Letter From Ian – The State and the Devil

I’ve been writing FreeKeene.com founder Ian Freeman back and forth at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat for the last few weeks.  I recently sent him a letter with pictures of the Fraternal Order of Police logo and a picture of Lucifer’s circle.  I pointed out to Ian that they are so similar one cannot help but wonder if the state is itself satanic.


The FOP is definitely masonic…  and the masons themselves cannot deny they have a rank called “The Knight of the Brazen Serpent.”    Sounds satanic to me.

Here is Ian’s letter back to me.  He gave me permission to transcribe it for you all to read.

Dear Brad,


Creepy, FOP logo with the all-seeing-eye on it and a possibly Masonic handshake.  Whether it’s satanic at the top or all-the-way down the organization, I presume we’ll never know, but we can judge by their actions that the state is certainly un-godly.


I just finished reading “The God of War” by Reverend J.J. Taylor from 1920.  It was sent to me by Sheriff David Hathaway and it’s excellent.  As a Christian yourself, I’d say it’s a must-read.  Written in the aftermath of WWI, it’s a scathing excoriation of the vast hypocrisy of purported “Christians” turning against Jesus’ teachings of peace and instead supporting war.  It’s a quick read at 150 pages, and absolutely demolishes the warmongering “Christians.”


But back to the original topic of the state as a satanic organization, if we’re talking about Satan as Lucifer the light-bringer and advocate for humanity, then no, the state is not satanic, as the state is anti-humanity and against light as it oppresses, cages, and destroys human life.  It claims to favor educating, but only really to indoctrinate and control, not illuminate.


However, I suspect you are referring to the more typical view of Satan as the embodiment of all things evil, a trickster, enslaver of souls.  In which case, yes the state is absolutely Satanic.  It is nothing more than an evil religion created to trick people into violence, theft, and eternal conflict on Earth, while pretending to do the opposite.


Of course “it” is just people, suffering under a mutual delusion that they are a part of something greater than the sum of it’s parts.


Or maybe they really are, the literal arms, legs, and heads of pure evil.  They surely believe they are doing good things, though.  Doubtful that very many of them think they are evil or Satanic.  They truly believe that peace can be accomplished through war, that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society, and other contradictory statisms.


“The State People” – probably a more accurate way of speaking of them rather than “the state,” which seems it grants them the acknowledgement of their supreme being.  Anyway, The State People wisely mix their statism with appeals and references to God:


  • “In God We Trust” on currency
  • Prayers to open congressional/city council sessions
  • Politicians claiming religious beliefs
  • Chaplains in the miltary
  • Churches adopting state icons like the US Flag alongside their own


It’s no wonder Christians engage in icon-worship without even questioning.  The flag, the government, and God are the trinity in their minds.  They cheer on war, mass incarceration, and fear of foreigners without an inkling of a clue that they are violating the ten commandments and aren’t even trying to follow Jesus’ example.


If you haven’t sent Ian a letter yet…  why not?  I’m sure he’d love to hear from you!

Reach him at :

Ian Freeman
314 Daniel Webster Highway
Boscawen, NH

Or feel free to e-mail me your letter to him.  I’ll print it and throw a stamp on it for you.

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