Audio of the Arrest and Torture of Peaceful Activist, Sam.

SamYesterday, our friend and co-blogger here at Free Keene, Sam from the Obscured Truth Network was arrested and from the sound of it, tortured. He was attempting to record with his video camera in the allegedly public lobby of the Keene District Court. His attempt at videoing was in response to the arrest of Dave Ridley from the Ridley Report a month earlier for videoing in the same place. Sam’s fellow liberty activists, including Dave Ridley were all present to see and hear the tyranny in action. Since no video footage exists to my knowledge except what is inside Sam’s HD camera (now in the Keene PD’s possession), you’ll have to experience the event through the ears of my audio recorder.

Download the .mp3.

According to Keene District Court, Sam has been charged with “Disorderly Conduct”, “Resisting Arrest”, and “Refusal to Process”. He is being held until he requests an arraignment. This means he’s either in a holding cell or in solitary, from what I have gathered.

If you’d like to contact Sam’s captors and those responsible for what happened, here are the numbers:

* Cheshire County Jail
(603) 399-7794
* Keene District Court
(603) 352-2559
* Keene Police Department
(603) 357-9815

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