Supreme Court to Hear Robin Hood Case October 15

Following the victory of the Merry People at the New Hampshire superior court level, Robin Hood of Keene is now scheduled for another decisive win over the conniving legal team calling itself ‘The City of Keene’ — this time at the state’s highest court, the Supreme! On rhood_wantedakpfWednesday, October 15 at 9:30am, attorneys for the city as well as Robin Hood’s legal counsel will present brief oral arguments in support of their filings regarding the appealed case which was heard over the course of three full days last autumn. While one robed person entertained the narrative last time, on this examination, there will be no less than five dark-clothed individuals asking questions and formulating opinions regarding the legal parameters of the whimsical case.

As many stories that reach NH’s only appellate court resonate, this case has also prompted amicus curiae briefs from the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union in support of ‘Hooding and an opposition brief filed by the ominous New Hampshire Municipal Association. The location of the Concord court and details of their process are listed on their website.

WKBK’s Excellent Series on Heroin

Rick Van Wickler VICEWKBK‘s morning host Dan Mitchell recently did some of the best reporting in the area that I’ve seen all year. He interviewed jail superintendent Rick Van Wickler along with some inmates about heroin addiction, which is a real problem in the Monadnock region.

Van Wickler is known internationally as a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He knows drug users don’t belong in jail and his perspective on drug addiction is an important one to be heard. Another perspective worth hearing is our own Rich Paul, who is currently locked in Van Wickler’s jail, aka the Keene Spiritual Retreat.

Here are the audio files from WKBK: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Gov Hassan Autographs Special Edition Vodka Bottle

On Wednesday, September 03, a monumentous occasion occurred as the one and only governor Maggie Hassan visited Keene State College. On her foot voyage from the SUV to the front doors of the library, she was met with the usual escorts, but also including Free Keene blogger Derrick J. He steadily pitched hardball questions to New Hampshire’s highest politician, who consistently ignored him by miming casual conversation with others around her.

On the brief walkway preceding the entrance to the library doors, I encountered the scene of the governor’s entourage being led by Derrick. Approaching the governor, I inquired, maggie_hassan_vodkapodium“Governor Hassan, would you be able to sign my collectable decanter?,” referring to the vodka receptacle. Graciously, the high candidate obliged, “Sure,” taking and signing the ceramic canteen. With a signature striking similar to, “Messiah,” I was overjoyed to witness the hypocrisy of an anti-cannabis politician who is proud of their legal contributions to the state’s vodka industry. After the hilarious commercial the governor appeared in for the special edition NH state vodka bottle, I can imagine their value could only have skyrocketed. How far are we from the day when a New Hampshire governor autographs their personal strain of recreational cannabis? As boldly stated on the face of our nation’s official liquor decanter, “Live Free or Die”.

Embedded above is a propaganda piece produced by the DPRK in response to the successful visit of the governor to our quaint village. Below is the raw video of the ambush interview and signature acquisition on the day of the governor’s visit. (more…)

Live Tweets From Derrick’s Concealed Permit Court Hearing

As you may recall, Derrick J was recently and arguably illegally denied the so-called “shall issue” concealed carry permit by Keene Police “chief” Ken Meola.  Right now Kenny is sitting in Keene district court, presumably waiting to testify as to why Derrick J is too dangerous (or something) to carry a firearm concealed.  Derrick J has hired attorney Evan Nappen to handle the case.  Full hearing video to come later.  For now, here are live tweets from Darryl W. Perry: (more…)

Cleaveland Campaign Covered by Keene Sentinel

YOLO James CleavelandJames “Robin Hood” Cleaveland is running for state rep for the first time in Keene’s Ward 1 against another political newcomer. The race is starting to blaze up with a recent article that appeared in Sunday’s Keene Sentinel. If you live in Keene’s Ward 1 (click for a map), then please vote for James on Tuesday 9/9 at 400 Marlboro Road for State Representative Cheshire District 4 and help us bring the party to the state house!

Cleaveland supporters across Facebook are using the picture to the right as their profile pic to show solidarity for Cleaveland 2014. Jump on the bandwagon!

If you are an undeclared voter in Keene’s Ward 1, you can walk into the polls, declare as democrat, vote for James Cleaveland in the race for State Representative district 4 (and Conan Salada in District 16 – for all of Keene, and me, Ian Freeman for Governor.) then on the way out “undeclare” again to retain your political independence.

The full Keene liberty-oriented primary voter’s guide is still-to-come. Stay tuned here to Free Keene.

Here’s the story from the Keene Sentinel’s Meghan Foley: (more…)