FSP Early Movers Launch Nanobrewery in Concord: Area 23

Area 23's Founders and Chris Lopez

Area 23’s Founders Kevin Bloom, Kirk McNeil, (and Chris Lopez and others)

Free State Project early movers Kirk McNeil and Kevin Bloom are busy guys.  Among other lobbying efforts in Concord, they worked to legalize nanobreweries.  Their efforts paid off and nanobreweries are now legal in New Hampshire!  Bloom even drafted the original law for the state rep who submitted it.

Now, the two, who are also founders of the Church of the Sword, have opened the doors on “Area 23“, Concord’s first nanobrewery (and they accept bitcoin!).  Their grand opening was yesterday and appears to have been packed.

The Concord Monitor’s Nick Reid filed a follow up piece on the opening of Area 23, after originally reporting on it long before it opened its doors.

Here’s Area 23’s website and facebook page.  Area 23 is located in Concord at 254 N. State St. in the Smokestack Center’s Unit H.  Congrats to Kirk and Kevin on their tremendous continuing efforts to move freedom forward in New Hampshire.

Porcfest 2015 Kicks Off Sunday, Already Making Headlines Statewide

PorcfestThe Free State Project‘s super-popular yearly camping festival, Porcfest, begins on Sunday at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, NH and already it’s making headlines.  Both the Concord Monitor and Union Leader have published lengthy, glowing stories about the week-long event.

Other coverage is expected from mainstream national media as the event gets rolling – stay tuned here to Free Keene for more news about the festival.

Even if you can only make it up for a day or two, the Porcupine Freedom Festival is a must-see.  Many Free Keene bloggers will be attending – come on up and join us!

NH Senate defeats cannabis decrim

On June 4, 2015 the NH Senate voted on cannabis decriminalization for the first time. Similar legislation has passed the NH House 6 times in the past 8 years. After the Senate amended the bill, it was tabled. After spending 12+ hours watching the Senate, Matt Simon from the Marijuana Policy Project spent a few minutes to talk about the history of the cannabis decrim efforts in NH, and the future.

If you like this video, please consider a Bitcoin donation: 1DPxGsNzsdguLnS37grqrvjeCQ7qTpN6ee

All Virginia Charges Dropped Against James Cleaveland

All charges from the Commonwealth of Virginia against me have been dropped.

I will write up some future posts about this incident (was awaiting outcome before writing anything) but there are a few things I would like to get out immediately:
1) The “substance” found was not Klonopin. I’m still baffled why the sheriff department was telling the people who were calling on my behalf that it was Klonopin when the officers involved in the search identified the substance during the actual search. The substance is a medicine for which I have a prescription to treat a condition I have.
2) I really appreciate all the assistance I received from the “liberty” community at large especially Virginia copblockers and Keene activists (I’ll write up a post about this later).
3) New Hampshire is honestly the “best” state in my opinion in terms of freedom (post to follow).
4) My real “sin” in my opinion was not consenting to a search of the vehicle.

Rich Paul’s Analysis of the Cantwell Incident

The Church of the Invisible Hand

This is my analysis of Cantwell’s self defense incident. In my capacity as Mad Monk of the Church of the Invisible Hand, I will present it based on the principles of the Church, which are Peace, Love, Balance and Harmony.

First, let us examine principle of Peace. The Church believes that the best rule of behavior to achieve Peace is the Non-Aggression Principle. We believe that the only legitimate use of violence is in defense of yourself, another human or the property of a person. It is the only principle we will impose on others … we will forcibly prevent others from doing us harm. Cantwell’s behavior was completely in line with the principle of Peace. He does have a natural right to videotape a public street — public being defined as unowned or owned by an illegitimate entity like Government. Not only did he not initiate force, but when a credible threat of force was brought to bear against him, and he legally and morally could have fired in self-defense, he still forbore from firing, and brought the incident to a conclusion where nobody was harmed. That is the best possible outcome of a self-defense situation.

Secondly, let us examine the principle of Love. The Church believes as our Estimated Prophet Robert A Heinlein wrote.that “Love is that state where the well-being of another becomes essential of our own”, An (more…)

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