Gracias, Pedraza’s!

Pedraza'sThanks to owner and local entrepreneur Dorrie O’Meara for having the courage to not only open a restaurant in a down economy but to have the courage to anger Keene’s entire population of busybodies by painting her building a bright yellow. See the Sentinel’s article for coverage of the “controversy”, including comments from local busybodies. Local liberty activists ate at Pedraza’s on Sunday and had an enjoyable meal. The food was good and it’s conveniently located next door to liberty activists’ favorite bar, Vendetta in Keene’s Central Square. I’d like to also remind Keeniacs that the competition down the street from Pedraza’s (“Margarita’s”) supported the NH smoking ban, so they are being boycotted. It’s great to have an authentic Mexican restaurant here in Keene again, especially one run by a lady who has the courage to stand up for her choices even in the face of the nastiness of the local busybodies. So, gracias, Pedraza’s!

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  1. Awesome! Big kudos to Dorrie! =)

  2. The irony, I was told that I needed to paint the outside of my flats bright yellow because it was the historical colour 😀

    Notice the colour of every other building on that street..

  3. Why aren't Keene folks thanking this woman for creating MANY jobs in a struggling economy? She's taking considerable risk with her own assets to make this restaurant happen. I've been boycotting Margarita's for supporting the smoking ban and I'm so grateful for Pedraza's. Great Mexican food, great service, and at reasonable prices, makes it so much easier to avoid Margarita's. I've only been there twice and I already love it.

  4. Frank Zappa's sharp wit cut through the insanity of state censorship when he plainly expressed "It's just about words!" (

    To the Keene individuals behind behind the Politics of Paint, I say to you, "It's just about color!"

  5. I love the color. I instantly noticed it the first time I drove downtown after they opened.

    It's a nice change from the drab color of brick.

    Some people are just looking for something to complain about. I hope they go blind.

  6. Congrats on the Restaurant opening! Looks great and I look forward to eating there.

    It's too bad so many are so Brainwashed, when it comes to understanding the principle of Freedom.

    But it's not too late as the Liberty Lovers keep showing up and working on that one!

  7. Apparently the Sentinel doesn't want anyone to read their archived articles; they want you to pay for anything older than 7 days.

    Not bloody likely. Lol

  8. Free Keene, stop turning everything into political bs. Sometimes, it's all about the burrito.

  9. Hola and welcome!

    It is a fine thing to see a wonderful taste of fine south of the border dining here in boring and tired New England.

    I live in a 'historical' home and find it so annoying how the government insists that we preserve the old, expensive and extremely NOT Earth friendly facade to what we spend our hard earned dollars on.

    I appreciate the historical value of remembering where we came from. But, I also know I want my grandchildren to have the chance to see and enjoy the heritage as well.

    A mere issue of yellow paint is so silly, but not a surprise when you hear the whiners are the typical rumor mongers and nosy neighbors. They are the type who are jealous and bitter that someone else may be willing to but a bright face on and shine a little hope out into the dismal economic darkness.

    All I can say is 'Vamos a Pedraza's…. Olé!'

  10. I personally don't think the city of Keene should be thankful to this woman at all. Perhaps no one here knows about her husband – local attorney Timothy O'Meara. Well, currently he is facing disbarment for committing "deceit, dishonesty, fraud and misrepresentation" in yet another case (the Sentinel is covering this story). Basically he was thinking all about dollar signs (like the ones plastered all over his office/advertising) — he settled a case without his client's permission…probably so he could make way too much money in a short amount of time. The ADO does NOT want him to damage more "down and out" families, so they are seeking the heaviest penalty: disbarment. I don't think O'Meara had a good reputation before this latest trouble he is in, but it's interesting to read the comments his wife is making on the Sentinel article's webpage. She must be crazy. Most of the people posting comments are vowing to boycott Pedraza's and Centerfold Laundry (both businesses were purchased by Mr. O'Meara (for his wife) with dirty money from his "deceit" and "misrepresentation" of clients! But Mrs. O'Meara is defending her husband and trying to tell us that Mr. O'Meara is great and that we should all want to be him. This woman also has a history of trying to make some quick money–she tried to sue a company twice for the same incident, although she failed. So in response to the previous posters here I hope you are now considering just how "valuable" this woman is to Keene. I hope they leave town.

