Free State Food Drive results greater than expected, again!

Thank you to all that contributed to the Free State Food Drive yesterday over at Vendetta. We managed to collect 197 items of food, far exceeding my goal of 150!
That brings the grand total up to 301 items of food donated to community kitchen.

You can check out some pictures here.

Come out join us on May 26th For Social Sunday and another Free Sate Food Drive.


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  1. and i thought there wouldn't be new reasons to loathe the FSP. even the FSP should be above such collectivist stunt hockey.

    "aw, look at the 'libertarians'; they're not as heartless as we all figured. gee."

    and you've fallen straight into appeasing the morons worse than before, continuing the distortion of the truth to save the truth. great work. coupling these displays with the FSP is the work of supreme boneheads.

    Liberty activists in Keene certainly can’t be accused of being heartless or not involved in the community!


  2. If you know how to do things "the right way" and get better results, you are cordially invited to show us first-hand "The Charley Hardman Technique For Gaining Liberty In Our Lifetimes".

  3. So, rather, the alternative should be allow people to starve when those with capital permit nothing to happen?

    A goal shouldn't expected, but meeting a goal shouldn't be deplored, as you seem apt to do.

    In a down economy, people shouldn't be expected to donate to causes they can't afford–but if they can afford a can or three of food, who are you to decry the efforts of someone to voluntarily lift the status and lifestyle of a person vs. the mandatory theft of The State?

    Go home.


  4. Let's see:

    Helping hungry people eat: Good
    Helping people be free: Good

    What's the problem again? And what on earth is the distortion!? Do you have a problem with helping people, or do you really think libertarians are heartless?

    People choosing to help each other is not collectivism.

  5. These "People" who donated the Food acted without the Permission of Charlie. "Shameful."

    Don't you people know before you decide to give something/anything of value away to others who need it, that you first must check with Charlie to get the Green Light? He needs to sign off on it because he always knows better than you, always. Jesh.

    Charlie, these people just don't seem to want to Obey anyone.

    PS: Sorry Charlie, but I think it was a Bonehead move to use the word Bonehead so be on the look out because when you use a word unjustly/unfairly it has a way of acting like a boomerang and returning to land in the users' lap.

    All I can say is, the next time you look in the mirror, whatever you do, Do Not think of the word BONEHEAD, or Dare say it(!) because your subconcious will recognize this person immediately! Good luck.

  6. QED.

    zeus, please explain how excoriating the coupling of charity with the FSP (an overt PR gimmick) becomes a responsibility for me to demonstrate the impossible. should i also bend spoons with my brain? explain the link.

    there is a right way. the right way is to not couple aid to the hungry with the FSP. simple as it gets.

    now to your brother blind:

    So, rather, the alternative should be allow people to starve when those with capital permit nothing to happen?

    ludicrous non sequitur relationally, and even worse internally. "permit nothing to happen"? are you high? the rest of your comment is similarly unrelated to mine.

    Do you have a problem with helping people, or do you really think libertarians are heartless?

    save your preening for the food drive, and save the false dilemma fallacy, if that's what it is, for arguing with morons.

    People choosing to help each other is not collectivism.

    as an example of what you've just attempted, here's a comment fresh from YouTube, regarding the use of dogs to bypass the requirement of probable cause or at least "reasonable articulable suspicion":

    "How is a dog walking around the outside of a car IN PUBLIC circumventing the law."

    the commenter distorts the material objection of his opponent into benign action. of course there's nothing wrong with a dog walking around the outside of a car. except, that wasn't the action being protested.

    similarly, you state, "People choosing to help each other is not collectivism."

    sounds tidy, except for the truth bit — truth, as in, mere "People choosing to help each other" is not what i denigrated as "such collectivist stunt hockey". i'll bet the people involved also got some sleep last week. you could extend your lunacy and "argue" to me that "people choosing to get sleep" is not blah blah.

    fine. i posit that you don't even hear yourself.

    this PR project is, precisely, collectivism — an emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity. it is the attempt to disguise with socialistic trappings (and here for the less observant i note that i am not asserting that the mere helping of others is socialism, nor that voluntary collective action is socialism) the only peaceful political philosophy in the world — the only political philosophy that ensures the most helpless are aided, and the most able not swatted into oblivion.

    you are taking that beauty and mimicking for fools the worst of what the fools "offer", all so that in their unthinking knee-jerk world you appear to be more like their idea of humanitarianism.

    want to help others? then go help others. sticking FSP peacock feathers up your butt first helps nobody extra while harming the FSP earlier than it otherwise would. well, that's a good idea after all. i spoke against my interest.

  7. zeus, please explain how excoriating the coupling of charity with the FSP (an overt PR gimmick) becomes a responsibility for me to demonstrate the impossible.

    First, you're assumption that this has anything to do with the Free State Project organization is a false one.

