VIDEO: Mask-Free Flash Mob Visits Monadnock Co-Op, Encountering Angry Double-Masked Men, Keene Police

This weekend a couple dozen free-faced activists gathered from across New Hampshire at the Monadnock Co-Op in Downtown Keene for a “mask-free flash mob” event. Approximately a dozen of those gathered entered the store and attempted to shop. Why the Co-Op? Organizer Frank “Footloose” Staples said that it was due to the large number of reports of store staff and customers being very unfriendly to people with medical exemptions from wearing masks. One woman even wrote a letter to the editor of the Keene Sentinel about her difficult experience at the Co-Op.

True to form, some customers were downright hostile, including a younger man – wearing two masks – who told a young woman with a baby to “get the hell out of here”, then yelled something similar at me outside the store, despite the fact that I had not gone inside, as I am not a shopper of the Co-Op. I do understand the perspective of those who participated in the shopping: Since the store is open to the public, it should to serve people with medical exemptions. It’s certainly their right to refuse service to people for whatever reasons they want, but if a medical condition is a reason to refuse service, then they should take down their “Everyone Welcome” marquee and become a private club, open only to members.

Another noteworthy character who makes multiple appearances in the video is the self-described “Blue Collar Brawler”. The elderly, double-masked man has words with everyone he comes across, wishing them death and calling the free-faced people “asshole”, and “stupid”. He even loads up his hand with a roll of quarters to white knight for a masked woman who herself is shouting at an unmasked older man in one of the store aisles. It’s a wild video:

YouTubers Breaking the Flaw and Savage Truth 603 were both among the free-faced shoppers. I cut their videos into my footage and uploaded an overview of the entire event to the Free Keene LBRY. Due to the Free Keene YouTube account being frozen, the video is not available at this time on YouTube. Please watch and share the LBRY video and follow our channel there.

To the Co-Op’s credit, the DID allow all the unmasked shoppers to make their purchases, though there were a large number of them. Individuals who attempted to shop at this store prior to this event had reported being made to feel very uncomfortable and even being refused service. I recommend taking your business elsewhere and shopping at places who respect the freedom to choose.

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  1. Isn’t the coop a private company? Isn’t it there right to enforce a mask? Truly confused about this.

  2. Hey, guess what “freekeene”? You apparently don’t know this, but the coop is member owned. We, the members, make the rules. We can close the store to public access if we choose to. Think about that the next time you’re feeling edgelordy and want to bully someone.

  3. Whether you “can” require shoppers to wear masks is not the question, it’s whether you “should”.

  4. this sounds loopy to me … nothing personal

  5. i think coop people vs … libertarians or.. would be a good war

  6. I think the next step is everyone needs to cover there license plate with duct tape. Cover over “Live Free or Die” statement because it is truly false at this point.. should be ” Do as I say not as I do”

  7. So apparently you think it’s okay to Force your will upon everyone else. other people will get sick that have weakened immune systems or that are in a higher risk category. And other than being arrogant and refusing to understand the needs of other people you risk the health of people in the community that are your neighbors. Real nice considerate thinking their bud. if you want to be selfish go do it somewhere where you’re not going to hurt people. The people that actually have a reason for not wearing a mask that is medical is so minimal and that’s your only excuse that you can find. Take a hike and go find something real serious to whine about

  8. Immature, inconsiderate, selfish, and ignorant. I am sure any shopper with a medical exemption would be well served if only he or she took the time to speak to the Co-op staff. Those who think their rights are violated by the mask mandate are in fact trampling on the rights of others. Anger and indignation at reading this comment confirms your immaturity, inconsideration, selfishness, and ignorance.

  9. im the only one in this… group who writes good.. y’all suck

  10. Me/Kevin/Ron/etc the main objection you’re raising was already answered. So unless you’re just here to troll, I encourage you to reread Ian’s article to see what you missed. This part especially:

    “It’s certainly their right to refuse service to people for whatever reasons they want, but if a medical condition is a reason to refuse service, then they should take down their “Everyone Welcome” marquee and become a private club, open only to members.”