  11. Here is the full story about Timothy O'Meara that was run recently in the Keene Sentinel:

    This is not the 1st time Mr. O'Meara has lied in court to a judge, in 2003 he lied in court and submitted falsified documents and was public censured, see link to NH Supreme Court below:

    Dorrie & Tim are both dishonest scam artists. Looking forward to seeing Tim & his tacky $ sign logos disappear. I hear business is bad at Pedrazaz's and many more are boycotting the restaurant. Tim personally bartends at Pedrazza's and I hear his specialty drink is called "Karma", good thing he has something to fall back on for when he gets disbarred!

    Good riddance to Dorrie, Tim & Pedrazza's!

  12. Karma & Mal,

    Jealousy is a fierce emotion! Try hard not to let it get worse and seek out some counseling, maybe discuss this anger and jealousy with a professional. Dont let this issue keep you at night and do your best to fight the urge to blog about something that is out of your control.

  13. Mal and Karma, Thanks for the real story. Truth ALWAYS prevails. Even though it may take a bit of time, in one form or another, justice does occur.

  14. MAL, KARMA, & BOO OMEARAS…my new heroes!…Ever notice the vanity plate on the OMEARAS' vehicle: "rntzdue", or "RNTZDUE"???…Well, I'd say it's also *PAY-BACK

    TIME*!…HAH!…YO! KIM! I agree so much, I'm repeating your post: "Free Keene, stop turning everything into political bs. Sometimes, it’s all about the burrito."…

  15. Charlie, Charlie…Charlie…jealous much?

  16. Dorrie, Dorrie…Dorrie…Charlie much?

  17. Upchuck…you are invited to swing by my office anytime to discuss your jealousy and anger. Maybe we can also discuss your pathetic life, your disfunctional family and maybe even that secretary that you knocked up….

  18. Funny that the boob jobbed wife has to come to the rescue of the rich a famous Tim. Let's see fake boobs, fake facade towards customers, fake smile. Is there anything other than you vindictive nature that is real Dorrie?

    Where are Tim's comments in all of this? He too busy trying to figure out the next scheme before the house of cards slides out from under him (and you)?

    To equate people's comments and opinions to jealousy over and over points to the fact that perhaps Dorrie is insecure not only with what people actually think of her and her scamming weasel other half but also insecure with herself and the decision to get in bed with and have married Tim. In reality he brought all of this crap to her front door, her businesses, and into her and her kids lives.

    I'm guessing that Tim did not consult with Dorrie before forging the documents and trying to cover his ass knowing that it was not a trivial feat and was misconduct.

    I know first hand the crap she can conjure up and the Jekyll & Hyde likeness that she possesses.

    The sad thing is the client that he scammed and was deceitful with will most likely get nothing if her and her family choose to sue the pats off of Tim. Now Dorrie and Tim have the sorta authentic Mexican restaurant and the laundry mat that they can funnel (launder – no pun intended) money through and make themselves look poor so any money of theirs is tied up into other companies that can't be touched by O’Meara Law's short comings and lawsuits.

    My hope is that this little (and maybe last action as a lawyer) will cost him his career and lively hood and he will have to bus tables, pour drinks, and get dirty (physically instead of ethically) from here on out. Maybe he can get his appliance repairman's certification and can then fix the washers and dryers.

    Tim and Dorrie are two peas in a pod. Shit attracts flies.

  19. in regards to the previous comment. Timothy O'meara is the most caring and compassionate human being on this planet and you clearly have nothing better to do with your own life other than to stalk Dorrie O'meara and all of her success. I realize you are very jealous of the both of them and need the attention. However maybe next time you could grow a set of balls and leave your name 🙂 due to me having a life and all i dont have the time to write seventy pages of jealous hate.

    We love you C.B…………….

