Portsmouth Gang Openly Threatening UBER Drivers

Portsmouth Gang Symbol

Portsmouth Gang Symbol

The criminal gang known as the “city of Portsmouth” is now openly threatening to ticket illegal UBER drivers like Christopher David, who has pledged ongoing civil disobedience. Christopher’s already lawyered up and is ready to record any encounters with Portsmouth police.

Portsmouth city councilor Brad Lown, in an article at Seacoast Online, claims the city gang, “want UBER to be here”. No, what they want is for UBER and its drivers to bow to their unnecessary regulations. They want CONTROL. They want money. He also probably doesn’t want the negative press they’ll get when the cops eventually target Christopher and anyone else brave enough to face a $500 ticket.

The Portsmouth city attorney claims they’ll begin enforcing the ordinance on UBER drivers in the, ‚Äúvery foreseeable near future”, whatever that means. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest in this saga.

Detained in Manchester over a license plate light bulb.

While on our way home from a friends party with the co-host of the Rebel Love Show Ann Leverette, we were pulled over by a Manchester police cruiser. The reason for the detention was over a light bulb that apparently went out above the government issued identification plate on the back of my car. Mind you, I have been pulled over many times by Manchester PD at this point. I am assuming it is because of the philosophical stickers on the rear bumper of the vehicle. What was odd this time was that there was a NH State trooper with a Manchester police officer. Both officers have “lively” conversations with me. At the end of the video, I get the Manchester police officer to admit he would gladly “arrest” me over a light bulb if I didn’t pay his boss a ticket of $44.64. I do plan to fight this ticket in court and will update on the results. Just like life, use this video as a learning hospital. How did I handled these two people that had detained us over a light bulb? What should I have done differently?

Hate Won’t Hurt Heroin

The War on Drugs is a failure.

The War on Drugs is a failure.

There’s a new page on facebook called “Save NH – Keene Hates Heroin“. Surely the group’s creators have the best of intentions, but hate only hurts the hater. It won’t hurt heroin. Only love will solve the heroin problem. These folks should reconsider their beliefs.

Ending the war on drugs is a good first step to removing a major barrier (fear of arrest) to addicts getting help. Let’s start by treating addicts with compassion. Hatred is not helping.

Church of the Invisible Hand founder and Shire Free Church minister Rich Paul wrote an excellent blog post on the matter while he was behind bars. He was jailed for a year for selling cannabis flowers – the cops and FBI even let a heroin dealer go free so they could bust Rich.

Rich’s blog is titled, “Reducing the Incidence and Impact of Heroin Abuse” – don’t miss it.

-Posted today to the Shire Free Church facebook page.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Confronted About Edward Snowden, Cannabis in Keene, NH

As the presidential campaign for 2016 heats up, more presidential candidates will make the mistake of visiting Keene. Last month it was Bernie Sanders. This month, it’s Chris Christie, the well-fed governor of New Jersey, one of the most corrupt and awful of all the fifty US states.

Christie sauntered into Keene today for a speaking event at local bar “Lab N Lager”. The place was at overflow capacity while liberty activists (and former state rep Steve Lindsey) waited outside for Christie’s arrival for a chance to ambush him with tough questions, as has become the tradition since 2012 here in Keene. Here’s what happened:

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