    Oh and not wearing masks in public is not inflicting harm on others. That has been the case for just about all of human history and its no different now.

  11. I am confused by comments here. So if I privately own a business can I refuse service, for example, to people in wheelchairs because I don’t want them damaging my floors?
    And as for impossing one’s will on others, isn’t that what mask mandates are doing?

    Before calling anyone ignorant, are you a mask expert? Or are you just regurgitating what people who want to dominate you are saying? Have you read every mask study out there? Do you know that the CDC has admitted that the only difference between masked and not masked places is a reduction in 1.5% of Covid cases, which falls well within the margin of error?

    I know that people have *feelings* about those of us who do not wear masks but we rather deal with facts.

  12. The Co-op should be able to refuse service to anyone the owners want to refuse service to. Private property.

    Any other place of business selling food should be able to be open to whomever they want to serve and those owners, not a Governor , should decide whether masks are required or not. Private property.

    Also any prospective grocery sellers should be able to open a business and sell food to willing consumers without having to gain permission, licensure or any other attendant state restrictive horse shit from “the state”. Private property. Voluntary and consensual trade.

    Under the present scheme, there is NO freedom and NO actual private property. In that situation, the Co-op has taken on the role of a “governmentality” and is acting as an extension of government / enforcement. If they have a right to exclude unmasked people, unmasked people have a right to start their own (more welcoming) business without state interference.

    What needs to happen is people need to stop giving their money to government fellating sychophant type businesses and be able to freely open alternatives. “Co-exist” . Unless / Until other non government free business is “allowed” to exist, I will continue to frequent boot licking government stores…without a mask.

  13. Government forced compliance on private business is not valid.

  14. Ian,

    You used to respect private property.

    Now you write articles where you poke fun at people telling you to get off their private property.

    What the hell happened?

  15. You guys just looooooooooooooooove the free market until, well, the free market tries to enforce something you disagree with. Go cry in the corner you pissbabies.

  16. Just because it’s a coop, does not mean you own it. By the way, to have medical clearance for not wearing a mask can only be make by a doctor not self diagnosed.

    You guys are just stupid. You show up at a store that requires you to have a mask. You don’t comply because you are a bunch of self entitled idiots. Not only do you put yourself in danger but you put everyone around you in danger. Every “storm the enemy” has less and less people attending. How many activists and freekeeners have been diagnosed having the coronavirus. Maybe that is why you have so few attending.

    Just because you think wearing masks is wrong doesn’t give you the right to possibly infect others that do wear masks. If the store is so bad, why go to it? Why harass the people. They are just shopping and the employees are doing their jobs. They don’t make up the rules, store management does. It’s so simple. Stay away from the store.

    Right now Cheshire county has – 2911 confirmed cases of covid 19.

    Since you people consider yourselves “essential” because you think you are journalists, did you go and get a covid vaccination?

    I wonder how many freekeners are getting a the economic stipend by the government?

  17. Now Jacks,

    Ranting, raving, and spreading uneducated falsehoods doesn’t strengthen your argument at all, now does it?

    Maybe reread article and some of the proceeding comments and try again? You will find many of your concerns have already been answered.

    By the way, the current national debt just passed $28 trillion dollars. Protect your assets and diversify by adding some bitcoin and/or precious metals to your portfolio for safety. Remember we’re all in this together.

  18. The FBI seems to have addressed a lot of these problems yesterday.

  19. Jumping Jacks, the whole idea of masking or not masking is easily solvable. A doctor isn’t necessary to make a determination, that’s a free individuals decision to make and no others. Anything falling short of that, is to accept subjugation.

    Democide is the leading cause of death and subjugation is the first symptom of democide isn’t it ?