  20. Caring and compassionate toward whom? Himself and his family? How about Mrs. Conant and her family? Least you forget about her, the client he was trying to make a quick two million dollars off of and run. That screams of Timbo being 'the most caring and compassionate human being on this planet'. If you need a refresher on the details please click here:

    The real interesting stuff starts under the heading of 'After a horrific crash, family faces legal woes'

    My name is Jack, Jack Meoff. Why don't you practice what you preach and leave your name? Perhaps 'yours truley' (did you mean truly?) is just a pen name for Dorrie? Perhaps I'm off base but the jealous theme has been continued on with this post.

    I'd rather be dirt poor and have to live paycheck to paycheck and still have my dignity, my good name, and be able to look at people in the eye when I walk down the street and talk to them versus having all this wealth Tim and Dorrie have and not be trusted further than they can be thrown.

    Money may buy you fancy toys, businesses, apartment buildings, cars, and a nice house, but money doesn't buy you trust, values, or make you a role model for your kids to aspire to grow up and be like one day.

  21. This morning I read the very "Sad" article that was written by some extremely jealous person. I'm amazed that my life is so interesting that someone would stay up late just to blog about me, my husband and my children. Jealousy is a very fierce emotion that will rot away your soul.

    At this point I think that you should reach out to your family and friends, seek out a therapist as well as attend a local church. You are suffering horribly from jealousy.

    I ask kindly that you refrain from your late night blogs about me, my family and my business. At the very least, sign your real name…I did.

  22. I'm not one to get involved in this internet cower behind a computer drama, but i feel i need to say my piece on the matter which is being discussed……I see people bashing Dorrie and Tim for things they hear…..If you haven't been working side by side with Tim on this case then how do you know whats true and whats not….you cant bash a person on hear say that's just ignorant if you a personal vendetta against him then u should come up with some better fuel for your fire cause this is honestly not cutting it….LOL as far as Dorrie goes she is one of the nicest ppl you can encounter….she provides apartments for ppl to live, a restaurant for ppl to eat which the food is very good might I add….Success isn't given its earned and I don't blame her for being a hard ass you can move to the top being a push over, so Dorrie keep doing what your doing people with hate and jealousy just lets you know your doing something right. hahahaahaha…


  23. Absolutely, Grizzly. You know you are making a difference when you have detractors criticizing your every move.

    I'm overdue for a meal at Pedraza's – thanks to the anonymous hater for the reminder to come in for some food!

  24. Just a personal thank you for those who have maintained an open mind, a kind heart and complete understanding. This situation is hard enough for my family and we don't need some viciously jealous person to make it worse.

    What is even more "sad" is that whomever wrote the blog has linked it to some else's website to make it appear as though they are the author of such a slanderous article. She is now going to be linked with such a trashy blog and it will likely take away from the integrity of her real work.

    Instead of signing on sad..they should sign on as "Jealous Coward".

  25. I agree with Dorrie, Grizzly, & Ian. This poor soul picking on these nice people. I frequent Pedraza's and love the food the atmosphere and seeing Tim and Dorrie's smiles in their joint establishment.

    Hurray for standing up for yourself Dorrie. People don't need to come here a bad mouth those that have worked hard to get where they are.

