Manchester Jury Nullification Outreach Gaining Steam


Early on Monday, June 2nd, a hardy band of Manchester activists met outside the Hillsborough County courthouse to distribute pamphlets to jurors. These pamphlets contain information regarding jury nullification rights, and by informing jurors of their right to find defendants not guilty of victimless crimes we could save lives. Among the activists present were Free Keene bloggers Pete Eyre, Robert Mathias, and yours truly.


jury3Many of the jurors, however, had already received nullification pamphlets. Several of them came to court carrying the exact same pamphlets we were handing out. That means that our activism efforts haven’t been in vain, that people are taking their jury nullification rights seriously. We’re starting to have an impact.

One simple act of rights education. Consistent repetition. That’s all it takes to make a difference. What’re you waiting for?

Free Staters Dominate Gas Tax Protest


Yesterday, Governor Maggie Hassan signed into law a 22% increase on the New Hampshire gas tax, with a bridge construction site near Windham as a backdrop (apparently, there’s some unwritten rule that the state’s theft must be justified by roads).

This would have been another staged press conference victory, if not for a protest staged by the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity. Over a half-dozen Free Stater activists joined with AFP to ruin Hassan’s perfect little photo op. The protest gathered considerable media attention, and got Free Keene blogger Rich Paul prominently featured by the Union Leader.

Most of the battle is just showing up. Some of the most egregious offenses of the state take place because of no visible objection. Just being present to show that the people don’t consent to government coercion is all it takes to derail the illusion of consensus and change hearts and minds.

Manchester Activists Rock Jury Nullification Outreach


What are you doing on a bright Monday morning? Grabbing that coffee before work? Sleeping in on your day off? Turning out to inform scores of jurors of their right to nullify bad laws?

If the last one sounds like your morning, odds are you turned out to jury nullification outreach in Manchester, New Hampshire. Every other week, a band of dedicated activists shows up and passes out literature informing jurors of their right to vote “not guilty” in order to nullify bad laws.


Dozens of citizens participate as jurors as part of a required “civic duty.” Unfortunately, all too often jurors end up sending their fellow citizens who have never hurt anyone behind bars, feeling they have no choice but to convict of a victimless “crime.” As it turns out, in New Hampshire the rights of jurors to vote “not guilty” and nullify bad laws is well-protected, even though few jurors know about this right. That’s why it’s imperative to make time to get out there and inform jurors. It’s one way we can make a difference. It could save someone’s life.


It’s a few minutes out of your morning. All you have to do is show up with a smile on your face and pass out informative literature. You have everything to gain. What do you have to lose?

Rebel Love Show Episode 8

Infamous Manchester activist Liberty Carrots comes on the Rebel Love Show to talk about his past experiences as a law enforcement officer, and his current work keeping police accountable.