A Special Thank You to the New Hampshire Justice System

I would like to extend a special thanks to the Keene District Court, Superior Court, and New Hampshire Supreme Court. My name is Sam Dodson, and on April 13 I was arrested for filming on public property, the lobby of the Keene District Court. Since then I’ve been denied the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, the right to a speedy and public trial, the right to due process of law, and the right to be “formally and substantially” presented with the charges against me (as required by the New Hampshire Bill of Rights).

By order of judge Burke and judge Lane of the Keene District Court, I am currently being held indefinitely without trial. To protest what I believe to be an unlawful and illegal detention, I have refused solid food since my arrest, currently over 28 days ago. Several motions and writs have been filed with the aforementioned courts. They so far have only denied, delayed, and hid behind their procedures despite the clear understanding, from the courts’ own written order, that I am being held indefinitely without trial.

Through their actions, they have demonstrated utter contempt for the oath they swore to uphold, the rule of law, and civil rights fundamental to the founding and history of this country. Essentially, they have engaged in civil disobedience, and for this I thank them. As a voluntarist, I, too, believe in and understand the power of civil disobedience to bring about social and political change.

Unfortunately, what the courts have done and what governments typically do, is to use civil disobedience to punish and oppress out of fear. Fear of losing control; fear of the challenge to their authority; all of which are rooted in a fear of change itself. Governments have historically feared change they don’t control. After all, government at its core is a group of men and women who are willing to use the threat of force – or actual force – to achieve their ends. They desire to control their neighbors by enforcing their laws upon them. What’s wrong for one neighbor to do to another, suddenly becomes justified and “necessary” if you get a group of friends together and call yourself a government.

So my new challenge is to explain to the courts how civil disobedience can be used more effectively to bring about positive change. When liberty activists engage in civil disobedience, the goal is to educate and enlighten others, motivated by love. Love for what could be; love and compassion for those abused at the hands of the state.

What’s it going to take to convince government to stop using violence against our friends, families, and neighbors? I don’t know, but you can count on liberty activists like me to continue using peaceful means to educate and enlighten the masses with reason and logic, until one day we’re all looking back amazed that we didn’t figure it out sooner.

In Peace,

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  1. Thank you, Sam and thank you Mike from mail-to-jail.com for making reading this possible!

  2. Very well said. Can this be sent to the Sentinel and the Union Leader?

  3. Address : that part of a bill in equity which contains the appropriate description of the court where the plaintiff seeks his remedy (Bouvier's Law Dictionary )

    name or no name but the court calls him DOE listen to recording carefully . Fact remains All men are born free and equal and have certain natural and essential and unalienable rights … (constitution for the COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS … ) state time and place and by whom badge #

  4. criminal contempt is act done requiring a jury which defendant ought to demand trial by jury in writing quickly and timely in mass 10 days (please verify times ) here in Massachusetts the general court has enacted law allowing courts to decriminalize charges into civil infractions (no trial by jury ) (still fighting this ).

    Civil contempt is when you fail to perform as to say do as the court orders many courts will use this tradition (give us your name )
    to hold you indefinite as they say you hold the keys to your own freedom this is more likely what Sam should study for I say it is in equity (meaning fair or fair contract)is it fair that a man be forced to take a name . It is an incredible power . I think
    they accuse you of doing something with an act in the lobby , criminal contempt (trial by jury ).
    They may even drop all those forms of charges just to keep it in equity instead of maintaining criminal
    nature charges but then what would they be holding you for at all .

  5. I wish you all the best, Sam. I really despise this sort of judicial murder they are trying to accomplish. I hate them for trying to kill you.

    We're all kind of caught up getting Adam, Pete, and Jason out of the clink in Mississippi right now, but our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we'll be pushing your case through our network tomorrow, get some calls on the writ of habeas corpus petition.

    Your spirit of freedom and independence is an inspiration to us all. God bless you.

  6. Sam I applaud your efforts, but I am sincerely worried you are going to hurt yourself with the fast. Please reconsider and at least drink some milk or juice or something with more nutrients than water. You have a lot of people in flyover country who enjoy your work as a film maker and activist, and we do not want you to harm yourself. Right now I am worried that only those of us who are already committed to liberty even know your struggle and fear that perhaps that won't change much even if you are sent to the hospital.

