The Enigma that is KPD Sgt. and Prosecutor Eli Rivera

RiveraThanks to Carlos Miller for uncovering this story about Keene PD’s Sgt. and prosecutor Eli Rivera. As you can see in the article, Rivera’s license plate says “PEACE”. However, in his job as prosecutor he regularly destroys the peaceful lives of individuals who have not harmed another person or their property. The article also says he has worked “to ensure law enforcement was viewed as a partner, not an adversary.” If police were our partners, for example, our friends and family members would not be being imprisoned for possessing plant matter or other chemicals. Drivers would be allowed to use their good judgment instead of being harassed and ticketed for speeding or not coming to a complete stop. People would be free to live their lives as they wish as long as they don’t harm others. The voluntary society wouldn’t be utopia, but there would be a lot more peace than there is today, where the police are the adversary of freedom. They could choose to behave differently. In private conversations some have admitted they would like to do the right thing, but they are scared they might lose their jobs, because those higher ranking than them are not interested in peace. They want more conflict, because conflict fills their jails and prisons and fills state coffers with fines extracted mostly from lower-income victims of the oppressive police state.

In the interests of promoting peace, I invited Rivera out for coffee and he accepted. Then, he canceled and never rescheduled. When I recently encountered him in person and asked when he’d let me take him out, he said “When all of this is over”, referring to the prosecutions of liberty activists here in Keene.

Eli, please stop prosecuting peaceful people. That would make Keene the most peaceful place on earth, and the police would start getting respect from people again, since they would only be going after people who do harm. Doesn’t that make sense?

UPDATE: More about Eli here on

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  1. "When all of this is over."

    Well, as the liberty activists are just doing their best to live peacefully, I'd say the ball is in Sgt. Rivera's court to stop the persecutions.

    I wouldn't hold your breath about him ever meeting for coffee.

  2. Bile, was that you who originally dug that up?

  3. Good point Justin. "When this is all over." In reality, all this is actually just getting started.

    I suspect there will be more questions about him being both an arresting officer and a prosecutor.

    Eli must really love this stuff because he's there in the beginning and then again, there in the end to witness the victims' faces as the judgement comes down. And those in Government call it "Serving" the people. Obviously, it's the opposite of that.

  4. Laur actually found all the Obama related stuff back when we created the page. I don't know where Miller found it. It's all easy enough to come across with a little Google magic. Just wanted to point out there's more to just that one post and more irony.

  5. "When all this is over"

    Eli just realize that it is already over, the government lost and the peons that carry out the orders don't realize it.

    The idea of freedom is powerful. Ideas are bulletproof and cannot be destroyed.

    Funny you cannot comment on the post that is linked. I guess they don't want anyone posting about the hypocrisy that is in the article.

    1984 is here get you newspeak dictionary.

  6. The very fact that a person can be a police officer AND a prosecutor is a horrible conflict of interest.

  7. UHMM the conflict of interest is no worse then the man calling himself a judge gets his paycheck from the same organization that is supposed to be filing the complaint against you.

    Eli is just one step away from being Judge Dredd.

  8. This gives a fascinating overview of Rivera's personality and beliefs.

    The Obama photo-op and symbol on the back of his personal vehicle points to him totally buying into the social contract theory i.e. he leans toward socialism and is likely a registered Democrat. The sheer amount of community involvement he's had help to confirm this i.e. he likely believes in "giving back to the community".

    The word "PEACE" on his license plate may indicate he is anti-war. Having served in the Coast Guard and Army Reserve may give him a bit of first-hand insight into that world despite no mention of combat experience.

    His Bachelor's Degree and jobs as "Tech Liason" and "Web Master" point to man with above average intelligence.

    Based on this information, it's likely he supports the "pay your fair share" view of taxation even though he may personally dislike paying taxes himself.

    It is highly likely he believes himself to be a good and fair person, so much so that I expect when confronted by cognitive dissonance he is going to immediately remove his own actions from any confrontational scenario and blame anyone who opposes him i.e. he puts up a mental defense akin to "You *made* me bludgeon/taser you by not obeying my orders". That he has robbed or assisted in robbing (via fines) or incarcerating multiple persons for just exercising their rights will not likely be considered at all. It would cause too much cogdis.

    Even if all of this analysis turned out to be factual, however, it's a toss up whether or not he has it within himself to see the harm he is causing and to rethink what he has spent a lifetime of believing.

    I would say the likelihood is slim based solely on his actions thus far.

