State v. Joseph Hart – Court Orders

Judge Ryan Guptill has issued an ORDER on the pending motions Joa and I have entered in his case.

To summarize:

  • We won the MOTION TO DISMISS #1 on grounds Judge Guptill sua sponte generated when he reviewed the complaints.  The State has issued an AMENDED COMPLAINT for Disorderly Conduct to satisfy Judge Guptill’s ruling.
  • We lost the MOTION TO DISMISS #2 due to my raising an affirmative defense in a Motion To Dismiss (hey, I’m not a lawyer…  I learn new things every day).
  • We lost the MOTION TO COMPEL RELEASE OF CRIMINAL RECORDS as the Judge seem to prefer that we go to the State Police to acquire the records.

Trial is Tuesday at 1:00PM at the Hillsborough District Court in Hillsborough, NH.


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