“Everybody loves what I’m doing. They love it.” – Boston Strong

The Chalk Warrior

Safe Driver, Good Neighbor, Deer Lover

Keene Cop Block’s Centurion was on his front porch the other night and caught Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt on video driving by and laying on his horn (as he has done countless times for months). The other night in a discussion with Rich Paul, Boston had claimed that “everybody” loves what he’s doing.

Here’s another reality check for all the trash-talking haters out there:

No, not everybody loves what you are doing. People are different. As delusional and crazy as you think liberty activists in Keene are, I’m pretty sure most of us are aware that people are individuals. They don’t have the same beliefs. That includes both libertarians and members of STOP FREE KEENE!!! – not all of them agree on things, either.

Recently, one local hater, alleged to be Steven Graves (UPDATE: Graves claims it’s not him), a Peterborough-based artist (originally from Boston!) recently said this about Boston Strong on the comments section of Free Keene, “He’s right, he’s awesome, and he’s kind of my hero right now. The town, the state, good people everywhere hate you people.

Sorry, Steven, but good people don’t hate. The people calling themselves the town, city, or state are doing wrong, but I don’t hate them for it. They’re fallible humans just like the rest of us.

Here’s Boston Strong’s idea of being a good neighbor:

Oh wait, he claimed on video the other day that he is just making sure there’s no deer in the road. No wonder everybody loves him – no one would want to see a deer get hit, especially by a man safely and gently accelerating down a neighborhood street. What a guy!

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