fundamentally don’t believe in things like climate change, peak oil, critical race theory, rape culture and patriarchy because you cannot accept that there are problems in the world that you are complicit in and you don’t want to have to change your behavior to fix anything. You can’t possibly be anything less than perfect, can you?

  47. Uh huh. “Problems in the world.” Lol. That’s not a cliché or anything. By the way, you’re not still yelling at me, areya Karl? It’s hard to tell because you turned your caps lock off.

    Anyway, it’s been pretty obvious for decades now that your libtard masters have absolutely no intention of “fixing” anything. They just want more centralization of power and they think that by promoting the crisis of the day they can get easily taken in libtard weirdos like yourself to just hand things over to them.

  48. Well, they tried to fix the pandemic by encouraging people wear masks and get the vaccine, but a bunch of morons continue to stand in the way. They could actually fix this by actually taking away your freedom and forcing you to get vaccinated, but it turns out that they don’t want to do that. Why not? Why would they respect your freedom if all they wanted to do is increase their power? Could it be that this power hungry boogie man you invented doesn’t exist? Could these people just want the damn pandemic to go away so we can go back to ignoring you dipshits?

  49. Uh huh. First I’m complicit in some sort of illusory Armageddon. Now I’m ungrateful because you think your libtard masters have demonstrated nothing but respect for my personal freedom? Geez, you’re all over the spectrum on this one, aren’tcha Karl?

    And how is that supposed to work, anyway? You can’t argue that my freedoms are being respected while at the same time defending the notion that accurate medical information only comes from the CDC or the WHO – two bureaucracies, by the way, notorious for both corruption and the politicization of science.

  50. Where do you think accurate medical information comes from? How many doctors and scientists disagree with the CDC and WHO? And don’t quote me what your friend’s brother’s auntie who is a nurse said. Give me some actual reasoning or data here.

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