    The FSP is little more than a website promoting New Hampshire as having the best pre-existing conditions (compared the other 49 states) making it conducive to creating a truly free state should 20,000 activists deign to move there and affect "Liberty in Our Lifetime".

    In reality, the food drive is more representative of "The Free Staters", those activists who have or are moving.

    Free Staters have gotten a bad rap lately thanks to a handful of hateful lunatics, jerkwads and yellow journalists conducting a smear campaign against them, spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about the intentions and philosophy of these liberty activists.

    More often than not, these enraged bigots seem to get even the most basic facts wrong even when trying to be truthful (which is rare) and often subscribe to ludicrous conspiracy theories. They are far from rational people but that's exactly the type of people you see at the heart of all witch-burning mobs.

    Being incensed that Free Staters might show the public that they're *not* the spawn of Satan they're being painted as by helping people — something they'd do anyway — is ridiculous. If they demanded that the hungry read about the philosophy of liberty or watch videos before being allowed to have some food, then yeah, you'd have something to be angry about. But that's not the case here.

    "Read Bastiat and Locke or no soup for you!"

    should i also bend spoons with my brain?

    That would be marvelous if you could. Yuri Geller made quite a living out of it I hear.

    there is a right way. the right way is to not couple aid to the hungry with the FSP. simple as it gets.

    Again, it has nothing to do with that organization but rather activists who have heard the message and found it to their liking.

    But even if it was, why would you be so angry about that? Are you another conspiracy nutter who has it in for the "sinister cabal that is the FSP"?

    Your comments to my "brother blind" confuse things even more. All of a sudden you seem to agree that voluntaryism is "the only peaceful political philosophy in the world" but then you go and slam the FSP again (which still has nothing to do with any of this).

    Why does the FSP make you so angry? It doesn't even sound like you can tell the difference between that organization, those who believe in it's message or any of the smaller pro-liberty groups like Free Keene etc.

  8. Oh boy Charley, you're a real hoot.

    If we want to give money out of our pocket to help the community, it is a "PR stunt".

    If the government wants to give money out of other peoples pocket to help the community, it is a benign gesture of goodwill devoid of any political meaning.

  9. @ charley hardman,

    The Free State Project had zero to do with the food drive. A local person who happens to love both freedom and helping people created the event. The local is not a FSP participant or associated with the FSP. He is just using the term. The FSP cannot stop everyone who tries to use it's name; however, the individual was asked to not associate the FSP with the food drive.

    Mr. Hardman, thank you for expressing your opinion. I'll make sure that the creator of this event is asked again to stop using the term FSP.

  10. Clearly Charley hates the FSP more than he loves the needy.

    How dare you FreeKeene people act outside of your true, selfish natures! Donating food is a lie!

  11. Keith:

    Should I ask for your approval every time I want to mention that I'm an FSP member?

  12. The labels stuck on every can read:

    Donated by Members of:

    I specifically asked if we should use both, or just FreeKeene, and was instructed to use both.

  13. @Kellie,

    You never need to ask for my approval unless you want to do something to me, to my property, or in my name.

    I am not the FSP. However, if you want to do something in the name of the FSP, it is certainly common curiosity to ask the FSP for approval first.

    Of course, the FSP's goal is to get liberty activists to move to NH, not do food drives. So, it seems pretty unlikely that the FSP would do a food drive in NH.

    Personally, I support the idea of food drives, though. They seem like a good idea. I think around 8% of the people in NH are poor. Even though NH has less more people than any other state, largely because it is the freest state, I still support ideas on how to help poor people in NH.

  14. Don't forget, everyone: You have to renew your FSP membership dues on the first of the month or no more secret cabal meetings for you the rest of the month.

    Make sure to bring your FSP Photo ID, membership lapel pin and secret decoder ring when attending or you won't be allowed in.

  15. I've also heard FSP'ers sacrifice small children on the Sabbath. My personal copy of the Necronomicon describes the same exact ceremony the FSP performs; proof positive the FSP is evil. Must take guts to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of innocents. Although, it's quite an excellent way for a pre-emptive approach to speading freedom. Not to mention your generous donations to the hungry citizens of Keene, who have no idea luckily, that the cans of food for the needy have been blessed by the dark libertarian underlords.

    Would selling my soul be enough to get one of those fancy-super-secret decoder rings?

  16. Charlie does have a point..

    It is pointless 'marketing' the FSP within NH.

    FreeKeene would have been better.

    Also the soup kitchen probably tears off all the labels.

  17. I know you guys want to create a positive image of yourselves, but I think the stickers was a bit much. For one it will make the community view you as a collective, rather then a individuals, and it also makes it look like you are trying to hard… But I may be wrong. I actually have no idea how to deal with people. This is just the impression I got.

  18. They're free to try to rip off the labels if they want.

    We use industrial, waterproof, meant for harsh outdoor use labels.

    Sure they will come off, but it'd be a pain to do it on 150 items

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