Keene & The Crypto Six Featured on Ledger’s YouTube Channel

A couple of weeks ago a film crew from Ledger, the hardware wallet company, came to visit the Crypto Mecca of Keene and produce a short documentary about The Crypto Six. Here’s the excellent ten-minute video they made, featuring me, Nobody, and Aria DiMezzo:

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  1. The video came out great! It’s a truly interesting story.

  2. Hey, thanks for doing an interview on a pending case. It makes our jobs a lot easier. We appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for your helpful information. I have been struggling to find many questions about this issue. I will follow you!

  4. Interesting. You have a serious pending case and you are doing interviews. I highly doubt your lawyer would approve.

    To try and turn these criminals into some type of hero is sad. These people tried to undermine the banking system and ripped people off. They believed they could do anything they want just so long as they hide it from the government. No one likes to pay taxes but there is nothing you can do about it. Without taxes, there wouldn’t be social programs, that are needed in our communities. Of course emergency services wouldn’t survive and the list goes on.

    Again, trying to turn these sows ears into silk purses. Is a joke. Every time Ian or any of the other crypto6 do an interview where they talk about their crimes, they give the feds more ammunition and facts about their crimes. These people have all but sealed their fate.

  5. Mentally ills Jumping Jacks.

    Taxes is not to creates programs for sheeples. Is only to destroy wealth by thefts from citizenry to make sheeples complete dependents on oligarchs.

    There. Is fixed for you.

  6. Yeah, mentally deficient JJ.

    You are completely dependent on the government putting away murderers and maintaining the roads! Fucking sheep! Who could possibly want that? Instead, you could have more money. Think about the possibilities. Who needs roads? Just fly your helicopter everywhere. Murderers? Well, just avoid them! We don’t need the government. End the tyranny!

  7. Good video ??

  8. Those two question marks left my keyboard as a peace sign …dky they turned into two question marks

  9. The video came out great! Good to see people liked it.

  10. It is laugh at level of thefts and lacks of accountabilitys Karen is obligings to just so oligarchs will builds roads for sheeples.

  11. You’re right Boris! I’m really starting to like you!

    The government shouldn’t be able to interfere (or exist!). The only people who should have control over what a company does are those who are wealthy enough to hold shares, and those that are wealthy enough to hire a private investigation agency and private courts to bring companies that violate rights to task. Poor people won’t be able to do anything, but it sucks to suck I guess! This will make everything more accountable!

    As an aside, when we finally make New Hampshire a Libertopia, I’m just not going to recognize any private court. lol. Nobody can force me to abide by any court because that would be a violation of the NAP. If I don’t agree to arbitration, then nobody can stop me from masturbating wherever I want. Ultimate Freedom.

  12. Jumping jacks: You clearly aren’t paying attention. Even the prosecutor admitted no one was ripped off by the defendants after having a lack of evidence to back up her fraudulent claim. She changed tactics during the hearing to something amounting to the crypto6 having committed fraud against the banks because they didn’t like the choice of wording to describe their crypto sales. There are a number of absurdities to the claim including that you are being asked to describe crypto to a group of people who don’t or didn’t know what it was. It’s like saying because you described crypto in laymen terms it somehow becomes fraud. A humorously absurd claim given very few people who transact with banks to buy or sell crypto have ever told the bank every purchase or sale. If I sell computers, but then end up purchasing some bitcoin according to the prosecutor I’ve committed fraud under this logic against the bank because I didn’t list crypto in my bank application.

    Your statement that “No one likes to pay taxes but there is nothing you can do about it.” is utterly false. Plenty of people don’t pay taxes. This country was even founded on the idea we should not have to pay taxes to the king! Clearly violence at one point also was something you could do, and really we could do again.

    umm just no… “Without taxes, there wouldn’t be social programs”, given that there were social programs prior to governments as we know them today. Religious charities have existed for thousands of years and they still exist today. Obviously governments are not the only solution to social problems and aren’t even a good solution to social problems. In fact more often than not they’re the cause of the social problems.

    ” talk about their crimes, they give the feds more ammunition and facts about their crimes” – except that you didn’t get that legal advise now did you? These individuals all have lawyers and the facts of the case are such that the “crimes” if the accusations were true would have already been admitted to. Maybe you should let the high priced lawyers advise the defendants in this case rather than playing lawyer. There are different approaches and tactics and sometimes positive media publicity is more important when everything that could be said has been said.

  13. Libertarian poseur seem to know nothing abouts Libertopia. But at least Karen openlys admit that his Kommutopia fantasy will be goes along with by sheeples only if elites bureaucracy carrys on the stokings of the fear.