  26. Personally, I like that yellow storefront very much. It goes very well w/the purple of Vendettas' storefront("bar-front"…"barf-ront"???…). *BUT*, here's a copy of part of Phillip Bantz's story: Read the whole thing. Did, or did not, Mr. O'Meara get disbarred for lawyer misconduct? I see that *HE WAS DISBARRED*! Was he an innocent victim of a campaign by even more crooked & incompetent people? Well, then, *TELL THE PUBLIC THE **TRUTH**, DORRIE!**…Is he, as I believe, indeed guilty of serious misconduct? **THEN TELL THAT TRUTH, TOO**…I, for one, am FUCKINGSICKANDTIRED of all the white-wash & cover-ups of wrongdoing by the ongoing criminal enterprise known as the "NH Legal System", and the *GOOD-OLE-BOY-NETWORK* of shysters and crooked lawyers which supports it. That Pedrazas *RESTAURANT* is a valuable and SUCCESSFUL addition to Downtown Keene is beyond dispute. That Tim O'meara is a greedy, dishonest, corrupt (now disbarred)lawyer also seems beyond dispute. Those 2 facts are not mutually exclusive. Everybody knows that in NY & NJ, etc., the "MAFIA" regularly meets in successful restaurants which they own. Not saying there's "mafia" involvement here, *BUT*, Dorrie, if you want any real credibility with keeniacs, you're gonna have to do a better job of TELLING the TRUTH, or else, JUST SHUT the FUCK up!…You can't have it both ways, honey…That your husband commited his fraud at the expense of a young woman left paralyzed by a car crash only makes his behaviour all the mose dispicable, and even less acceptable!…(I'm not boycotting Pedrazas'. I'm just too poor to eat there!…I'd love to eat there. Why don't you give me a free meal at Pedrazas, to show your community spirit?? NO? Well, I didn't really think so…

    O’Meara Guilty of Misconduct; Facing Disbarment

    December 15, 2009 by phillipbantz


    Sentinel Staff

    The Keene Sentinel: December 15, 2009

    After 16 years of practicing law, a prominent Keene personal injury lawyer might have to find a new profession.

    Timothy A. O’Meara committed deceit, dishonesty, fraud or misrepresentation while handling a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for the family of Anita Conant, a Hampton woman who was paralyzed in a crash four years ago, according to a hearing panel for the N.H. Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office in Concord

  27. sad………….. HA, grow up and learn to live a life of truth instead of hidden ID. If you really want to be apart of a successful life maybe Dorrie will hire you, or you can be an online ass. So next time you decide to lower yourself to the bottom of the devils dick please keep in mind that no one actually cares of your opinion and maybe, come talk to one of the many people whose lives have become more enjoyable through the efforts of a single lady with the insperation to see truth growth and forgivness in any man or women who walks the same streets you and I do. Instead of being online for hours researching people better than youself and talking bad about their children try spending time with yours…. and if you dont have any its because your a usless piece if home grown shit that lives a life full of darkness and insecurity. If your SAD now thats because you have no friends. Maybe ill be yours if you ever decide to step up and be an adult, and if you dont than your nothing more than child. Excuse the grammer mistakes.

  28. are a moron and apparently can't read. Attorney O'Meara is still a licensed attorney in the State of New Hampshire and Vermont.

    Learn to read before you write.

  29. I just wish keenenative and King of Keene would stop writing the same,it just confuses me! I do like the yellow storefront,though.It spices up the downtown.

    As far as crooked lawyers go,why is anyone surprised to think there might be any?? Why do you think there are all those crooked lawyer jokes? Have you ever heard of the joke where the lawyer gives money to people? Me neither. —bil

  30. to this "sad" person..get a damn life. You have NO CLUE what its like to work ur ass off I'm assuming. When you were a child, did your parents tell you to "follow your dreams"?? Mine did…. I believe Dorrie is doing nothing but following her dreams and doing a damn good job at it. YOU WISH you were as powerful as she is.. at least she wakes up every day with friends… and stop throwing tim into this.. I'm sorry did he hurt YOUR feelings today?.. didnt think so.

    mind ur own freakin buisness open ur eyes to the beauty of life instead of misery..get a head start with 43 central square.. freak..

  31. Who or what is a Pedraza anyway? wiki says its a place in Spain but that doesnt make sense,

  32. The best Mexican Restaurant in Cheshire County, NH

  33. Thats a stretch. Reviews are about 3 out of 5. It still doesnt answer the question. What is or who is Pedraza? Anyone know?

  34. pedraza: a money hungry loser often sucking the life (and finances) out of innocent people; see "dorrie" or "o'meara"

  35. Spanish for "Denny's"

  36. Why do all of you hide behind the computer….you know where I am…come see me and be man enought to say it to me?

    Your are immature.

