**preliminary report**
Active FreeKeene blogger Ian Freeman today helped the Keene District Court prove that it is ready to crack down on non-violent peaceful people today. At least 6 officers of various rank were present in court to try and outnumber the liberty activists. Judge Burke was obviously ready to order Ian’s arrest, and did so less than 45 seconds after entering the courtroom. Ian was then taken to a second room where his supporters could not go with him. He was viewed on closed circuit TV as he continued to question the system and not consent, and drew two further contempt of court charges, all three for 30 days in jail.

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  1. Free Ian Freeman and Lauren Canario!!!!!!!!

  2. This is ridiculous! I wonder how the many average citizens who fund the Keene "justice" system feel about their money being wasted like this!



  4. I'll have my own thoughts on this posted soon.

    If you're in Manchester (for the secessionist convention or otherwise) some of us are meeting at Murphy's tonight. This is certainly going to be one of the big issues discussed.

  5. The City of Keene District Court is such a vile institution how could you not hold it in contempt? Because he questioned their authority he's now enslaved to them. What a bastardization of the justice system. The judge should be thrown out on his ear for being so completely inept as to not know or be able to answer about where he believes he derives his authority. Their answer to simple questions is imprisonment. What harm has been done? Where is the victim? Where is the crime? Ian should be released immediately.

  6. The scare tactics begin…

    Ian doesn't seem like one to make a martyr of himself; I'm assuming they told him he could not question the system and he continued to do so (like they had threatened him with earlier during the pleaing I believe).

    People who are truly devoted to a cause do not waiver under such times; they only become more resolute.

    This is solidifying my decision to move to NH.

  7. Ian may be in jail, but he's freer than most of us.

  8. Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Now we see the violence inherent in the system! HELP! HELP! I'M BEING REPRESSED!

  9. I hope these bureaucrats realize what they're doing. I am now accelerating my move to Keene. I'm not afraid to be in the cell next to Ian.

    Death to Tyranny!

  10. Ian is a champion of liberty, and I cannot wait to join the fight for freedom when I make the move to New Hampshire.


    I don't want to get involved in foreign matters. However, I want my favorite radio talk show host back 🙁

  12. This may be a turning point. I'm dying to know what really happened in that court room, Nick don't let us wait too long for an update! Europe is also watching.

    Ian from Munich

  13. The "Shitty of Keene" is going have a huge bill when this is over with…

  14. WOW! This is crazy! Judge Burke is a violent thug.

  15. Is this judge elected? Can you NH folk vote him out?

    Boy, I can't wait to hear the show the day after Ian is released!

    Mike Hampton – love what you said in your post!!!

  16. Was this whole thing over the couch in his yard?

  17. I think you people are funny you could very well be the smartest idiots I Ever seen. First lets get the real truth out shall we.number 1 first of all their was no secret court apperance as the court publicly annouced the hearing and number 2 you youself have publicly announced the court date so there can be no secret Number 3 he did not go to jail for having a couch on his front lawn he went to jail for contempt of court which is basicly being disrespectful and you should be use to that seeing how you don't have any respect for anybody else trying to live a peacefull life here in NH You knowingly and willing violating everyone elses constitutional and civil rights for your cause yet claim that your rights are being violated you call yourself non violent protesters yet you knowingly place other peoples lives in danger. funny I didn't know you could decide for me and everyone else's saftey for your cause sounds to me like your trying to play god. If anybody gets to read this you'll have some excuse for your actions just like you claim the police do I mean you cann't even get the facts straight every single person in the court room could see and hear everything what was going on as it happened you recorded it all and lets talk about this couch for a second you know the couch that sits out in the rain to get all moldy and attracts rats with rabies to live in. the couch that poses a danger to unsuspecting kids who might be around it.I wonder what you would have to say to some childs parent when there kid dies from being exposed to the mold growing on the couch.oh yea the guys with guns thats funny too I heard that you people regularly display fireams and even went as far as to bring an empty holster and loaded magazines to court so i guess that makes you the guys with the guns!and so much for non violent and thats right it is also a constitutional right for someone to file a complaint anonymously so they would not half to live in fear of retaliation. which apperently you would do someone harm if you knew who it was. well I will wrap this up knowing it propably won't get posted mainly because I don't think you people have any balls to tell the truth.

  18. Dugg.
    I hope the best for all involved, especially Ian.
    This has gotten me more serious on my ambitions, or lack thereof, to move.
    Beach, please take the time to proofread in the future.

  19. All of this and the couch is still there. It goes to show you what the city really cares about. They would rather spend thousands of dollars imprisoning Ian than simply asking him to remove the couch, not threaten him, not fine him, but have the lady who they claim made the complaint simply ask him.

  20. This event will fire up people for sure. There has to be a line between following orders and what is logical regardless of what the rules say…right?

  21. The judge’s contact info:

    Name : Burke- Edward J. Attorney

    Address : 82 Court Street

    Zip/Postcode : 03431

    Phone : (603)357-4800

    Fax : (603)357-4825

  22. this is the most absurd thing i've read all week.

    just move the fucking couch off your lawn. there isn't another way you can feel "political" besides sitting in a court room trying to look smart and superior while bitching about a couch?

    the whole situation reminds me of a child who doesn't want to do something.

    the cops: "please remove that moldy, rat infested couch from your lawn."
    ian : "no way! i'm being oppressed! fight the power lololol!!!"

    get over yourself. follow simple laws. they're not asking that much of you. you're just making yourself look like an idiot. no one thinks you're making a difference or doing any good because you refuse to follow a simple law that really bears no weight on your overall quality of life.

    so yeah. fuck you.

  23. Your mother did what to who with the whatzit? For shame!

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