State v. Joseph Hart – Trial Next Week!

Today is the final filling of the defense in Joa’s case.  We’re filing a Motion To Suppress the body language exhibited by two witnesses outside the Hillsborough District Court as introducing that evidence would violate the hearsay rule.

Without the ability to cross examine these people as (we don’t know who they are) it is our position that the evidence of them turning to look at Joa when he was being arrested would be more prejudicial than probative.

The trial is next week on Tuesday at 1:00PM at the Hillsborough District Court in Hillsborough, NH (05/21/24).  Please consider coming out to show support to a nice guy and fellow activist.

As an officer of the Court I would politely request that anyone who wishes to attend please comply with the Court rules on filming.  The rules are very simple…  No filming in common areas and fill out an Advance Notice Form before beginning filming in the courtroom.  As we’ve learned from this case and investigation the required way to fill out the form is with your accurate identifying information.  We don’t want another person getting in trouble for what we now know is expected on the form.  🙂

Hope to see you there!



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