NH Attorney General Threatens Candidate Julia Miranda

julia-city.jpgWard 4 City Council candidate Julia Miranda has been threatened with one to seven years in state prison by the New Hampshire Attorney General. In a “Cease and Desist Order” sent to Miranda today, the Attorney General alleges that Ms. Miranda’s offer to give away her $500 city council paychecks to randomly chosen Ward 4 voters amounts to “a direct or indirect bribe”.

Throughout the campaign Ms. Miranda has made it clear that the money would be given to those who vote in Ward 4 in this election, meaning that anyone who votes for her opponent would also qualify to receive the money.

The purpose of these giveaways was not to bribe voters but to prove that Ms. Miranda is serious about lowering taxes. Instead of shoving tax dollars in her pocket, she intended to return them directly to taxpayers. We at the Miranda campaign find it interesting the Attorney General chooses to threaten Ms. Miranda when candidates of all stripes frequently promise voters all forms of monetary “benefits” in order to get their votes.

For example, if a politician promises upon election to increase the pay of all bureaucrats in the city, does that not amount to a bribe? Apparently, it’s okay for big government candidates to promise to give taxpayer dollars away to voters via government programs but it’s not okay for small government candidate Julia Miranda to give away her paychecks.

As she is not interested in spending any time in New Hampshire state prison, consider this public notice that Julia Miranda officially rescinds her offers to give away her city council paychecks to voters. She has instead decided to give away her paychecks to local charities and nonprofits like Cheshire TV.

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Ian Bernard
Campaign Manager
Miranda for City Council
Ian at FreeKeene.com

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  1. Thanks Julia for taking on the entrenched powerbrokers. What kind of cowards attack a women running to reform city government?

    I guess the kind of corrupt people that have taken control and sell that power to the highest bidder.

  2. This all happened because the AG got a "complaint." Worry less about the AG and more about who might have sent in such a "complaint."


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