Baby Cheyenne reportedly “Bleeding from Private Parts” in Government Care

There is troubling news on this story. Johnathan and Stephanie went to visit their child today. Details are a bit sketchy at this point, but Cheyenne is reportedly losing consciousness, bleeding out of her private parts, and has not gained weight.

Update from the Free Baby Cheyenne Facebook Group:


Update (2:30 p.m.) Baby Cheyenne is currently being transported by sheriff’s deputies from the hospital to a sexual abuse specialist on the recommendation of the ER doctor. The baby has regained consciousness, and the sheriff has taken custody of the child from DCYF.

As the story unfolds, the allegations levied by DCYF at  the parents of baby Cheyenne, related to this and the previous taking of her kids, do not seem to implicate Johnathan or Stephanie.

They are currently getting the police report in hopes that it will clear up the allegations. Here’s part 2 of the interview I shot with the parents:

And follow up interviews from Dave Ridley:


Update 20:00 BST (15:00 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken to a sexual assault speciality Doctor under police escort. The sheriff is with the baby. Stephanie and Jonathan are following them, along with CPS. Baby Cheyenne is ‘fussy’, going in and out of consciousness, and when she is awake doesn’t want any one touching her, which shows the level of her injuries and distress.

Update 20:16 BST (15:16 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken out of CPS custody by the sheriff, who has taken over the whole case. She is being seen by a sexual abuse specialist. There were also abrasions on her vaginal area.

Latest Update:

William N. Grigg of

“I just spoke with someone very close to the principals in this matter, and it seems clear that Baby Cheyenne was NOT molested/abused in DCYF custody. The bleeding appears to be a normal after-effect of birth, and the fact that she’s lost weight isn’t unusual (this happened with each of my six children at that stage). That’s good news.”

  • bil

    There is always Michael Jackson.I hear he is still dead,but maybe the news could do an investigation…. —bil

  • Krystal

    Now will NH and the media listen to the story of Judge Hampe trafficking my child to cultists in PA while we lived in CA. Aradia L. Marshall was kidnapped on September 11, 2009—the FBi are useless and compromised. They did this to me and my little girl because her bio-father turned in a KKK miltiia(which has taken over Hillsborough) for breaking into Fort Devens 14 years ago. Thomas AAron Clark may be fucking crazy–but he was not wrong to turn them in! Not only is NH rampant corruption–but they rewarded Brian Chabot who was convicted for stealing nightsight equipment with running for NH Senate seat. Afterall chabot was buddies with Scott Marano-Chambers who married Jay Fallons daughter. Jay Fallon is former NH FBI director and now is head of NHIDTA. Obviously, no investigation. Oh and how come Jennifer Star(aka Pisti) who lived in with as "adopted" daughter of Richard N. Swett filing retraining orders for 9 years? How come the kidnappers Robert and Dawn Nilram who took my little girl Aradia(aka Addie) are buddies with corporate contoller kenneth S. Babe who handles government cotnracts? How come he living right acorss the damn street from Jay Fallons daughter–sure its a small world but something stinks!

    Medfia will touch Cheyenne's case but not the kidnapping of Aradia L. Marshall. FUCK YOU ALL DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! FUCK AMERICA BECAUSE JUSTICE IS DEAD HERE—and FUCK NH the shittiest state in the union a communist satellite state—its where CFR(council on foriegn relations) first met in Bretton Woods plotting to devalue your American dollar.

  • theKINGofKEENE

    Check your link Krystal. Youtube says it's broken…I'm curious to see mzdragonfyre!~tKoK.

  • Brian


    I'm sorry for your loss, but I can assure you that I am neither responsible nor directly connected to that situation, though I know people who are (and other than having once known Mr. Clark, NOT the ones you have mentioned).

    > They did this to me and my little girl because her bio-father…

    Not from the research I've done once you brought your situation to my attention with that incredibly illogical video. From the people we both know who were involved in that, you lost Aradia because you were found to be incredibly incompetent at raising her.

    I'm pretty sure the KKK wouldn't have me in their organization nor would I even remotely want to be a member of their group. In other posts online, you ALSO suggest that I am somehow a member of the Aryan Nation, the OTO, AND a Christian biker gang. Those are 4 groups which have pretty much mutually exclusive membership. How anyone might possibly be a member of all of them at once is beyond me. And for the record, I have not been, nor am I currently a member of any of them.

    > [T]hey rewarded Brian Chabot who […] with running for NH Senate seat.

    "They" did no such thing. I ran on my own merit and mostly with my own money. Had, "they" "rewarded" me with something like that, don't you think I might have had a bit more of a chance at actually winning? Perhaps the backing of a major party? As is often the case, your logic is highly flawed.

    > Afterall chabot was buddies with Scott Marano-Chambers…

    Who?!? I really have NO IDEA who this person is. Google isn't helping. Care to enlighten me?

    Look, I don't know why you seem to have such a grudge against me, but amusing as it may be from time to time, it is getting a little annoying.

    I've taken great pains to disassociate myself from Mr. Clark et. al. and I've worked the last 14 years to make a better life.

    As a side note, I'd like to thank you for posting Mr. Clark's affidavit. The copy I got during the case was painstakingly redacted so as not to identify who had turned me in, even though it was no secret. Your post has provided the paperwork to prove my suspicion, and Mr. Clark's admissions.

    As the anonymous commenter said of it, it is interesting how first he signs the form saying he made the statement with no hope of compensation and then turns around and complains when he didn't get the bounty. Hypocrisy much?.

    I can understand Mr. Clark's lingering anger at those I had been associated with back then, and to a lesser extent to his lumping me in with them to this day.

    What I cannot understand is your continued vitriol towards me when to the best of my knowledge, you and I have never even met in person.

    It has saddened me that you removed that video, though. It was highly entertaining to try and follow the logic in it and those who know me got a considerable chuckle out of the affair.

    And to TKoK: Just remove the .com from her link and you'll see her YouTube page.