First Monthly Fully Informed Jury Outreach

Yesterday marked the beginning of what I hope becomes a monthly reoccurring event: Keene FIJA Outreach.

In the morning, four area activist and myself, gathered in front of the Cheshire County Court house in Keene to hand out Fully Informed Jury fliers to people entering the court house. The reception seemed quite positive in general. We managed to hand out a total of 51 fliers. Hopefully a majority of them got into the hands of potential jurors. We did manage to get the attention of two Sherifs that seemed annoyed at what we were doing. See the video here from Nick.

The intent of handing out the fliers was not to give prospective jurors “a way out of jury duty”. Instead, I would like to have all people be aware of the rights that they have should they be chosen to be a juror. How many people do you know realize that they can also judge the law?

Coincidentally, yesterday was the anniversary of the John Peter Zenger trial. One of the first precedents set on jury nullification.

If you would like to know more information about the Fully Informed Jury Association, please visit their web site at


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