Sentinel Reports on Police Exhausting their Resources Arresting the “Trespassive Twelve”

Thanks to the Keene Sentinel’s Phil Bantz for this story about how the KPD sent all their officers to the jail to arrest peaceful activists, all the while incidents were happening in Keene that they weren’t able to respond to. As expected, the comments are excoriating us for supporting NH Free Press publisher Russell Kanning. Kanning has been jailed for non-payment of child support, however according to a Ridley Report interview with Kat Kanning, Russell was sending what money he could to his ex-wife and she was apparently ok with that and was allowing him to interact with his kids. Unfortunately, the government people don’t care, since he wasn’t paying enough to satisfy THEM, they have locked him away indefinitely. Now how much will his kids receive?

Anyway, here’s the story from the Sentinel:

When a car collided with a college student walking in downtown Keene on Sunday evening, a Marlborough police detective had to investigate the incident while N.H. State Police troopers interviewed the victim.

On most evenings, Keene police officers would have handled the accident, which resulted in minor injuries. But they were busy processing a dozen people who were accused of trespassing at the new Cheshire County jail in Keene.

The arrestees – all were charged with trespassing and one was charged additionally with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia – have ties to the Free State Project and one of its offshoot groups, Free Keene. (more…)