    Reminds Boris of old Cossacks saying: “Karen break many individual egg to make collective omelette.” Ha ha ha. Is truth to be had, yes?

  14. Hey now Boris, kk is on our side. There is no need to say that he knows nothing about Libertopia. That is uncalled for.

    kk was just pointing out that the U.S. colonist didn’t want to pay taxes. I know you might split hairs and say that the rallying cry was “no taxation without representation” and not “no taxation”, but don’t you think that’s just a nitpick? There’s also the fact that state taxes continued unabated, and that they eventually had to revise the federal government to include the power of taxation because it wasn’t working out. That’s all minor details though!

    kk also just wants to say that the charity prior to greedy government handouts was working perfectly, which was why people clamored to have the government provide welfare. I mean at that point people were in fact starving in the streets (especially old people), but that’s just the Invisible Hand of the Free Market working things out, ya know?

    I can’t comment on the trial stuff, other than to say that Ian should ring the bell of Liberty and shout out loud about what he’s done for Freedom. I certainly do! Recently, I went down to the local convenience store the other day and started choking my hog. LIBERTY!!! Seriously though, is anyone into the smelly hobo look of Nobody? Man, if only he were like 30 years younger, he and Ian would totally hook up.

  15. Humorous. The point of not paying taxes to the king was merely to point out how silly the claim is that you can’t do anything about taxation. Whether or not taxes were collected during, post, etc doesn’t matter. People were doing something in regard to taxes which evidences the fact you can do something. Now why they were opposing taxes was on the basis of representation… but it’s a mute point to the argument as the argument was about being unable to do anything when that clearly isn’t true. A better argument would have been about the effectiveness of what you as an individual can do in regard to taxation. Individually we may not be able to do much, but that doesn’t change the fact we all can do something even if ineffective.

    To the comment about the free market working. We don’t have a free market. We never really have. The politics have changed, but utilizing the violence of government to feed and house the people doesn’t work well. If it did you wouldn’t see so many people on the street who don’t want to be there. Don’t get me wrong- some are mentally ill and it’s their choice. But there are a lot more people on the street who don’t want to be on the street. More often than not it’s poor choices that led them to the street, but … still government didn’t solve the homeless problem. Charity may not fully solve it either, but government doesn’t do a better job than charity or the free market potentially otherwise being able to. A truly free market would enable people to drag themselves out of poverty which is the primary benefit. Not that in a free market there would be more charity (even if that likely would also be true).

  16. Good point kk! The colonists had to pay taxes to the king, and then they had to pay taxes to the state. They really did something about it! I hope you learned your lesson, Jumping Jacks!

    Yeah, we never have had a free market. Because whenever we get close, the starving poors start banding together and demanding that the wealthy share. Sometimes, the poors even bring out the guillotine. How disgusting is that? Boo hoo, your child needs medical care. What about my need to have several yachts and private islands? I’ll never understand why people resort to violence when they are literally unable to live.

    Off topic, but do you know my least favorite Christmas movie? A Christmas Carol. Why would Scrooge give in to those communist ghosts and be charitable at the end? Those leeches didn’t earn anything. If they wanted a better standard of living, they can get some skills and get a better job.

  17. Aw I love Christmas Carol. Idk about others here but when reading that I don’t recall ever hoping for the govt to swoop in and force Scrooge to help out Tiny Tim or rot in prison. That would kinda ruin the story I think.

  18. “Because whenever we get close, the starving poors start banding together and demanding that the wealthy share. Sometimes, the poors even bring out the guillotine.”

    Strange, to me this is more like what happens when we get close to Communism. Fascinating to read other people’s viewpoints sometimes…

  19. Boris is agree with Intrigare. In realms of progressive democrats ideology, there is no accountability or agency on part of sheeples. Only justices of mob. Is reminds Boris of joke. Wants to hear it? Here is go. What is difference between progressive democrats and leech? After sheeple finally die, leech stops sucking his blood! Ha ha ha. Is laugh, yes? Boris have hundreds of them.

  20. Waits. Boris also has one for libertarian poseur that is Karen. How does progressive democrats sleep? Wells, first theys lie on one side. Then theys lie on the other. Then theys tax you when you die! Ha ha ha. Is laugh because is true, yes?

  21. Hey Peter. Silvia here.

    Ya know, you’re totally off the mark about the Scroogester, by the way. Turns out he was a total libtard dick fart just like you are. Know why? Cuz it’s not that Scrooge believed the poor didn’t need or deserve to be helped, it’s that he believed he was already paying enough taxes through all those “Poor Laws” championed by Victorian England’s libtard weirdos.

