Citizen Cain – 12 – Pretty Blue

Keene landlord says no to kids. Suffers the wrath of HUD • NH libertarians back on the ballot • State Rep Richard Marple arrested for noncompliance. Gets re-elected same day • State election results •

Citizen Cain – 11 – Trash Mountain

City Council recap. 3 hot issues laid to rest. More on the bio fuel generator • Local political group uses auditory conditioning in their radio ad • Concord man shot over a piece of fabric •

Citizen Cain – 10 – Disseminate

Historic district proposal shut down. Warnings that it Will be coming back some day • Committee reverses decision on political sign ordinance • A thin blue line coming to a street near you. This spring. • City wants to buy a biofuel generator. Says no to solar •

Committee reverses its recommendation on sign ban

An ordinance that would ban political advertising on city property and public rights of way was returned to the Planning, Licenses and Development committee for further review. Current state law prohibits the placing of political advertising on public property but this has never stopped candidates from doing just that every election season. Because of this, a new city ordinance was introduced earlier this month in an attempt to clarify the law by indicating the exact locations within Keene that would be off limits. It was recommended (3 to 1) and sent to full council for a final vote.

However, a recent Supreme court ruling, Reed vs Gilbert, has brought into question the constitutionality of such a restriction. It was decided to return the bill back to committee for further scrutiny. City officials as well as members of the public weighed in and it was ultimately decided to reverse the previous decision. This time the committee voted unanimously to “not adopt” the ordinance.  Full city council will vote on the proposal at its Nov 3rd meeting.

Citizen Cain – 09 – No Skin In This

Historic District annex brought to its knees • Rethinking the prohibition on political signs • Keene 2016 Benchmark. How do we compare? • City wide revaluation. Good for some. Bad for me. •

Citizen Cain – 08 – Why Not?

City planners pass ordinance prohibiting political signage on city property and public rights-of-way • Hero worship and trendy blue lines everywhere •