Black Sheep Rising – Episode 44

Keene election results • City douche nozzles recommend increasing parking rates and fines • The hell is a Noped? • First Kiss video = fake.  Darryl disagrees • Woman joins search party to find herself • Which countries have the least sex? • 12 sexiest accents • Ashley hates the British. accent.  Matt and Ashley join.  Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 43

This week: 5 Gum = Illuminati propaganda • Need to play more Muse • Matthew Bellamy = Freddie Mercury • Bill Hicks = Alex Jones • Why conspiracy theories matter • Government kills agorism • Fire those sucky teachers • Vote week in Keene • School district breakin the law • Spends $23,000 on advertisements • Still more on Keene pedestrians • Anarchy flag = 16 year old delinquents • Rapsher recommends The Sopranos.  James and Rapsher join.  Show notes at:

ESSAM Explains the NYC Drone Art Campaign

tumblr_essam_500The 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum was host to a special presentation which has not, until now, been publicly broadcast. New York City street artist Essam was facing 56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property, and weapons possession. Last November, all felony charges previously filed by the state’s attorney were dropped, and some were reduced to misdemeanors. Word broke March 6 that all remaining charges against the dissident artist were dropped regarding State v Essam Attia.

july24-essamnypdIn this presentation, the audience hears directly from the source how a guerrilla art project was planned and executed throughout New York, the motivations behind the pieces, and the potential penalties for the subversive signage. Release of video from the talk has been delayed pending resolution of the criminal case, as there is incriminating information provided which defense attorneys understandably would oppose providing directly to the prosecution. One motivation for the state’s decision to cease prosecution of the case may have been to avoid the constitutional questions raised as to when street art intersects with protected speech. An article from chronicles the most recent update and has been following the story from its breaking.

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 42

Dumb pedestrians in Keene – Voters vs Keene school district: Ongoing lawsuit – Man attacked by moose responds with deadly force – 5 reasons not to tip.  Freerock joins.  Show notes at:

New $13 million bond so good you pay for the advertising

 scratching_head2The Keene school bureaucrats have gone all out this month in an attempt to “educate” the voters on a controversial, 20 year, $13 million bond to be used for the restructuring of five elementary schools.  I’ve uncovered huge, full page adverts in both the Keene Sentinel and the Monadnock Shopper.  They put together a 30sec radio ad that plays on WKBK.  If you turn your adblock off, you might notice a “vote on article 1″ at the top of the Sentinel’s website.   I’ve also discovered a number of campaign signs scattered throughout Keene and yesterday I received a flyer in the mail.   Who’s paying for all this nonsense?  The taxpayers of course.  How does the district justify such an unethical use of your hard-earned money?  It’s for the kids, duh.  Shut up and get back in line.

Article 1 sign


Nashua Vigil for Slain Ducks Receives Statewide Coverage

nashua_ducksderrickgarretA candlelight vigil held two months following the deaths of five ducks at Nashua’s Crown Plaza Hotel was attended by approximately 15 mourners and celebrants of the lives of the deceased waterfowl. Broadcast media was standing by with local newspaper correspondents snapping photos and jotting notes, as others videotaped the ceremony from multiple angles. The following day, original stories appeared in the Nashua Telegraph and Manchester’s Union Leader, with a reprint of the Telegraph story appearing in the Keene Sentinel. Each article highlighted the eulogies delivered during the public ceremony, and described the scene as participants sang Amazing Grace and marched to place candles near the scene of the bloodshed. In the syndicated coverage from the Concord-NH-Patch, videos from four different angles are linked from Fr33manTVraw.