Keene’s Latest Drug War Victims

If there were no War on Drugs, drugs could be sold legally anywhere. People could go to the corner store, for instance, to buy their marijuana and other drugs. They would be manufactured safely and distributed with usage recommendations, just like aspirin. They’d also be cheap because in the regular market competition brings prices down when the distributors aren’t jacking their rates due to risk of arrest.

Since unfortunately there IS a War on Drugs, criminal thugs are frequently the only way to acquire the drugs that people are looking for. This is because criminals are the ones most willing to risk arrest to do business. Since people are going to do drugs regardless of their legal status, this puts a lot of buyers in serious danger of being ripped off, or worse. The Keene Sentinel reports on the “or worse” part of drug prohibition. When was the last time the clerk at Walgreens beat the shit out of a customer trying to buy some aspirin?

This is what prohibition gets you:

More details have been released concerning a brutal attack last month at Carpenter Field in Keene, but questions still remain.

Kevin Alley Perry, 21, who is listed as homeless in Keene, was arraigned Monday morning in Keene District Court. He remainsat the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $25,000 cash bail.

He faces two charges of felony first-degree assault in connection with an incident July 24 that left two people — Joshua Abrams, 21, of Keene and his girlfriend Paige Wilson, 18, of Gilsum — battered and bloody in the field. (more…)