  7. "civil disobedience" — a vile term which implies an exception to a desired state of "obedience". these vermin enslaving sam and others are worse than straight-up criminals. would the term "civil disobedience" be offered seriously to describe resistance to an honest robbery? of course not. as with the similarly inane term "activism", it was lifted from socialists, and reeks of infantilism. language matters. the mind set of offering ethical exceptions to these cretins must end.

    among other accurate terms (e.g., "self defense"), "resistance" is far superior in this context.

  8. Charley, can you expand on your point on the etymology of "activism"? I've used the word for years with reluctance, but for reasons unclear even to myself.

  9. At least you are not getting your brain damaged with E.C.T. every other Wednesday like Ray Sandford. Brain damaged to make the prisoner(you call a mental patient) become cooperative, predictable and obediant. E.C.T. for a disease that doesn't exist, as science can not find mental illness under a microscope, MRI or blood sample.
    Be thankful authority lets you have your mind.

  10. […] expand on your point on the etymology of “activism”?

    sure, but probably not as much as you might expect. my primary objection to "activism" is that it's the bastard cousin of "change" (fireboming tokyo was change). so someone's "active"? who gives a damn, y'know? nazis were active. the freaks who carried sam away were active. it smells like lemmings and badges on sleeves. americorps.

    the same complaint, in lesser form, may be made of terms such as "resistance", but there's so much dreck associated with socialist language that it should be avoided where truth doesn't tilt the balance. i see nothing missing from simply calling oneself an individualist or voluntarist, for everything follows logically from there.

    "civil rights". same problem. anything with "civil", "citizen", blah blah. too much taint of asking permission to live.

  11. Fair enough – thanks.

  12. Sam doesn't eat while in jail.

    If Sam doesn't have his freedom, why should the judge get to sleep?

    Looks like 56 Chapman Rd is the younger Edward Burke in town. The older one, age 60+, is at 28 Village Dr, Apt 3, and has a son named E Burke. So, there ya go.

    Go by at 03:00 and honk your horn until you see lights inside the house, then drive on.

    No freedom for Sam? No sleep for Judge Burke.

    When they start parking a police car out front, walk to the nearest corner, set of an air horn, and split.

  13. it is importanant to get habeas corpus heard before st sate supreme court my studies show you ought to to bring to state supreme court before petitioning the united states of america which would bring a wider attention to more of the people hey sam don't die a martyr we will not hold it against you if you eat bringing the habeas corpus issue is one the best solutions to the procedural violation you can be sure they are quaking in their boots you are correct about
    the name being irrelivant you are the defendant of the charges and plaintiff in your petition for the writ of habeas corpus and the address is the court which you seek remedy .Getting this habeas corpus procedure all the way to the state supreme court for the us supreme court hears appeal from state supreme courts directly bypassing lower courts habeas has priority you appear willing to do the time to get the habeas to the supreme court that is the only sacrifice you need to do if you get the court to hear you as a defendant and address as the court you seek remedy it will be the shot heard around the world. GOD help you and your friends especially the ones filing thes writs .eat be strong fight long your cause to get habeas heard under your terms is a final blow

  14. going forward as john doe as plaintiff your not the first Doe v.s. Frank 951 F. 2d 320 (11th circuit year 1992 )set some standards though you may not fit some criteria of this case precidence umm the fact is

    the idea has been heard and is some times allowed

  15. "Essentially, they have engaged in civil disobedience, "

    No, those are crimes they are committing. What you have done is civil disobedience. A crime is the violation of the law; civil disobedience is the violation of the unlawful order of the government.

  16. While I agree that the actions of the bureaucrats are not honorable enough to be called civil disobedience, I do not agree with your definition. Civil disobedience certainly can be performed against an immoral law. Many famous examples of civil disobedience were performed against immoral law.

    Here's how Webster defines it: "refusal to obey governmental demands or commands especially as a nonviolent and usually collective means of forcing concessions from the government"

    It makes no difference whether the commands or demands come in the form of law or not.

  17. one of the criteria for going forward as john doe is actions against government policy , law , and activity do read up on the case law doe v.s.frank and the related cases the idea is that it could cause to much attention to a person to stand up against the government and could cause you to be shunned .

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