  9. Rivera appears to have anger issues as well. At least twice I saw him retreat from a situation (went around the corner away from the people who were talking to him) to gather himself.

    While I give him credit for pulling himself out of his own anger stream, I would not put it past someone of that demeanor to lose it and go for the Taser or perhaps worse someday.

    Remember, some people think that others need to be controlled because they honestly believe their own inner demons exist in everyone else.

  10. Is Eli really, really, really "latino", or "hispanic"? Apparently, he's changed his mind since joining KPD. He started out as Keene's token hispanic, but then latino became the cooler color. Like a chameleon, Eli changes his spots to suit the crowd. All his "community work" is just more "cover". "Anger issues"? Eli is anger personified. And, when he's angry, he does really shitty police work. He's usually angry. He's a political tool. A dull tool. His jeep used to have a LATINO vanity plate. What happened to that one, Eli? Did you lose it in rush-hour traffic on West St., near the public library? Or was it during a false arrest at Cherry Garden? Was Eli in the news during the last 2 weeks of Nov. 2005? For what? What's the follow-up to that story? Go ahead, google it. I dare ya. Eli also is a racist. He hates white people. And, finally, he's a bully with a badge. He almost makes me sick of Obama. But hey, I'm an officially Deputized Obamanator General. That's *DOG* to you! (Yo, puta, let's both hope we never meet each other anywhere. Get the fuck out of my town, and swim your wet-back ass back to puerto rico, puta. You owe me, motherfucker.)

  11. Eli is the main problem in Keene, not the "cops". Police officers dont decide whether there is a prosecution. They present complaint to prosecutor who decides whether to authorize charges. Unless you wear 2 hats like ELI.

  12. I should think that Sgt. Rivera might be a little nervous about not having a law degree. That seems to be the trend for police prosecutors in NH. The Portsmouth police prosecutor is a member of the bar. Even my little town, Danville, population 4,500, uses a real attorney for prosecution. We share the expense of a staff attorney in the county district attorney's office. Some of the towns around us, larger than Danville, but still much smaller than Keene, have full-time or part-time attorneys prosecuting their cases. I would be surprised if Rivera's successor were not an attorney, whenever that day arrives.

  13. I find that a lot of the information circulated on this website is inaccurate or at least uninformed.

    A new prosecutor has been hired and he indeed has a law degree.

  14. source?

  15. read the news:

    Keene Sentinel January 22, 2009

    "Keene committee endorses police prosecutor contract"

  16. City of Keene Police roster shows Eli as 'Prosecutor'.

    Last edit December 10, 2008. Just noticed that part. Nice updating the website, 'crats!

  17. Jazz,

    The article is not available to non-subscribers of the Keene Sentinel.

    I always do web searches before I post on any web site.

    HERE is a current link on the Keene city web site about Eli Rivera.

  18. Curt,

    I understand that it can be frustrating for non-subscribers, but it is a newspaper afterall and they are providing a service that should be paid for. At any rate, I was just trying to answer your question and I feel I have done so. You have to use discretion when doing research on the internet- check the last time the city website was updated. The Sentinel article is accurate and a police prosecutor with a law degree has been hired. I'm not sure if he'll ever show up on the city website because I believe he's hired as a contract employee.

    Just sayin'…

  19. On the one you gave, Curt

    Last Update

    Thursday, June 28, 2007 3:05 PM

    I also found this page:


    Sergeant Eli Rivera, District Court Prosecutor, Bureau of Prosecution.

    So, if this guy isn't the Prosecutor, who is? I can't find another name anywhere.

    Obviously, someone needs to call Administration at KPD and ask them who the Prosecutor is

  20. Keene now has two prosecutors. Rivera and the lawyer.

  21. Ah. Well there you are then

  22. The article is not available to non-subscribers of the Keene Sentinel.

    I can see it just fine in Firefox. In the future, you may want to try or switch browsers.

  23. I'm using firefox. Can you give me a link.

  24. SIT DOWN!, SIT DOWN!, SIT DOWN! Now then, please check your posts a little more carefully. Or Else. I will cite all your asses for Criminal Deformation of Characters. Eli is the Keene Police PERSECUTOR. I know that little spic. He couldn't PRO-secute his ass if his burrow was on fire. Hah! HE'S THE POLICE PERSECUTOR, GODDAMNIT! NOW STAND DOWN!, SIT UP!, BEG! I'M THE JUDGE! I GET TO DECIDE!…90 days in the slammer for that little Andy Carroll punk! Ah, shoot, my head just exploded again…damn scanners…

  25. That's really not necessary.

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