Why I’m In Jail Right Now

Ian, Mark, Keeniacs, Friends, and Family,

It’s the first Wednesday after my arrest. I’m writing this thanks to the kindness of the other prisoners here. I haven’t cooperated with the state up to this point. I was completely isolated and cut off from the world until yesterday. I’m sure there are questions, so I’ll do my best to explain.

I was at the court to get a copy of the sign on the wall restricting cameras in the lobby. Lance the court security person had previously claimed it’s an order. Only problem, orders are signed by the issuing judge. This order and the one obtained from the court clerk had no signature. This is clearly an attempt by Judge Burke (or whoever wrote it) to usurp power, in direct opposition to District Court Rule 1.3, which allows judges control over proceedings, and place very stringent guidelines explaining when freedom of the press and the public’s right to open courts may be restricted. What did you expect from a man appointed to a lifetime dictatorship by His Excellency the Governor – a nice little holdover from the days of King George, that remain in the New Hampshire constitution. Talk about isolated from market signals…this must change. Okay, the screaming.

I went to the court wearing a silver 1/4 inch thick cuff bracelet with flat edges. It has very sharp corners, and the flat end makes 4 sharp points. I was handcuffed over the bracelet. As they dragged me the bracelet tangled even further with the handcuffs and began grinding into the bone. The pain was severe and intense. The cuffs were not locked, and they tightened an additional 2 clicks. The guards were amused at my screaming, and told me to keep faking it and putting on a show.

Once they dragged me to the star chamber behind the courtroom, the cuffs were loosened and locked. The bracelet was tangled and left in place. I explained to the Keene PD who responded that he, as a Certified Peace Officer in the state of New Hampshire, which he confirmed, had a duty to arrest Lance for violation of 18 U.S.C. 242 and 241, acting under color of law to deny me in my rights,. His response ,”I don’t care about that.”

Funny isn’t it? How many times have we all heard the bureaucrats say, “it’s the law!” Of course they mean as it applies to the subjects. The Keene PD officer was angered that I brought out the violence that backs his every request. I don’t think he saw me as a human being in that moment. It sends them off the deep end when people don’t acknowledge their authority, and force them to show the gun in the room. He yanked me up off the floor so hard, I floated weightless for a split second before being jerked towards the door. I screamed in pain. He mocked me and again told me to “play it up.” And for all this, I forgive them.

I understand now why Lt. Shane Maxfield is angered by our acts of civil disobedience. He knows “the system” up close and personal. He knows the government has no issue throwing away as many lives as it takes to retain its control and legitimacy. Police want us to look upon them as heroes, when in fact, most of them are cowards: scared of speaking out against the monster they have helped create, all the while collecting a paycheck, counting on that government pension, and telling themselves, “it’s the law.” Having seen the destruction and injustice, most of them cower at the thought of doing anything that might turn this out of control monster upon them. “Use the system,” they say, “After all, it’s much much safer that way.” The problem, and what I have taken a stand to change…the government’s monopoly on the legitimate use of force. How does one go about using a system to change the bedrock upon which all of its actions depend? I believe the answer lies in educating and enlightening people to the ideas of freedom and liberty. Once they do, a more fair, humane, and just solution will quickly evolve.

Once they dragged me out of the car at Keene PD, they saw the severe bruising and the lacerations. From that point on I was treated with great care and respect, minus one thing. I was dragged into a cell, and when I didn’t consent to the quetions and exercised my right to remain silent, one of the cops shouted something in anger and slamemd the cage door like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum. I smiled in my understanding that he’s only angry at himself, or more to the point, what I have shown him about himself.

