Ed Burke Deems Ransom Levied By Lesley Collier Sound Despite Inability to Identify Victim

this post was first published to KeeneCopBlock.org on August 07, 2013

Edward Burke says that I owe the “City of Keene” 15FNRs or else.

This, despite the fact that no victim could be pointed to by Keene police employee Lesley Collier, who back in March left a ransom note on my Tahoe.

Nor could Collier point to any property damage that I had caused or even a single complainant.

To be clear, the ransom Burke says I owe is demanded simply because I disobeyed a decree that I never signed, which was written by some strangers I never met.

Thanks to Ian Freeman of FreeKeene.com, ShireSociety.com, FreeTalkLive.com, LRN.FM and KeeneCopBlock.org for filming this August 06, 2013 venture in legaland.
Legaland is necessarily arbitrary as it says that a certain group of people have the right and knowledge to create and then interpret legislation conflated to be law.
I don’t need to be verse in legaland jargon or go to school for three years to know that no victim means no crime. That’s enough for me.

Will David Lauren Acknowledge There Was No Victim and Thus No Right to Demand Payment?

UPDATE: JULY 31 1:09am

Just before 4pm today I dropped-off this note addressed to David Lauren at the Cheshire County Attorney office.

I had previously called and left a voicemail with Lauren and inquired how best to point out to him some content I think relevant to the threat he and his colleagues have levied at me for the victimless act of parking my truck on a clear street.

The post I indicated in the note is this post: http://KeeneCopBlock.org/386


ATTN: David Lauren

Re: “State of N.H. vs. Peter Eyre, No. 499-2013-CR-00803” and the statement communicated to me on July 25, 2013 by Jean Hawkins Kilham, seeking “reciprocal discovery for any evidence” related to the ransom note left on my vehicle on March 23, 2013 by Lesley Collier, please see the post:



> the embedded b&w video entitled “2013 03 23 Lesley Collier leaves ransom note on vehicle”

[the direct link to that video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWvlUv8u8Ok]


> the three screenshots from wunderground.com that show the weather in Keene, NH on the dates March 21-23, 2013

Thanks for your time.

It’s my hope that justice will be arrived at through reason and logic.

Your neighbor,

-Pete Eyre


Questions for the NH Supreme Court

In search of answers from the NH “justice” system on the camera ban in the 2nd floor lobby, which applies to everyone, except the state, main stream media, and important bureaucrats, I’ve drafted a writing. I ask about the supposed investigation into the assault and resulting damage to my camera by the CSO’s. Jordan Hazy, supervisor over all the court security officers,  has hung up on me and refuses to return phone calls. So our latest attempt is with Laura, the spokesperson for the Supreme court.

Hi Laura,

In our conversation on September 8th, you agreed respond with answers around the 10th.

I haven’t seen an answer to the questions we discussed, and I wanted to follow up to see what progress has been made. When can I expect answers the questions per our phone conversation:

1) Related to the Nashua District Court incident on or around August 3rd,

a.) Can CSO’s arbitrarily close public sections of the court house?

b.) Where are CSO’s granted the authority to close down public areas of the court house in a non-emergency situation?

c.) Is the local Police department under the authority of the CSO’s while in the court house?

2) Related to the Keene District Court and CSO Dwane Dehotman’s (sp) actions on April 26th, 2010, which resulted in the $130 in damages to my camera outlined here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSmGLwpHEgI

a.) What is the status of this investigation?

b.) Is it normal to not contact the victim or return phone calls in an investigation?

c.) Who do I contact about compensation for the damage willfully caused by your agents?

3) Related to the assault and disarming of Rich Paul recently in the 2nd Floor common area of the Keene City Hall. Here’s KPD’s log of the event: (more…)