An Open Letter to Sam’s Arresting Officer

During Sam’s most recent arrest, I was feeling angry and sad at the Keene Police’s actions.  I’m sure this came out during the ordeal, because his arresting officer, Lt. Peter Thomas, would say things like, “Yeah, I’m a tyrant and a thug,” or, “I know, I’m a monster.”  It was those comments that led me to write this letter, in hopes of showing Sam’s captor that we are caring people who have nothing but love for everyone, even him.

Dear Peter Thomas,

This is Meg, from the Keene area activist group.  I am writing to you because I believe anger is the gateway to violence, and I want none of it in my life.  I’m sure you can understand the fact that someone in my position would be angry; however, you may not understand my views that led me to that point.

First off, I know many police officers, and I don’t believe you are bad people (or ‘monsters’, as you said).  Sure, there are bad apples in the bunch; but for many of you, the current system has raised you to believe that enforcing the law keeps people safe from harm, and that is commendable.  However, because those who make the laws have lost sight of the concepts of real safety, liberty, personal responsibility, and compassion, and instead turned their focus on power and money, it is the police that must take on the burden of being the ugly face of the lawmaker’s oppression.  It is not you I am mad at; however, I am not impressed by your willingness to hurt peaceful people because “that’s your job”.  I know it’s not your choice what laws are put in place; however, it is your responsibility as a peace officer to protect people from harm.  If the lawmakers are setting up rules that hurt people who have not caused injury or damage to another, wouldn’t it be logical to expect you to protect us from their aggression?

Sam has never caused, or even threatened to cause harm to anyone.  I’ve traveled the world, and have never found such a beautiful and compassionate person.  I understand his actions may annoy you; but he does those things from a position of love for those who suffer, not hate of the corruption that causes that suffering.  That goes for all of us.  People driven by hate don’t have the passion that love gives us, so they will always fail.  I’m not saying it’s easy… we all get mad.  But I am able to pull back, remember the love i have been given by the most amazing person in my life, my Grandfather; and I am once again at peace, ready and willing to share that love with everyone… especially you.

Fact is, I need you on our side.  You have accepted the responsibility of protecting us, so it saddens me when i see you unknowingly fail.

Two years ago, I was assaulted and stabbed.  I’ve never seen efforts to catch the violent people who attacked me that day; yet twice now, i’ve seen Sam hauled off with his hands bound behind his back.  I can’t help but wonder, “Why?”.  Is it because people like Sam are easier for you to catch?  I don’t want to believe that “justice” is based on laziness.  But when I see you wasting time enforcing nonsense when I know violence is continuing unpursued, it leaves me to feel the exact opposite of what I should.  I don’t feel protected by police, I feel threatened by them.  It is my challenge to you to prove me wrong.  Know that you are beautiful.  I’m sure it was that beauty which drove you to become a police officer, because you care about your fellow man.  Once you see that in yourself, let it come through in your work.  I have faith that you can do this. Just ask yourself this simple question while performing your job:

“Who am I protecting?”

Are you protecting another person from harm?  Who?  Are you only protecting the system?  Then who are you saving?  If the system requires you to hurt, harass, kidnap, and cage someone, and you can’t place a face or name on the victim of their “crime”… then shouldn’t you recognize the system to be the criminal?  It’s hard, I know.  But learn to act from love, not from ‘authority’, and you can become a leader in the change to a peaceful society… and a hero to millions.

I thank you for your willingness to talk openly with us.  I apologize for anything I’ve said or done to make you believe I hold anything but love and compassion for you, your friends, and family.  You are not a monster.  You may do things I believe are monstrous; and for that, I forgive you.  No matter how long it takes you to stop these acts, I will continue to forgive you.  And whenever you are ready to stop committing crimes against peaceful people on behalf of the lawmakers, I will be waiting for you to join my family with open arms.

In Peace,
Meg McLain

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  1. The only times I ever feel truly threatened in Keene are when I'm around police officers.

    We have low crime and the police have all the time in the world to harass activists and even people who are simply at work (i.e. my arrest), yet they're getting nearly half a million dollars from the Feds to hire two new officers. How much would you be willing to bet that the purpose of hiring new police is so the cops have more time to surveil "subversive" types? "We've gotta stop them terr'rists!"

    The City should be *cutting* the police budget, not raising it. If all the police did was focus on stopping real crimes and bringing real criminals to justice, they could probably get by with less than half their current budget.

  2. "Getting by with half their budget" isn't what they do, it's not how they function. The name of the game is to spend until something breaks and then find someone or something to blame, convince everyone you can fix it and then start the game all over again.

  3. Well stated, Meg.

  4. I'm curious to see if there will be a thoughtful response from the police on this matter. Beautiful letter Meg.

  5. I really like your letter. Hopefully some of the people that work for the police department like it too.

  6. Great letter, Meg. Your emphasis on love v.s. authority reminds me of how the Great Lover answered the 'authorities' of the day:

    "…an expert in the law tested him with this question: "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God …' … And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor…' "

    The challenge of the 'authority' (really power) between the Law and love is ages old and still goes on today. Glad to see you're on the right side of it 🙂


  7. If we aren't going to judge a person by their actions, then what do we judge them with??

    I don't care if they became cops to help people by throwing them in jail. Their reasons don't make their actions right, good, or just.

