Baby Cheyenne reportedly “Bleeding from Private Parts” in Government Care

There is troubling news on this story. Johnathan and Stephanie went to visit their child today. Details are a bit sketchy at this point, but Cheyenne is reportedly losing consciousness, bleeding out of her private parts, and has not gained weight.

Update from the Free Baby Cheyenne Facebook Group:


Update (2:30 p.m.) Baby Cheyenne is currently being transported by sheriff’s deputies from the hospital to a sexual abuse specialist on the recommendation of the ER doctor. The baby has regained consciousness, and the sheriff has taken custody of the child from DCYF.

As the story unfolds, the allegations levied by DCYF at  the parents of baby Cheyenne, related to this and the previous taking of her kids, do not seem to implicate Johnathan or Stephanie.

They are currently getting the police report in hopes that it will clear up the allegations. Here’s part 2 of the interview I shot with the parents:

And follow up interviews from Dave Ridley:


Update 20:00 BST (15:00 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken to a sexual assault speciality Doctor under police escort. The sheriff is with the baby. Stephanie and Jonathan are following them, along with CPS. Baby Cheyenne is ‘fussy’, going in and out of consciousness, and when she is awake doesn’t want any one touching her, which shows the level of her injuries and distress.

Update 20:16 BST (15:16 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken out of CPS custody by the sheriff, who has taken over the whole case. She is being seen by a sexual abuse specialist. There were also abrasions on her vaginal area.

Latest Update:

William N. Grigg of

“I just spoke with someone very close to the principals in this matter, and it seems clear that Baby Cheyenne was NOT molested/abused in DCYF custody. The bleeding appears to be a normal after-effect of birth, and the fact that she’s lost weight isn’t unusual (this happened with each of my six children at that stage). That’s good news.”

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  1. This is an expanded list of names, addresses and contact info for NH Dept of Children, Youth & Families personnel, the guardian ad litem, hospital depts/staff and judge in this case:

    Betty A. Keegan, DCYF Case Technician Trainee

    115 Hansonville Rd, Rochester, NH 03839 (home)

    603-335-3461 (home)

    603-332-9120 (work)

    Concord Hospital, 250 Pleasant St., Concord, NH, 03301

    603-225-2711 866-349-2790 (direct VP)

    603-227-7000 (to dial extenion #s) patient relations 603-230-1902

    Admin 3000, general info 4099, maternity 4110, president 4111,

    public affairs 4215, security 3999, social services 3013

    Dana J. Bickford, Strafford Co DCYF CPS case worker

    Home may be in Northfield, NH

    603-332-9120 (work)

    This is who wrote about guns and Oathkeepers in affidavit!

    Dennis M. May, DCYF attorney

    603-332-9120 (work)

    Francine Carter, DCYF Supervisor V (Dana Bickford's boss)

    603-332-9120 (work)

    John Charron, Concord Hospital, Head of Security

    not sure which is the right listing

    either 18 Pratt St, Nashua, NH, 03060 (home)

    603-595-0226 (home)

    or 75 Swan Point Rd, Rindge, NH, 03461 (home)

    603-899-6171 (home)

    District Special Judge Susan W. Ashley

    Rochester District Court

    76 N. Main St., Rochester, NH, 03867-1905

    603-332-3516 (work)

    Dover Family Division

    25 St. Thomas St., Dover, NH, 03820


    Rochester Family Division

    Strafford County Justice and Administration Building

    259 County Farm Road/PO Box 799

    Dover, NH 03820-0799


    Scott D. Overbeck, CASA/guardian ad litem

    2 Clocktower Place #432 (home)

    Nashua, NH, 03060

    603-889-5204 (home)

    All this info is directly from gov't's, hospital's public websites, and online directories.

  2. Sickening … who abused this kid!!?

  3. I doubt anything sexual happened to the kid.

    I just doubt it.

  4. Was the visit supervised?

  5. I hardly doubt this is an issue of abuse but rather a newborn expriancing Your Newborn Girl's Genitals and Bleeding

    Your newborn girl's genitals have been exposed to many hormones in the uterus. Among other things, these hormones may have:

    Made the outside of the vagina ("labia majora" and the "clitoris") a little swollen and prominent.

    Caused a thick, milky discharge in the vagina.

    Most dramatically, at 2 or 3 days of age, your daughter may have a little bit of bleeding from her vagina. This is perfectly normal and caused by the withdrawal of the hormones she was exposed to in the womb. It will be her first and last menstrual period for another decade or so.

  6. babies don't often gain weight until they are over a week old. It is common that the weight actually drops.

