VIDEO: DEA Raids Phat Stuff as Part of Nationwide Crackdown

Yesterday, the DEA raided Phat Stuff, the head shop on Main St. in Keene. This video chronicles four hours of the raid in 17 minutes. In the footage, multiple agents’ faces are revealed, including two masked men and several agents are confronted about their crimes against humanity. As Free Keene blogger Rich Paul puts it in the video, “Keene, New Hampshire doesn’t seem to be afraid anymore. We’re sick of it.”

Here’s Free Keene’s article with photos and more details, including the warrant.

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  1. Jared Drury

    Keene needs to form an armed militia to stop this shit.

    • TheVala

      No, thats just for cattle ranchers who don’t pay taxes, screw the real people.

    • NewHampshire

      Where are all the people willing to defend from these maurauders? Why are they just letting them do this?

  2. ThirtyOneBravo

    The horror… NOT

    • state hater

      I’ll be along to steal your shit, since you think that stealing is no big deal, porky.

  3. JayFreeKeene

    Government employees lying right to your face!

  4. Klo Klane

    Doesn’t look like Keeane is so free

  5. Freestatersareterrorists

    Looks like I don’t have free speech on your site, funny how double standards work!

    • ED

      You’re a one post troll.

  6. jayhawk40

    RICH PAUL–convicted drug dealer–constantly cries about how tough life is–lets his aging parents pay $3000 to his drug trial–begs for money for “appeal”–got a free public defender and still bitches–a real piece of shit douche bag–grow up and get a job.

  7. Paul goodwin

    Bong Naght !

  8. Justin Bernardi

    Has anyone figured out any of these agents names so that we can continue to harass them via phone or social media?

    • NewHampshire

      Maybe someone can make a WANTED poster with their faces and we can plaster it all over NH so they will never dare come here again. I suppose this video is good evidence and should be spread far and wide.

  9. NewHampshire

    Good job. Never forget these faces.

  10. NewHampshire

    They are going to sell this stuff and make lots of $$ off it, is what they do with it.



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