I was quickly transported to the Cheshire Country Caging Facility. I was dragged into the visitation room. Before removing the handcuffs, I was told if I moved I would be sprayed. The sadist guard then suggested getting the taser. Luckily the man uncuffing me understood what I was doing and held my arm against my chest so I wouldn’t be tear gassed. I was eventually dragged into a holding cell in a noisy booking room where the lights were kept on 24 hours a day. I was once awoken to a 6’3″ imposing man barking questions. He didn’t like my answers and left. Some might consider these to be sleep deprivation tactics. I stayed there for 2 days without a toothbrush, toilet paper, or even soap. Until I scratched “FreeKeene.com, there is a better way” into the rubber wall of the holding cell. Then I was stripped out of my street clothes, dressed in prison orange, and moved into a solitary max-security cage called E Block, where I sit now on Thursday morning writing this. Yesterday I was delivered an order from Judicial Dictator Burke. Apparently they held a hearing without me. I’ve been charged with 3 Class A misdemeanors carrying up to 3 years in jail, with a $10,000 cash bail. The order says I have options; I can motion the court, hire a lawyer, bond out, etc. Only problem? The jail won’t allow me to use the phone, write a letter, petition the court, unless…I consent to their authority and tell them everything they want to know. You see, in New Hampshire, rights guaranteed by the government are only given to those who bow before the government’s authority. Otherwise, they are perfect willing to railroad me through the system, throw away 3 years of my life, cost the tazpayers over $100,000 dollars; all to be right about a system that boasts a 5% rehabilitation rate. Any animal trainer will tell you positive reinforcement is the way to change behavior. The current system is designed to control, restrict, anger, and enrage. When the prisoners lash out as expected, the state comes crashing down upon them. The lesson? The state’s authority cannot be challenged. “We will break you, so submit to our whims like a good slave.”

This brings me back to Burke’s order. All of the terms are subject to change if I’ll just consent, and he’s awaiting my response, which I can provide once I consent.

I’ve been on a hunger strike since I arrived. The guards are moving past their initial response of anger, to curiosity. They have started coming by asking why I won’t eat. I didn’t have an answer at first. I would simply tell them, “I’ll eat when I’m free.” Now I understand my motives. The state has taken away almost all of my freedoms. This is one of the few choices I have left. The fact is, I own me, at least until the state’s doctors decide they need to take that are from me as well.

I’ve told them I will consent, as they are willing to throw my life away to be right about their system. Gandhi saiid it best: “First the laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” They’re done laughing at us, now New Hampshire is taking political prisoners.

The jailers haven’t known quite what to do with me, as they are used to dealing with anger and resentment. I have only love and compassion to give. That said, the jailers have gone out of their way to be polite and curtious, and for this, I commend them.

As the government will learn, what you resist, persists. What we need are people who have the courage to take a stand for freedom in the face of tyranny.

– SamIAm

[this was written by Sam and transcribed by Mike Barskey]

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  1. I haven't read the letter yet, but… AWESOME!!!

    typing error on fifth sentence of second paragraph. You said "What id you expect from….".

  2. Great to hear from Sam, even though he is still being held in a cage. Good for Sam and the rest of the Movement that he's not playing along and that he's questioning their selective enforcement of the laws.

  3. This is both sick and beautiful. Sam's courage is inspiring. I hope that people will read this and realize that we are nothing but slaves as long as police officers can force what they deem to be correct on us with their guns and faux-authority.

    They have no problem telling Sam that he has violated the law, but when he informs them of their lawful responsibility they refuse to acknowledge that law.

    In a way, in that prison right now, I think that Sam might be the freest man in the United States.

    God bless you Sam, I wish you the best.

  4. What a whiny bitch. He is obviously copying his moves from the women's right's movements. Hunger strike is nothing impressive. Copypasta is delicious, but gets stale after a while.

  5. First, they came from the political protesters. Next, they came for the people with not even the courage to stand behind their name and denounced people anonymously on the Internet.

    Let's see you go a couple of weeks without eating, Anonymous… then you can chime in.

  6. What I find more telling, Anonymous, is that your ideas and ethics are apparently so bankrupt that you have to resort to ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations rather than entering into a civil discussion where you actually have to prove your viewpoint with logic.