    Let the actual owner of the property decide how they will run their business / property. That would mean you would be free to don a dozen masks and shop at Fear City Grocery. I would be free to shop at Covid is a Silly Useful Emergency Grocery and we would both be in places that we are comfortable in. I don’t own you and you don’t own me.

    If you want to obey some edict on what you must do or not do with your own body, that’s your choice. The meaning of “all men are created equal” insists that what I’ve said is accurate. Just curious though….how does a sychophant lick the boots while masked?

  20. Bob C – If you can get a Dr. to sign off that you cannot wear a mask, It can save you a whole lot of trouble should you get ticketed or arrested for not wearing a mask in public.

    freekeeners just need to grow up. I find it hard to believe that wearing a mask in public is so detrimental to one’s own life that they need a counselor over it. You don’t wear your mask that much. It’s hardly worth the bitch and whine about it.

    You don’t wear a mask in your car. You don’t wear your mask when you are at a friends house. You don’t wear your mask when you are outside doing yard work or exercising. You don’t wear a mask when you are at home.

    If you go to a business that enforces wearing a mask, is it really a big deal? How long would you be in that business? more than likely less then 20 minutes. Dr.’s nurses, first responders end up wearing the same mask for up to 12 hours a day, and freekeeners want to complain about wearing a mask around 20 minutes a day? It’s ridiculous and childish

    Isn’t there more pressing things that need attention?

  21. You’re right, Jacks. There are in fact way more pressing things. And that’s precisely why we think the masks and the lockdowns are so stupid and need to go, munchkin.

    Anyway, I see you’re back with all this “you freekeeners are all hypocrites because reasons” gibberish again. What’s the deal with that, by the way? I mean you were definitely a lot smarter yesterday when we were chatting in the other thread. Now you’re back to acting like a complete tool again. I guess that brain thing comes with good days and bad days, huh big guy?

  22. What if Rosa Parks thought that way, Jumping Jacks? “Hey what’s the big deal if I have to ride in the back of the bus? Its only a 20 minute ride each day…”

    I know, I know. That was in the 50s. History has no relevance to today, right Jumping Jacks?

  23. Enjoy jail/prison! Fake Church, Money laundering, and fraud oh my. It is always terrible when those preaching civil liberties are robbing the public blind! I can tell you Keene wont miss you. Ian Freeman’s dumbass is the reason you cant drive anywhere in Keene without police everywhere! You all caused the drugs and increased police presence in Keene. The citizens are grateful for your arrest! Hopefully now Keene can cut back on their alarming police presence! This town was perfectly normal until you arrived. Go back to whatever town you came from!

  24. What makes you clowns think your rights supersede those who are not wanting to catch your illness? Everything about this is exactly against what Ian Freeman brainwashed his morons to believe. Lastly, you have no right going in the co-op and violating their business policies. Hopefully they hit you with a no trespass! Freedom doesn’t mean do whatever the fuck you please.

  25. Comparing Rosa Parks to wearing masks is two very different things. You people bitch and complain about wearing masks yet, all you whining and complaining has gotten you nowhere.

    This is like all the stupid gatherings you freekeeners do. You used to chalk up the gazebo in Keene. That got you nowhere, Pestering metermaids got you nowhere and the rest of your your childish antics have got you nowhere.

    Your real name should be the freekeene failures. Why are you hassling those who want to wear masks and are able to handle it maturly? Get a job Don’t say you have a job because you don’t.

  26. I forgot to add what a bunch of crooks you are:

    Five were indicted on wire fraud and participating in a conspiracy to commit wire fraud. They include Ian Freeman (formerly Ian Bernard), 40, of Keene; Colleen Fordham, 60, of Alstead; Renee Spinella, 23, of Derry; Andrew Spinella, 35, of Derry; and Nobody (formerly Richard Paul), 52, of Keene. Freeman was also indicted on money laundering and operating a continuing financial crimes enterprise. Aria DiMezzo (formerly James Baker), 34, of Keene, along with Freeman were also charged with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business

    Wow, you guys have been pretty busy.

