The Motorhome Diaries Crew to Appear on Free Talk Live Tonight at 7pm ET

MHDListen live at 7pm Eastern as the Motorhome Diaries‘ Jason, Pete, and Adam appear on Free Talk Live to tell the story of their roadside attack and abduction at the hands of the criminal gang of men and women calling themselves the “State of Mississippi”.

UPDATE: Here’s tonight’s archive.

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  1. THis is such bad press for Mississippi.

    1930's-era chain gang Fiefdom antics.

    What did they gain here?

  2. Perhaps they're hoping to gain an RV, plus overtime pay for the time that they will have to be in court.

  3. I'm guessing that they make a substantial amount of money pulling this shit most of the time, since most people don't have the time, knowledge, or resources to fight it.

  4. What's the difference between this gang of robbers and the ones that used to sit in hidden canyons and ambush you in the old days?

    (a few things, but not much)

    I wonder if they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar on this one, being that they picked on the most outspoken and organized hive of Liberty Activists on the planet! 🙂

  5. This is the exact reason why these liberty networks need to stay connected, and working together. The more we get things like this flying through cyberspace, and in the liberty communities, the more we can out goings on like this. It's time the Libertarians and other freedom loving people, start working together, and not in small pacts. Between Campaign for Liberty, The Libertarian Party of Mississippi, and, this event spread like wildfire, and has the Jones County Sheriffs Dept, tripping over themselves. If you can, support your liberty minded organizations. If you can't with your money, like alot of us, then do it with your time, or whatever means you can.

  6. Found a web forum for Laurel, MS. Some people there have criticized Sheriff Alex Hodge of Jones County. Let's share our opinion!

  7. there is no 100% winning strategy with badged criminals, but answering questions such as "do you have any guns or drugs" is generally a stupendous loser.

    refuse. refuse. refuse. if looking for cookie-cutter text to spew, simply state (adding ass-kissing smoothers as fits your disposition/mood),

    "i have been advised by legal counsel to never answer questions from the police, and i hold to that advice. i do not consent to any searches. i do not consent to questioning. all documents i'm required to offer to you have been offered. you have them. if you demand that i respond to questions, those questions should be in the presence of my lawyer. i want to see a lawyer if you have any more questions. am i free to go?"


    "on what grounds am i being detained?"

    simply asking, "on what grounds am i being detained" ends more fishing expeditions than you might guess.

    remember, nearly all encounters with the official crime syndicate goons must be tailored to the brand of psychosis afflicting the goon. be prepared to improvise, always erring on the side of silence or — at worst — asking questions like a broken record.

    if you want to play the "this good citizen has nothing to hide, occifer" role, prepare to be screwed. if you want to selectively answer questions, prepare to be screwed.

    do not selectively answer questions.

    brick wall. if in doubt on how to handle badged goons, study one of the masters. even that approach won't always work; must be shifted in reaction to the goons, unless you are not avoiding kidnapping, etc.

    these guys should have known better. hope they learned. ian is right though, in that it's damned difficult to handle these encounters spotlessly when under the guns.

  8. Good advice Charley. You've been quite helpful as of late!

  9. if anyone can get this info to the MHD boys asap, i don't have a working phone at the moment.

    to recover the deleted files on their camera, first, DO NOT RECORD ANYTHING NEW ON THE CAMERA! they can download a free and simple to use data recovery program called recuva from

    the program guide should take them through the steps to get the footage back. i know they are supposed to meet with someone to do it, but the sooner the better (cause the story is still fresh, so they can get a ton more hits if they post it now).

  10. Quote:Comment by Yizmo Gizmo

    May 15, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

    THis is such bad press for Mississippi.

    1930’s-era chain gang Fiefdom antics.

    What did they gain here?


    So WHEN has Mississipopi ever gotten any GOOD press from the likes of you woossies? They gained enforcement of their state law. That you don't agree with it is not withstanding. If you don't like it, stay out of here. We residents will not miss your smart ashed attitude.

    But if you come here, our law enforcement is watching you and if you get wise with them, they'll make you very sorry. We DON'T CARE what you think about that policy. It's OUR policy and that is what we are going to enforce here. What you numb nuts do not understand that in Jones County, Mississippi, once any officer tells you that you are under arrest, you have rights that will be given you and respected, BUT so does the officer. He/she has the right to use whatever force is required to effect the arrest and that includes DEADLY force. They can kill you if they can't arrest you. If you don't cooperate in a calm, civil manner, they can beat your butt or spray you with mace, or whatever they think necessary to affect the arrest and THEY WILL DO THAT. If you just do what they say and cooperate civilly, you are going to be fine.

    We in Jones County, (The Free State of Jones)Mississippi are not worried about lawsuits. Been there are done that. Get in line and take a number. This is the WRONG part of the country for you smart ashes to come or even attempt to drive through. Stay away from here if your smart mouth over loads your ashe because if you don't, you are going to go to jail, the hospital, or the morgue, and you don't get to choose which.

  11. Isn't it great that we live in such a 'free nation', where someone believes that a man has the right to kill another man because he disobeys that man's orders. I thought that the days of owning slaves was over? I guess not.

    Thanks for the warning my friend. I'll do as you have asked. Since you feel you can take care of yourselves down there. I'll encourage those in the federal government not to waste money on Mississippi the next time a natural disaster happens. After all, you good ole boys can handle yourself there in the Free State of Mississippi.

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