  7. Was the visit supervised?

    I'm sure it was

    I doubt anything sexual happened to the kid.

    I just doubt it.

    Yeah, this kind of thing can happen just because you're sick too, I think.

    Someone needs to figure out what the @#$#@ is going on here. This is outrageous, one way or another.

  8. Good info, thanks Christine.

    Here's hoping firstly, that the baby is ok, and secondly, that whatever balloney is going on here is exposed, and no future maltreatment occurs. The kid sounds sick to me at least.

    If the parents are not truly abusive, that kid needs to be returned to her mother asap. It's not right for such a young child to be separated from its mother.

  9. I heard it was reported that there were cuts inside her vagina and way too much blood for it to be from a hormonal period that newborns sometimes have.

    I would bet it is someone getting back at the Oathkeepers by raping this newborn. They are sending a message. That is my guess as horrifying as it is. People need to wake the hell up. It is getting too late.

  10. Fuck you KC, publish your own name and phone number. I don't think these people did anything wrong. The parents lost their kids because of an abusive home. You think they should wait until one of the kids ends up with serious injuries before stepping in? It might be too late then. No one is kidnapping kids for the DCYF. It doesn't happen. Good job sensationalizing a tragic story Sam Miller. Fuck you Too.

  11. Christine, they found abrasions on her vaginal region as well. This is not normal for newborn girls. My family has had a lot of girls born and NEVER seen anything like this. Fster paretns have been taken in for questioning. The visit was supervised, a sheriff was there, parents not a suspect of the incident.

  12. David, youre an idiot. It does happen. And they have been exposed many times for this.

  13. "I heard it was reported" Bullshit. No foster parent that is involved in a case like this would do that. They are raping a newborn to send a message? You are out of your fucking mind.

  14. o one is kidnapping kids for the DCYF.

    Well now you're just showing your ignorance. Whether this is a case of abuse by DCYF is up for question. Whether abuse has occurred in the past is not.

  15. No foster parent that is involved in a case like this would do that.

    No foster parent is sexually abusive? We'd need a backhoe to get your head out of the sand david.

  16. No one in a high profile case like this, Paul. The more sensational they make it the more you want to believe it is true. Maybe it was a voodoo ritual. Or even better, satanic.

  17. No one in a high profile case like this, Paul.

    Oh, I see, so in the high profile cases they send the kids to the good foster parents, but in the low profile cases they send the kids to the known sexual abusers. Glad we straightened that out.

  18. @David; are you familiar with the Nancy Schaefer case? She was a Senator from Georgia that was killed right before she was going to expose massive abuse and exploitation of children in CPS. Look it up.

  19. Once again david, your angry and confused: I don't know what happened here yet, the truth will come out. Saying is doesn't happen is foolish and ignorant:

    Some 12 percent of minors held in government custody are sexually abused, and in some facilities the rate reaches a stunning one in three children, says a report released Thursday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    The first-ever National Survey of Youth in Custody found that no less than 10 percent of the 26,550 juveniles being held in detention facilities in the US are abused by staff at the facility, while another 2.6 percent report abuse at the hands of other inmates.

  20. Oh, I see, so in the high profile cases they send the kids to the good foster parents, but in the low profile cases they send the kids to the known sexual abusers. Glad we straightened that out.

    Not at all what I said, Paul. You are learning well from the masters at obscured truth.

  21. Not at all what I said, Paul. You are learning well from the masters at obscured truth.

    That's exactly what you said. According to you, sexual abuse occurs in the foster system, but not on "high profile cases". Either they know someone in the system is an abuser or they don't. If they don't know, they wouldn't be able to prevent them from handling "high profile cases", now would they? If they did know, they shouldn't be in the system at all.

    You seem to be deluding yourself into believing that because a person or institution receives a check from the government, they are magically incapable of abuse, or abuse of power, when in reality, the statistics show they are far more capable of such abuse.

  22. Once again swami, you try to stir up anger and confusion. It works with others here, not me. The truth will come out, but by then you will be on to another smear campaign. Full of Shit Network.

  23. It's highly unlikely that the foster parents would risk abusing an infant in a case with this kind of profile.

    On the other hand, if they are abusing the other kids in their care, it's entirely possible that one of those kids may have harmed the baby; abused children quite commonly become abusers, themselves.

    Either way, it looks very, very bad for the foster parents.

  24. state steals baby, baby ends up harmed. This is news? Happens all the time. I hope to hell it isn't true for the baby's sake.

    for one to think that it is surprising that something like this could happen one has to be ignorant to all the cases of rape and molestation that happen as a result of the state stealing babies and placing them in even worse homes than they supposedly (and allegedly) are stolen from.