  27. Uh huh. Bitching and complaining. Whining and complaining some more. Then getting nowhere. Then of course the pestering, the childish antics, and the getting nowhere again. Oh, and then we should all finally just get jobs. Geez, Jacks. That’s a very thorough list of libtard talking points. Really. I mean that. You’ve outdone yourself.

    Anyway, I’m a little confused as to why you think these guys are crooks. I mean, crooks actually hurt people, don’t they? And yet these guys have hurt absolutely no one. In fact, all they did was sell crypto to customers who wanted to buy them. That’s it. Care to explain what’s wrong with that? Ha ha. Just kidding, munchkin. I know you’re completely incapable of that. The official narratives are the only ones you believe in these sorts of situations, am I right?

  28. “What makes you clowns think your rights supersede those who are not wanting to catch your illness?”

    Well that’s an easy question to answer, Rizzo. You see, we don’t. Because as it turns out, if I’m not sick, then you’re not going to catch anything. Mask or no. By this chain of reasoning, that means no one’s rights have been violated. This really isn’t complicated, libtard.

    “Everything about this is exactly against what Ian Freeman brainwashed his morons to believe.”

    Nope. Not even close, libtard. If I’m not sick, then there’s no reason to wear a mask, now is there? What YOU could do, of course – if you’re so inclined, I mean – is lock your own libtard ass in your house where it’s safe. But then there’d be no venues available for you to proclaim what a great person you are to everyone within earshot, right?

    “Lastly, you have no right going in the co-op and violating their business policies. Hopefully they hit you with a no trespass!”

    Probably. But calling the cops on healthy paying customers just because is kind of a dick move, don’tcha think?

    “Freedom doesn’t mean do whatever the fuck you please.”

    Uh huh. Wow. That’s deep. Thing is, that’s exactly what freedom means. It’s the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Libertarians have one caveat, though. You don’t cause harm to others while you’re exercising it. Got that? Just kidding, libtard. I know you don’t.

  29. I can’t believe how dense you are. These heroes of yours were scamming everyone including other freekeeners out of money. They were laundering your money if you bought into their scheme. They are crooks and have hurt people. They charged high fees for transactions. They opened fake name accounts with financial institutions. They violated a number of federal laws and try to con financial institutions into believing the money they made was going into non profit accounts. They didn’t have the proper licenses to do any of this. I wonder if that Derrick Horton is going to be charged with anything.

    They are in deep shit. They are looking at significant prison time.

    According to authorities, some members of the group face additional charges. Freeman, Fordham, Renee Spinella, Andrew Spinella and Nobody were also charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Freeman was also charged with money laundering and operating a continuing financial crimes enterprise. Freeman and DiMezzo were also charged with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business.

    I’m sure they will all be making pleas for money from the same people they have scammed. They will be popular in prison while being passed around like wet nurses.

  30. obviously they shouldn’t have done this because now the FBI came

  31. i know!!! That’s because the co-op isn’t so co-operative: they were will call the FBI on u… probably if things dont change… and ian and stays in jail.. free keene.. Will be ending

  32. Geez. Daydreaming about prison rape scenarios again, huh Jacks? Hey, any idea why you libtards are always so fixated with that nonsense? I mean is this a Karl Marx thing or are you all just natural-born sexual deviants?

    Anyway munchkin, it turns out that the real story here is that the FBI arrested five people who (gasp) sold crypto to anyone who wanted to buy them. No one was scamming anybody. No customers were charged “high fees.” And no one in the public was “robbed blind.”

    It also turns out that the “financial crimes” these people are being charged with were just regulatory hoops that the defendants didn’t jump through often enough or in the correct order. This is hardly a thing worth getting worked up about, munchkin. But I get it, big guy. The truth always needs to take a back seat when it’s your political rivals who’re on the chopping block, am I right?