    Talk about being unimpressive…

  7. Sam is awesome. What they are doing to him is an outrage, but I expect that from government. What sickens me are Americans that will marginalize or even condone the torture of their fellow man.

  8. Sam said they "apparently held a hearing without me."

    If this isn't proof that the Kings of Keene will do whatever's necessary, including using it's monopoly on the use of force, to protect itself first, and the people second, then I don't know what is.

    But there is one good thing to come out of all this: In the future you'll at least be able to save the time you would have spent appearing at your trial.

  9. WOW.. I guess those guys up at Keene are just as filthy as the NYPD.

  10. Thank you for being so brave Sam. Best of luck.

  11. I think all of you are more trouble than you are worth. If cameras are prohibited, then don't take a camera to court. What if there was a victim of a crime there who was testifying in a case? Your antics could put that person at risk. Same if there was a child who was molested. These people have rights, why are you trying to take their rights away. All of you should go to your own island and set up your "perfect society". You wouldn't last a year.

  12. I'm glad you stood by your opinions by putting your name, Robby.

    "What if there was a victim of a crime there who was testifying in a case? Your antics could put that person at risk… These people have rights, why are you trying to take their rights away."

    So you want to stop us from taking away others' rights by taking away our rights? Does that make sense to you?

    We could also argue about whether someone in a public place has rights to not be filmed, but the source of the problem is that govt forces people to be there in the first place, so let's not bother with whether people have a right not to be recorded, let's stay on topic.

    "All of you should go to your own island and set up your “perfect society”. You wouldn’t last a year."

    Please let us! If there was someplace on earth that all governments pledged (and honored their pledge, which never happens) to leave people like me alone to try to live voluntarily with others, we might indeed fail. But you won't let us try! You (meaning you and the force that is government, which you think is good) assume we'll fail and thus you aggress against us for trying. In fact, you are scared that if we succeed, all the benefits you reap from your government (which are paid for by theft of you and your neighbors) will be your responsibility. You are afraid that in a voluntary world, you will be responsible to care for yourself, to protect yourself, to earn your money instead of steal it.

    But if you're so sure we'll fail, why not let us try? Please!

  13. All of you should go to your own island

    I'm down with that if you and your authoritarian buddies in government will stop preventing us from doing so.

    and set up your “perfect society”.

    Ah, the Utopian Fallacy. Haven't seen that one in a while. Suffice it to say, we don't want a "perfect society", just one without the government-sanctioned violence, theft and coercion of yours.

    <cite>"Hail, hail Free-do-ni-a, land of the brave and free!" -Duck Soup, 1933</cite>

  14. Robby, by your questions, you seem to imply that the Court can't protect witnesses. Maybe you haven't heard about the Victim/Witness Program run through the County Atty's Office. Please, look into it. Also, serious assault cases are almost always heard in Cheshire County Circus Court, not Kangaroo District, which is where I rule. Again, if there was "a child who was molested", that would be a felony case in Cheshire County Circus Court, not in Kangaroo Court. And yes, Mr. Van Wickler runs a much more humane jail than bad ole' Carl Baird did. Must be his ArmyStrong background…(If you guys only knew how much fun I'm having throwing all your sorry asses in jail…I'm not scared. My moose plate and gray-muzzled black lab are all the protection I need from you punks!!! SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN!…Lance, just shoot the mutha-fucka, OK?…

  15. Burke's famous retort is oft misremembered. His actual words were "Have a seat. HAVE-A-SEAT!".

    And now that I think about it, even if it were true that cases involving rape victims and molested children actually were held at that particular court, why on earth would the local bureaucrats force them to enter the building via the PUBLIC lobby?

    <cite>"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride</cite>

    <cite>"Public: accessible to or shared by all members of the community" – Merriam-Webster</cite>

  16. Burke’s famous retort is oft misremembered…

    Much like Darth Vader's most famous line. Coincidence… I think not…

    Ian to Burke:

    If you strike us down by putting us in cages, our ranks will grow stronger and faster than you can imagine.

