Cop Block’s Chalk the Police 2015 – Keene

Liberty activists in Keene participated in Cop Block‘s Chalk the Police 2015 and hit multiple locations, including Central Square, State Police Troop C Barracks, and Keene Police Department. At KPD an interesting 30 minute conversation ensued with officer Kyle Macie where Chris Cantwell, Ian Freeman, and JP Freeman discussed various issues.

Here’s the video:

Memorial Day Peace Contingent Well-Received

Memorial Day Peace ContingentSeveral activists came out this morning to hold peace flags and signs with messages like, “Make love, not war”. As you might expect, some people were upset that we were there, but many others were supportive!

Later, we had a nice conversation with Keene police’s Kyle Macie about various issues including voluntarism and world dictators, the police, local activism, prohibition, and other matters.

Thanks to everyone who smiled, waved, and peace signed!

Aggression Blows Back on KPD

The Keene Sentinel is reporting that two Keene police officers were injured by a drunken assailant early this morning.

Officer Katie Corbett suffered a knee injury and Officer Kyle Macie suffered a hand injury in the altercation

How could this violence have been avoided? The Keene officers could have simply left the man alone, but they just had to aggress against him because of… an open container! If they’d ignored him, no injuries would have been sustained. The open container ordinance needs to be repealed.