420 Celebrations Are Back Daily in Central Sq!

Pot LeafAs Rich Paul’s trial looms, he has called for the return of the 420 celebrations in Keene’s Central Square.

True to form, a group of hardcores came out this afternoon and enjoyed a smoke commenced after Rich’s iconic, “We smoke these in remembrance of lost liberties and in hope for a day where the people no longer fear their government because the government fears the people! Smoke ’em if you got ’em!”

Rich Paul MegaphoneMuch conversation was had and a lovely afternoon was enjoyed by the near half-dozen in attendance.

420 celebrations will continue in Central Square through (and beyond) April 20th when a larger event will take place at the state house in Concord. (There will still be a Keene 420 that day as well.) However, the Concord 420 is expected to be well-attended, as it is every year. Here is a facebook event for the Concord 420 on 4/20.

Concord Patch Reports on 420 Celebration at the State House

Thanks to the Concord Patch’s Tony Schinella for this report on the successful 420 celebration at the Concord state house:

Advocates of marijuana legalization gathered at the Statehouse on April 20, to push their cause, march in the plaza, and even fill the Hall of Flags with anti-drug war lyrics to the tune of Christmas carols.

The rally – 420 at 4:20 on 4/20 – was a collection of advocates, users, and other “liberty-minded” individuals, pressing their belief that drug laws are more harmful than good and that they should be allowed to smoke if they want to.

The advocates gathered outside the plaza for a litter pickup before the rally. At 4 p.m., Rich Paul, an activist from Keene, spoke from a megaphone, saying prohibition earlier in the nation’s history caused needless death and destruction. Paul even pointed to the recent shootings in Greenland that caused the death of the police chief there. (more…)

Successful 420 Celebration at the State House

Well over 100 turned out for a 420 celebration at the Concord state house, now in its third year! The Shire Choir performed several “Chronic Carols” inside the state house, while plenty of cannabis was smoked in front of the building as state police looked on. Thanks to the police for doing the right thing and standing down and allowing peaceful people to be free.

Here’s MikeforLiberty’s video of the occasion:

Be sure to join us again in Concord for 420 at 4:20 on November 5th.