  33. I think everyone that was arrested will see freedom again. After they do time. Except for Ian with him being charged as running a criminal enterprise. Which is a rico charge . Along with the other charges. He could be in jail till the day he dies .

  34. it will be sad and very wrong indeed, if Ian is in jail long.. what was done were mutually agreed upon transactions between one person and another..

  35. that’s it the charges stick. The FBI had been known to screw things up in their zelousness, also it’s seems like the state is slow in keeping up with technology

  36. Pig Bottom proves to be bottom of the barrel.

    ““What makes you clowns think your rights supersede those who are not wanting to catch your illness?”

    Well that’s an easy question to answer, Rizzo. You see, we don’t. Because as it turns out, if I’m not sick, then you’re not going to catch anything. Mask or no. By this chain of reasoning, that means no one’s rights have been violated. This really isn’t complicated, libtard.””

    This is the typical braindead response I was expecting. You delivered! So your intelligence leaves you with if I dont have it you wont get it.

    What about 20% of Asymptomatic People With COVID-19 Develop no Symptoms at all? Asymptomatic spread driving Covid-19? Here’s what the evidence says. Nearly 60% of all new coronavirus cases may come from people who carry the virus but who exhibit no symptoms of Covid-19, according to CDC findings.

    So with this not so new Revolutionary factoids I can better respond to your not thought out answer. Since we both know you have no idea if you ever had it…and its likely you have never tested or will be tested in the future. We can easily assume your type of ignorance will also cause you to scream in your sleep I am not getting the vaccine when eligible! This is an assumption based off the same type of behavior from other like minded fake Patriots.

    What this is really about is brainwashing, ignorance, fake purpose, and a lot of self vindication.

    This is about what Free Keene is and what they bring to New Hampshire in general. This is what right leaning self absorbed politics have become.

    Free Keene failed to deliver their message to citizens of Keene and failed to do what it takes to start a movement to fight Government overreach. Their actions of harassment of public officials, violation of many people’s rights, selfishness, making a mockery of court system failed. These Free Keene racists and pedophiles were predominantly whites full of selfish insecurities. They failed to court citizens of Keene in large enough numbers. The movement while old never reached the numbers Ian claimed. It was a tiny movement of Mostly whites.

    We can thank Ian for the increase in police and the host of new rules we have to avoid breaking because of his ineffective movement in Keene. We can thank Ian for the introduction of White Supremacists, FBI, Child Pornography, drugs, crime, and stupid campaign signs. We can also thank him for committing enough crime that he likely has a nice long sentence ahead.

    So with all the back data from what citizens in Keene feel about the Patriots who created more restrictions in their lives. We can now laugh at what selfish, self absorbed children living in adult bodies think about wearing masks to protect others from possible disease.

    Simply we find it harmful, dangerous, tone deaf, and many find it to be assault. You put someone’s life in danger you deserve to be treated like children. So much for not harming someone. Self absorbed fools is all. Harm can be done physically and mentally btw.

    I could rant on and on about what a failure Free Keene has been…but you dont need me to tell it. Selfish angry white boys seem to be the biggest threat to America.. these people tell their story everyday and it’s not pretty.

  37. Frank Rizzo, selfish people are the ones who insist on running others lives for them. Those kinds of people somehow “reason” if there’s something they as an individual have no right to do, that somehow they can acquire that right by using force in a group against otherwise peaceful people. You sound like one of those people.

    I feel sorry for you, since you clearly have no grasp of the impossibility of a group having more rights than any of the individuals within it.

    As far as masks go, most of the people that wear them are either afraid to resist or have an irrational fear response disproportionate to the threat (real or imagined) . Many of them even don the the same mask day after day. You know the ones that hang from mirrors in cars or are kept crumpled up in a back pocket. Not to mention mask wearing itself causes unintended physical and mental health problems. It’s akin to a sign on your face saying, “I don’t know how to think and somebody else owns me”.