  37. Aren't they a sad bunch?

  38. Sad is what is put out as Mexican food in this town. Why is the outside bright yellow and the inside beige? Denny's. How about some more shredded lettuce and cheese. Now that's Mexican food. Mmmm.

  39. David…you are a pathetic peice of useless skin. Man Up!

  40. Man up? What do you want us to do Dorrie? Shall we come down to Denny's to call you names? This is much less dangerous – you emit such a stench of vanity that it's hard to taste the puppy chow you call refried beans! Also I'm affraid you will zap me with your evil laser eyes…

  41. Ok, here is the thing. I live in Mass, near the Cape. throughout my life my family has lived in the Keene area, My grandparents, mother, and Aunts, and Uncles all lived in the Stoddard/Antrim area. I myself lived in Rindge/Fitzwilliam for almost 10 years myself. I intend on moving back. I support the Free Keene movement 100 percent, I think it is a great organization, with goals that I can stand behind. I am not saying that all the the tactics used by Free Keene are what I myself would do. However, in the defense of Dorrie, she is in a very similar situation, she chose to paint her place of business a rather LOUD shade of yellow, which I think is a great move, Keene is a vibrant and colorful place and needs more color. In doing so she awoke a great lumbering beast of hateful, close-minded, backwoods, bumpkins. These people are so afraid of change they feel the need to resort to this underhanded, juvenile name-calling, and blame game.

    Pedrazas is a Mexican Restaurant. It is NOT a lawyers office. What in the blue hell makes it ok to drag anyones name through the mud, and try to defame, and ultimately make fail, another's place of business? No one is offer legal advice with the Taquitos. So kindly move along with this purely jealous BS.

    I guess what I am getting at here is, there is this ridiculous group of big mouthed busybody, closed minded, frankly moronic citizens of Keene who are so AFRAID OF CHANGE. That they feel the need to strike out against it in a most juvenile and obscene way. If you dont like it, dont go there. If it offends you to see Free Keene activists engaging in acts of civil disobedience, look the other way, or try to do something to change it. The right way. Not through slanderous talk, poorly written blog comments, and childish name calling. It's OUR system. Use it the way YOU best see fit. Please. Personal Attacks are not cool.

    Dorrie, I plan on stopping in for dinner next time I am in Keene and I will gladly introduce myself, keep up the good work, I hear good things! Ian, thank you for providing a forum where we can all TALK about these things. I hope to see you all in Keene sooner than later.

    Good Day.

  42. mike h, i couldn't care less what color Dorie decided to paint the outside of her building. My point is that the inside looks like the cafeteria at a nursing home. And the food is, well, not Mexican. You might like it, I'm sure lots of people do, but Mexican it ain't. Just because it's served with salsa and chips doesn't mean it's Mexican. Do they even serve shredded iceberg lettuce and cheese like that outside of Cancun and the other americanized resort towns? No where in the places I've been.

  43. I'm sorry David I didnt mean to blow your cover as the Phantom Gourmet. This is exactly the type of thing that typifies people who are just here to instigate and stir the rabble.

    It becomes apparent to me that your obtuse yammerings about the authenticity of the food, are a feeble attempt to debase, and are less than insidious. It only goes to prove my point further. The statements being made about the food served are purely quixotic, with no other intention but to be pernicious and mean spirited. It is certainly not germane to this discussion.

    Please, though expound upon your vast knowledge of Traditional Mexican Cuisine. As a Professional Chef I would love to hear your thoughts on Qaxacan traditional dishes especially, as I have spent much time in the region.

  44. Great. How bout some Mole? There are only about 100 different kinds. Hand made tortillas? Papusas? Yes, the are from el Salvador, but I've had them in Mexico as well. A decent Tamale. Horchata to drink, or hot chocolate made with Ibarra? Fish? I've been to Baja dozens of times, and always think of grilled fish or shellfish with a sweet salsa. Green papaya maybe. I've had lots of goat on the mainland. Muscles steamed in beer? Mar y Montana? Fresh tortillas with the little package of salt to dip it in? Fish tacos, fried or grilled, with shredded cabbage? Good carne asada burritos or tacos? Tortilla soup? Whole grilled chicken, marinated in fruit juices? Ceviche? Grilled oysters or clams? Paletas? Fresh fruit with lime?