    Isn’t that just like you guys, Peter? I mean why contribute anything to charity at all when there’s armed government workers out there who can force you to make that contribution or else, am I right?

  22. Intrigare, agree to disagree. The ghosts are clearly violating the NAP by invading his home and forcing him to go to different timelines and memories.

    You have a point about the guillotines though. They do seem to come out as society gets close to Communism, don’t they? I wonder what it’s like just prior to Communism for people in society to resort to such extreme and uncouth measures as killing the rich and those in charge. They probably just need more Capitalism!

    Boris, your jokes are funny, but I’m not sure it’s fair to continue to rag on the poor guy. The kkk is an an ally to the Freedom Movement here in New Hampshire.

    Whoa, Silvia. I’m a Liberty Lover, not a libtard. We’re on the same team here! You must have me confused with Jumping Jacks. I agree, Scrooge paid enough in taxes! If the poor didn’t have a good job or people willing to give charity, then too bad! They can die on the streets like dogs. They should have taken some personal responsibility and planned to not be poor. Maybe in the next life they can choose not to have health problems or the need for housing or food. The free market will correct them out of existence, like the Invisible Hand intended.

  23. That’s nice, Peter. Anyway, guess what? Didja know that nearly everything is run along libertarian lines? Families, neighbors, communities, institutions – none of these things rely primarily on laws to keep everyone doing their part. People simply decide to behave decently towards each other simply because they’re decent people. In fact, the violence you keep bringing up has nothing to do with the breakdown of libertarian ideas at all and everything to do with authoritarians who’re trying to busybody their way to their idea of a perfect society. Pretty sad, huh?

  24. Hey Silvia, I apologize. As a new Liberty Lover, maybe I’m being a bit overzealous. I’m glad I have you to set me straight!

    It’s nice to hear that people are decent to one another all of the time, so government is not necessary to resolve disputes between couples, families, neighbors, landlord-tenants, communities and institutions. Government civil courts seem to be packed all the time, but I’m sure that’s just the government forcing dependency on people. Libertopia would really fall apart if people weren’t so harmonious, don’t you agree?

    So tell me, what happens to the unemployed homeless guy freezing on the street that nobody is willing to give charity to? Maybe he’s a dick or whatever. Or not a Christian. Or a black guy in a sundown town. Since he’s not entitled to the fruit of anyone’s labor, isn’t he just supposed to die? That’s the free market, right?

    Actually, now that I think about it, that guy is trespassing and should probably just be shot. After all, in Libertopia, all land is private, and who wants a homeless guy just mucking around, am I right? Genius!

  25. Uh huh. That’s nice, Peter. Say, didja know that you libtard weirdos are less likely to donate to charity than the rest of us decent folks? It’s true. Hand to God. In fact, according to the IRS, it turns out that states that’re overwhelmingly red report higher charitable contributions than blue ones. Don’t fret, though. I’m sure the discrepancy has more to do with the high taxes you types like to oppress your voters with rather than your exceptionally icky natures in general.

  26. Silvia, I’m not a libtard. I don’t give anything to charity, except for my giant dick. That’s the Ancap way!

  27. Gosh Peter. It’s totally outstanding that you have a ginormous wiener and stuff. Go dick. I mean that.

    Anyway, can ya guess what we can conclude from all this? Well for starters, this shows that conservatives and libertarians care much more about those in need than you libtard weirdos ever did. And we’re willing to put our own money where our mouths are instead of just stealing it from our neighbors like you guys do. Pretty awesome of us, huh?

  28. I appreciate the complement, Silvia. I’ll give you a free show of my phallus once New Hampshire becomes Libertopia. It’s really quite impressive. Again though, you seem to think I am liberal? You couldn’t be further from the truth! I’m an outstanding example of what a libertarian is and should be. I would go as far as to say I am exactly what the world thinks of when they think of libertarianism. We just need to spread the ideas of peace and liberty more! Anyway, libertarian philosophy doesn’t require charity to function. That would go against my right to property.

    I am facing a lot of resistance from you. Have I said something you don’t like? I mean it’s perfectly consistent with libertarianism, so maybe you are actually the libtard? You seem to be focused on this charity thing to an unreasonable degree. What, are you going to make me donate like a statist, or can you accept that not everybody needs to give away their property willy nilly?

  29. Uh huh. Got it, Peter. You’re willing to initiate violence against innocents to put an end to values you consider less important – you know, like private property, self-defense, and good, old-fashioned individuality. You also believe that without a iron-fisted network of rulers governing everyone else’s behavior, society would devolve into violent anarchy or be conquered by someone who will put into place worse rules.