  25. If someone purposely violated this kid, there is no fate too unpleasant for them.

  26. The comment posted by K.C. is in violation of:

    The Restatement (Second) of Torts §652D provides:

    "One who gives publicity to a matter concerning the private life of another is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy."

    Please remove the comment, thanks,

    Kyle Butler

  27. Mr. Butler, you may want to read Cox Broadcasting Co. v. Cohn.

    "K. C." clearly indicates that the information was retrieved from public records, so the exemption presented by the Supreme Court would apply.

  28. Kyle,

    They are public officials and the information posted is also public. As stated, it comes directly from the state and the hospital websites.

  29. Betty A. Keegan and Scott D. Overbeck's home address and phone numbers are not in the public directory.


    Kyle Butler

  30. In most cases, the child is in the best care with its natural parents. A state agency should only get involved if and after the parent or parents have been convicted in court of an appropriate charge that in some way endangers the child. Guilty until proven innocent is not an acceptable premise to justify kidnaping some ones newborn or any child. This is a travesty of justice not to mention individual rights and child protection. Our government servants have way overstepped their allotted powers and should be individually charged, prosecuted, fined and jailed. No other solution is sufficient. When an employee at the peoples service violates their sworn duty, justification such as “I was only following orders” should not be sufficient to indemnify them from the consequences of their actions. All individuals are responsible for their actions. NO EXCUSES.

  31. Mr. Butler, I would suggest doing some basic research. I'm not going to waste checking them all, but I checked Keegan, since she's first. Took about 20 seconds, including time for the page to load, for the exact same information to come up in the online whitepages. Based upon that, I'm going to assume the others are just as obviously public, as well.

  32. Kyle,

    They're likely to be found in the phone book and/or public records search. A lot of information about me can be found simply by my address and name, including some financial information in less than 10 min. I, however, do not work for a public agency and do not draw my salary from stolen funds, therefore my company doesn't post that information on it's website.

  33. @Kyle Butler Just what comment made by KC is violating who's right to privacy? The government agents listed with their public address and phone numbers? This story was posted by Sam Dodson, not KC. This whole story has been made public by the parents themselves, and I am sure they want as many people to know of this injustice as possible. If they didn't, I'm sure they wouldn't have started this on the internet.

  34. You are still an asshole, K.C.

  35. Well, if anything abusive did happen …

    The next course of action is clear, and if it is blocked, then what happens next is the lords work.

  36. "Baby Cheyenne has been taken out of CPS custody by the sheriff, who has taken over the whole case. "

    Sounds to me like a law enforcement officer is taking charge and responsibility for Cheyanne's near-term safety. Good on him!

    I notice that some FreeKeene people think nothing of flaunting the law and getting arrested, and by my estimate each person loses roughly $1000 when that happens (due to fines, lost days at work, &c). Roughly.

    Instead of paying all this money/lost income to the state, why don't a bunch of you get together and agree to put the equivalent amount into a fund; say, ten people for a total of $10,000.

    Then wait for a particularly air-tight example of some type of abuse to a single person (captured on video, and vetted through lawyers) and use that same money to fund a "violation of civil rights" lawsuit.

    In the lawsuit case, instead of sending $10,000 to the state, the state has to put up $10,000 for defense. You've turned a state revenue into a state cost.

    A public servant is not personally responsible for their actions while in office (ie – they are not personally liable for fines from the lawsuit), but this sort of thing tends to follow you around. A cop who triggered a $50,000 lawsuit against the city will have less chance of being promoted.

    It would cost about the same in terms of time and effort and money, but would have more effect. After one or two lawsuits are brought forth, the police would realize that it's not a good idea to violate rights, and their behaviour would change.

    (Take Baby Cheyenne, for example. This seems like a situation ripe for redress. Would a group from FreeKeene be willing to forego going to jail for a week, and instead fund the parents' lawsuit against the state?)

    I'm not a member so I can't really comment. It just seems like a more effective tactic.

  37. YES, it DOES occur in Govt CARE, often, U need to Believe! It's NOT what the PUBLIC likes to Hear, but its TRUTH! 1960's CHILD sweeps Survivor of CPS-5 of Us, ages 3 to 7, RAPED, tortured to No end, IN Govt care-Guinea Pigs! This HAS gone on Older than I am-I traced it back to Orphan Train kids, 1920's!(CPS called Childrens Aide Society) Check? CIA experiments on Children-Check? Duplessis Orphans(Canada)-Check? A Sickness of Elites-POWER & CONTROL of Children, in turn THEY Control Adults! Fed IV $? ASFA?