    Tyrant: yes

    Thug: yes


  8. Yes, I do "like" your letter, Mag. But, it just wouldn't be like me to *not* criticise it…Please take this as well-meant, & hopefully, *HELPFUL*: It's too wordy. Too long. Too repetitious. Too many unecessary words. It reads like a transcript of a conversation.Like you put into print evertyhing you're thinking, exactly as you *think it*. Just because you *can* write long, complicated, run-on sentences, doesn't mean you should. Shorter sentences are often better. What's your point in writing? To express your self/ideas/beliefs? Or to cause some change? Do you want to get inside Lt. Thomas' head & heart? Or cause him to throw up a defensive wall? Can you go back & edit out any unecessary words? ////…Hey, I don't want to take away from the other positive comments. I *do* want to see an already very good writer become a truly great writer. Remember, even the best writers have Editors, and the best editors have proof-readers. Trouble is, writers like you and me have to be all those things at once. Please send a copy of this letter to the Sentinel. I hope the Sentinel prints it. I'd sure hate to see the Sentinel march off to find where the Eagle (Times) has landed!!!…//// …good work, smeGEMS!…*BIG GRIN***>>>>>……~e~

  9. Fact is, I need you on our side.


    Know that you are beautiful. I’m sure it was that beauty which drove you to become a police officer, because you care about your fellow man.

    some of the most insane inane pining horse shit i've seen published at this site.

    good luck with the "you're not OK, you rock" line. your best hope lies in the badged criminal being stupid enough to not see the mother lode of manipulative contradictory dreck you sent.

    sing to the grizzlies. that'll do it! they just need "understanding". next stop, the burglar cake society. take a rapist to lunch. bend over for wellness.

  10. …Just watched the video of Sam & Lt. Thomas on "What is fingerprinting" post…I've been persecuted by Thomas myself…I know him as well as I want to know any cop I'm not married to…I think that, Meg, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how receptive Lt. Thomas will be…He was quite deferential to you, Meg!…(Note to my readers: I had to give up the "TROLLSLAYER" part of my screen name…Seems that trolls like Charley Hardly-a-man are near immortal…so it goes…) …BTW: What would *YOU* do, without angels like Meg, to inveigh against, Charley???…as for her "insane horse shit"…Looks just like yours, don't it!?!?!?….~e~…

  11. 'good luck with the “you’re not OK, you rock” line. your best hope lies in the badged criminal being stupid enough to not see the mother lode of manipulative contradictory dreck you sent.'

    Delineate the condradictions you found in her letter for us, Charley, so we can know what the hell you're talking about, if anything.

    And no, not paying 50 bux. Put up or shut up

  12. Put up or shut up

    the pup yelps. the pup remains a pup.

    may be an overused line, but it's surely applicable to you: check your premises.

    so we can know what the hell you’re talking about, if anything


  13. I keep telling you, Charles… You are an enigma wrapped in a riddle nestled in a sesame seed bun of contradictory confusion smothered in angry sauce.

    C'est la guerre.

  14. You know what? Fuck you, Charley. Either give me a straight answer or go fuck yourself.

    I'd like information I can use, but I'm beginning to not want it from you.

    You're not a beacon of liberty, you're a prick.

    Go lay down and think about your approach.

    And then, if you dare, provide real information

  15. What every person with a narcissistic personality disorder dreads and wakes up in a cold sweat every night, is that no conversation will ever be about them. Charley Hardman won't tell you why he really posts here because there is no agenda or help to give on his part.

    He is deserving of our sympathy rather than our attention because in his mind, the planets will spiral out of their orbits the microsecond people stop paying attention to his goofy blatherings.

    As Mr. T would say, "I pity the fool."

  16. What every person with a narcissistic personality disorder dreads and wakes up in a cold sweat every night, is that no conversation will ever be about them.

    presumably said about me, who routinely instructs the illogical wanks at this site that talking about me here is usually irrelevant. the usual total irrelevancy of talking about me indicates the failure of their position. desperation. don't talk about me. continue to feign puzzlement beyond reality. great strategy.

    how long did it take LP the idjit to even investigate the term "straw man"? and when it finally got off his ass, it fucked it into the trench. now it makes demands. unreal.

  17. CHARLEY & ME

    Chapter 27

    Charley hurled another stone at LPViper's house and it smashed through one of the windows, leaving a hole the size of a baseball. LP picked up a stone of his own and was about to hurl it across the yard at Charley's glass house when the other raised a hand and wiggled his index finger. "Ah ah ah! This is all about MY stones smashing into YOUR house.", he said. "YOUR stones and MY house are irrelevant."

    LPViper screwed up his face in anger. "You know what? Fuck you, Charley." He picked up a huge rock the size of a bowling ball and flung it with all his strength. He watched as if in slow motion as if hurtled through the air and struck the glass house. The house exploded, millions of glass shards pelting Charley as he ran for cover.

  18. reading is important.

    talking about me here is usually irrelevant. the usual total irrelevancy

  19. reading is important.

    So is not being a dick.

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