  17. these recent comments reinforce the fact that most of you guys are a bunch of nerds that lack the basic social skills and charisma needed to appeal to the general population

  18. And your comment reinforces the fact that you're a humorless sociopath.

  19. i detest humor

  20. I feel likewise about sociopaths.

  21. i feel the same about those who equate them selves to gods

  22. It's a nickname. Get over it.

  23. a self appointed nickname that only a true loser would come up with

  24. This is a brilliantly written article.

    "How does one go about using a system to change the bedrock upon which all of its actions depend?"


  25. sorry, fubar

  26. The thing is, Robby, there was nothing legitimately forbidding cameras. The only thing to such effect was a handwritten, unsigned piece of paper taped to the wall, bearing no force of law whatsoever. This is a laid bare case of "Because I said so!"

  27. Does Robby truly believe the Thug/Prosecutor's line of Bull that there could have been people in the hallways, who were there for domestic cases, who did not want to be recorded (rose colored glasses)?

    Why does Robby choose to close his eyes to the fact that a piece of Copy paper, scribbled with "No Cameras Allowed" on it, with no signature, nothing Official on it, was actually agasinst the law?(rose colored glasses?)

    Is Robby so completely Indoctrinated with Statism that he will literally be Sleep Walking throughout the Rest of His Life (rose colored glasses)?

    Sadly, from the looks of, I'd have to say Yes. But it's never too late to take off your Rose Colored Glasses Robby and Wake up to Reality!

    The ones Trusted with the Monopoly on the Use of Force/Violence Don't Have to Abide by ANY Laws (and can even make them up as they go) but Everyone Else Must and Will Abide by All the Laws, Always (or you will pay with $, house confiscation, jail time, or worse) because everyone knows you can always "trust" the ones who "Serve" us.

    Talk about Dishonest.

  28. Actually, Penguinsscareme, it was two typed pieces of paper without signatures.

  29. If I was in Sam's position, I'd just be filed with rage and hatred.

    I'm sorry this happened to him, but he's got the right attitude to really drive his captors crazy. Keep up the good work.

  30. I've given my support to Sam and Ivy in a substantive way. I don't like to see any of you being harmed in any way.

    That said, I think both Sam and the cops are standing too much on formalities.

    Signs and notices do not have to be signed by an authority. The question at hand is does the judge have authority to ban video in the hallway, and, did he so order.

    A signed order is reasonable proof that the judge made the order, but if you can't obtain that it doesn't necessarily mean that the judge didn't make the order. It could have been stated verbally in court and recorded by the court reporter.

    In a similar vein, there is no requirement that a defendant identify himself in order to be able to call the defendant by his known name. If they could book him as "John Doe," which I understand they did, they could equally well book him as "Sam Dodson". All they need to do, if they feel the need to provide some basis for the name they are going to use, is to have one or more credible persons state that they met the defendant and that he stated at the time that his name was Sam Dodson. I believe that Sam rode around with your favorite cop Shane Maxfield not long ago, so Officer Maxwell could be the one to state Sam's identity even if Sam is not willing to state it.

  31. Compliments to Curt, whose postings are generally the most rational, constructive, instructive and reality-based on this site.

  32. If there is no law that prohibits use of cameras in the courthouse and the judge knows it, he is a tyrant and should be put to death. Uh oh, does that make me a terrorist?

    Given that government schools are so crappy these days, it seems rather unfair that we have to answer a math question in order to post.

  33. The John Galt Solution is the only solution.

    Stop funding and forging your own chains and shackles.

    The Mobocracy Looter Minions must be allowed to consume everything around them, then each other, and then finally themselves.

    Ayn Rand was correct in her hypothesis told via Atlas Shrugged.

    There is no spoon.

  34. Got a hidden valley with an amazing force field defense handy Mr and Mrs Galt? Because it seems to me, the statists are happy to chase you down wherever you go, and steal whatever they want.

    I'm sorry you don't have a spoon. Perhaps it's time to run the dishwasher? :p

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