Free State Food Drive

When asked to describe a good anarchist, Karl Hess said, “Good neighbor, good lover, good friend.”  If Free Staters could regularly display those qualities to the inhabitants of our chosen home, it would go a long way to dispel the image of wild-eyed bomb-throwing conspirators that some probably have.

With that in mind, I’d like to suggest making the first Monday of each month a special Good Neighbor Day.  In addition to the FIJA pamphleteering at the courthouse, there are a variety of possible activities, from cruising Main Street with Robin Hood and her Merry Meter-Feeding Men, to volunteering at local charities.  And if everyone participating wore a clearly marked Free State Project T-shirt, baseball cap, badge, button, lapel pin, hey, tattoos if you’re so inclined, it could make for quite a publicity coup.

To start things off, I’ll be collecting canned goods at the last Social Sunday of the month, and will drop them off at the Community Kitchen on the following month’s first Monday.  And if you can’t make it to Vendetta, I’ll gladly come pick up a load if you just call me to schedule.

Chris Muskus
Drop off 4 – 6 P.M. the last Sunday of each month at
43 Central Square in Keene

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