    You certainly have a right to an opinion, but you don’t have any right to make people wear a mask or to cease running their own lives or private businesses. I don’t have that right either. His Excellency Governor Sununu doesn’t have that right, nobody does.

    I suggest you get outside and breath some air, it’s gotta be kind of dusty hiding under your bed being angry with people you hate all day.

  38. Some great points, Mr. Rizzo. The conviction rate on federal prosecutions is over 98 percent. Mr. Freeman may seek a trial, but all smart federal defendants plead out. Look at the 41 months that Chris Cantwell got for threatening another White Supremacist. But, Mr. Freeman is looking at a RICO charge. If he goes down for that, there is a 10 year federal minimum and you have to serve 85 percent of federal sentences.

  39. Its a simple yes or no question.: The real story is there were multiple agencies that were involved. Ian and the chain gang knew what the laws were but they chose to rip off anyone who played their little game. 10 million dollars in transaction fees is a huge number to face prison time for. They were only in it to make money and it didn’t matter who they ripped off. Now they are going to have to answer for it.

    This just proves freekeene is a bunch of criminals Freekeene is a joke. Eventually all this would catch them in illegal businesses.

    This gives Keene a black eye to have this level of crime in it’s streets. There are people I know are totally sick of the freekeeners garbage. You hero is defunct just like the rest of them. Prison will not be good to them.

  40. “What about 20% of Asymptomatic People With COVID-19 Develop no Symptoms at all? Asymptomatic spread driving Covid-19? Here’s what the evidence says. Nearly 60% of all new coronavirus cases may come from people who carry the virus but who exhibit no symptoms of Covid-19, according to CDC findings.”

    What about them, Rizzo? I guess you didn’t notice the word “may” in your statement, huh? By your own wording, it should be pretty obvious to you that the CDC is just making things up as they go along. Weird how basing public health policy on what bureaucrats think MIGHT happen, rather than what actually DOES, doesn’t look the least bit fishy to you, huh?

    And let’s not forget that Pope Saint Fauci the Great has been all over the map when it comes to masks. First he’s against them. Then he’s for them. Then when probed about these inconsistencies months later, he lies and says he was against them at first because he wanted to – get this – “protect the public health community from mask shortages.” Gee, what a swell guy, right?

    Anyway, now we’ve finally reached the goal that we’ve all been waiting for – the vaccines – and now the covid Pope is telling VACCINATED people to be even more afraid and wear TWO masks at once! Crazy, right? Well I guess not to you, huh Rizzo? Libtards prefer believing what their leaders assure them is true even if they can see it’s not with their own two eyes.

  41. Uh huh. That’s nice, Jacks.

    Anyway, that $10M you read about was the amount in transactions, not fees. But you’re right. They were only in it to make money. Just like everyone else who charges customers for a service, right? Say, you don’t think that should be a crime now too, now do you munchkin? Just asking for a friend.

    Oh, and Jacks? The facts remain that no one was harmed in any way. The current crop of charges are all statutory offenses. There were no violent crimes committed. And no property crimes either. Everything was completely consensual. Weird how you think they should all have the book thrown at them no matter what the truth is, huh big guy?

  42. Sorry idiot, their crimes are brought forth by the feds. That is playing with the big boys of law enforcement. Yes, people were hurt. Money was taken for high unregulated fees. Ian and his chain gang are complete idiots. I know, they are your masturbation heroes but they are looking at some very serious time behind bars.

  43. Uh huh. That’s nice, Jacks. Anyway, it turns out that no one actually was hurt at all. That’s a fact, munchkin. You know it. I know it. And the feds know it.

    What really happened was that five peaceful people sold crypto to paying customers. Then for some reason a gaggle of government assholes came in and arrested them all because… reasons.

    I know, big guy. I know. You’re saying to yourself “Yargle. Blargle. Ian. Bad! FBI. Good! Prison. Rape. Yum!” The thing is though, a lot of us aren’t degenerate lunatics like you are. Normal people actually want to know what sort of justice this is supposed to be serving.

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