    Don't think I see too much with shredded lettuce and tons of melted cheese on that list. But it's just a start.

    And while the yellow is a traditional color, most of the places I've been are bright white, with yellow or blue as the trim.

  45. I just can't figure out why everyone is bashing Pedraza's and Dorrie. Has she ever done anything to you personally that would make you dislike her so much? Probably not. I'm guessing you've never actually met the woman, and are going off assumptions other people, who also haven't met her, have made. She works very hard for everything that she has built. And if you don't like Pedraza's thats fine, don't eat there. Just get over it. Grow up and do something with your life other than hide behind a computer and make judgments.

  46. That was a great rundown of the food from the street vendors.

    I have to chuckle at your aptitude for Wikipedia search, all of the foods you mention are readily available at most Mexican Restaurants. See, the thing is, here in the states we have to cater to the palate of the consumer. People like familiar food, and just because you have garnished something with something you have deemed nontraditional(read OFFENSIVE) does not make it bad. I can get Papusa in any large metro area in the country, fish tacos with shredded cabbage? Ok, how about almost any taco stand on the west coast. Carne Asada? Grilled meat. literal translation, yeah Taco Bell picked up on that years ago. The rest of that stuff is just gringo food, Mar y Montana, Grilled chicken in fruit juice? come on man. Bobby Flay does it all day long. Grilled shellfish is hardly a Mexican invention, nor is the popsicle (Paletas).

    For the record, Mexico is ALL mainland. Baja is a peninsula. Not an Island.

    I began shopping with my aunt Lil, at age 7 in Nogales Mexico, on my trips out to Arizona, I have spent considerable time in a Mexican household. Relatives and All… So If we want to talk about what actual Mexicans eat. I got all ya need. Not to mention the education, and decade and half in kitchens around the country. Please. Once again Im not here to even discuss food. More to make a point about these ridiculous attacks on a business owner in your city. Grow up, read a book, and find a hobby, Thanks for the laughs.

  47. So, mike h, got any more obtuse yammerings like your last comments? Wanna talk about places you've actually been in Oaxaca? I have lots of friends from there, been to their houses, slept in their yards. Stayed up drinking mezcal- the kind in the little brown round jugs with the cork, and woke to the sound of Toma's wife, making tortillas for breakfast. Chorizo, eggs, salsa. I never quite liked the menudo, but you can't turn it down if it is offered.
    Lets hear some of your vast experiences. Wow, made it all the way to Nogales! I never said Baja was an island, but Mexico is commonly referred to as Baja and Mainland.

    So if these are such common dishes, why doesn't Pedrasas serve them, any of them? Instead of (again) more shredded lettuce and how about some extra cheese? I don't need wikipedia to come up with a list of foods I have been eating all my life. I guess you've never had good carne asada if you think it is just grilled meat.

  48. Ah, Denny's? Should be open 24 hrs a day.

    Seems it was a guy named David Pedraza who opened the restaurant with Dorrie.

    Heard he got screwed. He was the head chef at La C whatever before Dorrie opened her own version of La whatever with a bunch of their employees. He left shortly after they opened because of money and Dorrie started messing with his family life and didn't pay him what was agreed.. Strange. I wish I didn't hear all this.

    Is that you David?

  49. Must be a different david. I just like to travel.

  50. Wow, mike h, a decade and a half in the kitchen. You must be ready for Top Chef by now. Well, let's see, if I can remember right in my old age, I started working in kitchens on the west coast in about 1977. Started taking trips to Mexico a couple of years before that.

    I wasn't attacking any business owner. Look in her restaurant. Tell me what Authentic Mexican colors you see inside. Order 5 things at random from the menu and see how many come with shredded iceberg and extra cheese. If I want something authentic in the area, I head south to la Veracruzana. Only an hour or so away. You should try it, if you like good Mexican food. You will cry the next time you go to Pedraza.

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