    Thing is, I have more faith in people being able get along on their own and to come up with non-coercive solutions to conflicts. Well not people like you, obviously. You and the rest of the libtard weirdos’ll be better off living your lives in Kommutopia – far, far away from the Libertopians. You should move there, Peter. You’d love it.

  30. “So tell me, what happens to the unemployed homeless guy freezing on the street that nobody is willing to give charity to?”

    Okay I’ll try. How bout the same thing that would happen under Communtopia? You know, when you run out of rich people to pay for everything?

  31. Hey Silvia, nowhere in my post did I talk about initiating violence. I follow the NAP. It’s kind of my thing. The homeless guy initiated violence when he occupied (aka stole) private property so he could sleep at night. Shooting him is just good old fashioned protection of property.

    Communtopia? Sounds lame. I’d rather the beggar die just like the free market intended. It might suck when the rich run out of the poor to produce everything though. I’m sure the free market will come up with a solution though, it always does! Have faith, Intrigare!

    Soon, the free market is going to come up with a solution against government, and New Hampshire, or New New Hampshire as I will call it, will be free.

    Beautiful, isn’t it?

  32. “I’d rather the beggar die just like the free market intended.”

    Unfortunately that doesn’t surprise me Peter. But if you’re seeking a free market system because you hope to see the impoverished die more, you’d be heading in the wrong direction. Why just continue heading in the direction the country is heading in now. Not sure if you’ve noticed but homelessness is exploding.

    And I encourage you to give A Christmas Carol another chance. There are some great lessons in there I think could enrich your life. Before you run out of time… As in the case of Scrooge…

  33. The country is heading towards an increase in the impoverished and homeless, isn’t it? I guess the deregulation of companies and lack of public mental health funding is working! We just need to keep pushing! Soon, that number will skyrocket as we remove the last vestiges of government filth.

    Nah on the Christmas Carol. If I wanted to hear what a communist ghost had to say, I’d just read that bozo Marx’s comments here. Or JJ. I guess he’s not a ghost though.

  34. Well if any of those guys would give me an eye-opening experience about my past present and future, I might give them a pass as well. But no they just want to troll. That or convince me that the gov forcing me to do stuff is for my own good. Lol

  35. I will admit that I did get something of value out of JJ’s post though.

    “Again, trying to turn these sows ears into silk purses. Is a joke.”

    Ah very informative. Thx JJ 😉

  36. OMG. You’re totally down with the NAP too, Peter? Wow. I mean that’s just totally tits and stuff. No. Really.

    Anyway, turns out us decent folks have been onto you libtard weirdos since day one. I know you keep telling us that if we don’t make Kommutopia for real and stuff, then we’ll never, ever, ever be equipped to solve all human conflicts. The truth is though, you guys have made it really, really, really clear all you really want to do is intrude into our daily lives using thought police, interrogation and torture bureaus, and massive prisons to keep us both poor and under your collectivist thumbs.

    Can you see now why we think your ideas are dumb and totally suck? Ha ha. Just kidding, Peter. I know you can’t.

  37. Boris has more joke for libertarian poseur that is Karen.

    Joke: How many progressive democrats joke are in existence? Punchline: Is only three! All rest are the true stories!

    Ha ha ha! Boris has still gots it, yes?

  38. Ha ha Boris still gots it!

    Hey Boris, one Stalinist judge says to another,
    ‘Hello, comrade, what you’re laughing at?’
    ‘Never mind, I just heard the funniest joke ever!’
    ‘Tell me!’
    ‘No, I can’t, I just sentenced a man to ten years in the Gulag for telling it…’

    Ha ha ha. Good thing Stalin is dead, yes? Maybe he died from laughing to death from comedians like yourself, yes? 🙂

  39. Ha ha ha! Boris like! That is much to laugh, Intrigare!

    But in all seriouslys, Boris is watch libertarian poseur that is Karen marching to slow deaths of soul. Karen is always much commitment to ward off objective critical discussion of liberty vs state. Conform or perish is Karen always say. Is much tedious inconvenient, yes?

  40. Yes Boris. They can be such a buzzkill. Fortunately they are also easy punchlines. Hell they do it on their own with little or no creativity from our part. JJ for example… why he is our own resident Mr Bean here for our amusement 😉 =)

  41. kk – still a keyboard warrior. Your amazing skill of living a pure fantasy life must be tiering. Step into reality every so often and get a breath of fresh air.

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