Gun Rights Fundraiser | Appeal CCW Denial

Should civil disobedience disqualify a person from putting a gun in his pocket?

Because of my Victimless Crime Spree, the Keene Police are now denying me a Concealed Carry License. I am appealing, and a hearing will be set sometime in the next two weeks. I’ve hired rockstar attorney Evan Nappen to help me. You can help cover the cost of his services by donating here: or by sending bitcoin here: 17CMtf86297jB7sdDDqUH51Xy7xkkwcT4a

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Black Sheep Rising – Episode 56

Tired of chalking yet?  Too bad.  The war continues.  We break down the madness from every angle • Rebels or Empire? • Keene city budget public hearing • Pumpkin fest lobbyists • What the hell is tax increment financing? • Doom movie review • James and Garret join • Show notes at:


With this week’s timeslot for the AKPF #1 program hijacked by opposition forces, themountains_06sfk1 Cheshire TV audience is subjected currently to a dissenting video production known as The STOP FREE KEENE!!! Show. Featuring some new content and a variety of older Free Keene and assorted videos with disclaimers and warnings attached, this new show marks new territory for the opposition to Free Keene group and the affiliated co-chapter, Monadnock Community Coalition Corporation.

City of Keene goes to war with CheshireTV

Keene’s very own Public access television station, Cheshire TV, which hosts a wide array of local programs such as Black Sheep Rising , AKPF#1, and others has come under attack by city officials.  CTV, which operates partly off of franchise fees collected from cable provider Time Warner has recently adopted a new program in which it will begin charging an operating fee to any producers requiring assistance with their programs.  Subsequently, programs produced by city bureaucrats, Kendall Lane, Chris Coats and Kris Roberts who have refused to pay the fee, have ceased production.  Having co-produce 34 episodes of ShireTV, I can tell you airing a simple half hour television program in studio requires a crew to operate and hours of setup and tear-down.  I am not at all surprised that station manager, Lee Perkins, came to this decision. This move by CTV may also be in part due to the City of Keene confiscating 9% of the franchise fee for its own use.  Ongoing attempts by CTV to claim this portion have been rejected by city management.

Now in retaliation city mayor Kendal Lane in an interview on WKBK has hinted the city may keep all the franchise revenue and hire their “own people” to cover city council meeting and such.  Cheshire TV would be left to fend for itself.  I have no doubt the newly created department would also cover shows produced by city officials and friends, because that’s how the cronies roll.

Local Heroes Save Town From Chalked Smiley Faces

Members of “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, Dan and Kay Georgina visited Central Square on Saturday and destroyed countless chalked smiley faces and other peaceful messages in a scene that is a perfect metaphor for SFK!!!:

bowers_chalkThrough their actions, the key members of SFK!!! prove the anger in their hearts – what kind of person could feel good about such destruction of community artwork?

Some STOP FREE KEENE!!! members believe that threats, violence, and protest will somehow stop the flow of activists to Keene and NH at large. However, all they are accomplishing is attracting more movers and sparking new activism.

Free Keene is about love and peace. “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” is about anger. Peace is the way.

Stop the war on chalk, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” members. It’s very childish. Even Keene Police Officer Peter Bowers supports chalking smiley faces, as he proved at the 2012 Chalk the Police day in Keene where he joined in the fun.

Full RAW video is available at the Fr33manTVRAW channel.