Videographer Arrested in Keene District Court

Actually, Dave Ridley from was arrested for recording in the lobby – he never made it in the courtroom. He streamed it live to the internet so the cops couldn’t delete it. He was released later with a demand he appear later in April to be arraigned on their favorite charge for activists, “Disorderly Conduct”. Here’s the video of his arrest, which was witnessed by well over 20 liberty activists. Who can honestly say there is freedom of the press in America?

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  1. Thugs! Nothing but thugs! Good thing Dave doesn't know Kung Fu. I would hate to see him defend himself.

  2. What is the point of getting arrested in the lobby?

  3. If they're acting in the best interests of all "citizens", surely they wouldn't mind being recorded doing their jobs, right? If they've done nothing wrong, they shouldn't have anything to hide…


  4. I'm ready to be arrested for the same thing…

    Maybe May 1 would be a good day.

  5. You need 100 people with cameras to have a sit in there.

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