  38. Jeff,

    "Free Keene" is a website a few bloggers post on. The activists have differing opinions about using the gang's system of "justice".

    Your suggestions are good ones, and there are a couple of organizations doing the things you suggest. Check out: I know there was a legal non profit forming as well, but I don't know the current status.

    The question is, what are you doing to set the example for others to follow?

  39. PUBLIC awaken from Your Deaf, Dumb, Blind status! Nancy Schaefer? Bill Bowen-Innocence Destroyed? CHECK? Parents SOP get Gag Orders by Judges, as CPS requires So U stay in the Dark, as U may be next! Think of that. It happens to Good Families DAILY in Every State! I am Witness to a Case, due to School Teacher LIES! She didn't want to be Bothered by Family wanted IEP done on Child. CPS took kid, due to Vindictive Teachers LIES-Oklahoma. NOW, kid Has been Molested IN CPS care! NOT before. It broke the Parents

  40. Exactly Swami. What are you doing to set an example.

    Do you even have mirrors in your house? In The words of John Lennon, how do you sleep?

  41. you have to stick up for people who are assholes to their kids because you don't want them put into foster homes where they can be molested and raped by even more fucked up people.

  42. "The question is, what are you doing to set the example for others to follow?"

    Actually, that's not the question. It's a really nice dodge, though.

    My question was, essentially, "why are you people not using more effective tactics?"

    It's no secret that your group is ridiculed for its actions. I don't fault you for being ridiculed, I'm just wondering if your goal is to be effective or if your goal is something else.

    If your group has other priorities, then that's fine and it would explain a lot of what I see here.

    What am I doing? At the moment, I'm trying to hold your feet to the fire. Either do something effective, or admit that you're in it for other reasons.

    I'm good with either answer, but it would clarify things to actually *get* an answer.

  43. L.K. brilliantly stated the logic and not insane or reactionary:

    "I heard it was reported that there were cuts inside her vagina and way too much blood for it to be from a hormonal period that newborns sometimes have.

    I would bet it is someone getting back at the Oathkeepers by raping this newborn. They are sending a message. That is my guess as horrifying as it is. People need to wake the hell up. It is getting too late."

    Fuck keying someone's car, egging their house, spreading shit about them on the internet, turning friends against one another, etc. Everyone knows that sane human beings who have a beef with someone else often resort to raping newborns to really show 'em.

    How fucking retarded are you guys? Seriously? A quick google search shows that Johnathon Irish has a long arrest record; his most recent arrest was for violating a protection order back in January 2008. Other quick google searches show that it is completely normal for a week old baby girl to spot.

    But no, it's the mean old state and jackbooted thugs just crushing the rights of this family. Jesus fucking Christ. It's called a fucking BULLSHIT DETECTOR, people. I'm not saying that CPS is wonderful, but you idiots are putting out information that has not been corroborated by a reliable source and you're so blinded by your hatred of the state that you're not willing to look at this rationally.

  44. So the Sheriff took the child out of CPS custody to see a sexual abuse specialist. I don't see how people are over reacting. It's pretty clear cut to me. CPS did not PROTECT the CHILD. Where is your government now?

  45. Is this source legit?

    Seems maybe it is gonna get everyone in a frenzy before the rally.

    Why do libertarians never spell check.


    and Ridley has tons of them.

  46. Cheyenne's parents need to seek professional help. Whether or not the person who did this to the poor girl was a government agent is beside the point; the fact is she suffered and whoever did this to her needs to be punished.

    Contacting a community outreach group or child services would be my best bet for them. I hope she makes it through.

  47. Some people have said that no foster parent would consider abusing a child in such a high-profile case as this. I do not know much about the foster home system, but would the foster parents really know that they are receiving a high-profile case baby? If so, at what point?–the news about the baby being taken away (which made the case high-profile) happened after the baby was taken. In addition, how many major news sources that foster parents would see published the story? Is it possible that we simply have a case of abuse from foster parents who have gottten away with it in the past?

  48. Nail.

    Jeff and lol retardatarians.

    Bam. Bam.

    Nice hits guys.

    No Flintstone's references, please.

  49. Dcyf needs to be held accountable for anything that happens to that child regardless of the parents past, the baby never went home with them she went to foster care so if something is wrong I am glad the sheriff is involved. First off she left the hospital way too soon. If anything pray for this child! Dcyf IS THE WORST GROUP OF PEOPLE OUT THERE! they are made up of lies and the judges are clueless they need to spend time off the bench and in the homes of accused . They listen to half brained caseworkers which by the way have dirty homes and drinking habits they are no better than the people they are accusing . DCYF just gets away with murder cause the positions they hold.

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