Keene-Inspired Activist Enters Police Station with Marijuana In-Hand

“Big Mike” arrived in New Hampshire this week and made good on his promise to bring Keene’s brand of civil disobedience activism to the Manchester area. My understanding of the story is as follows. After calling the police chief to announce his intentions, he walked around a Manchester park for a couple of hours asking people why marijuana is illegal, while holding a bud of it in his hands. No police showed themselves to enforce their statutes, so he proceeded to the police station and had a chat with the secretary, requesting an officer come talk to him about the issue, making it quite clear he was possessing the illicit plant material. After waiting in the lobby for over 30 minutes, he and the other activists decided to call it a day. No officers came over to talk to him, despite the fact that one was in visual range of him, as you can see in this low quality, raw video of the occasion. Hopefully better coverage will be released soon.

Welcome to NH, Big Mike – may civil disobedience begin sprouting up all across the state!

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  1. Mike, I've got to hand it to ya; You know how to make an entrance! 🙂 I think the police response was fantastic.

    What reason does society have to arrest peaceful people for holding plant matter? I'm sure some of the cops understand the harm caused by the "war on drugs".

    Hopefully their indifference will continue and allow further acts to raise public awareness to a more compassionate and humane solution.

  2. A couple of things I want to add…

    I started at Victory Park, talked with people for about 45 minutes or so. No police showed up so I decided to try talking to people outside the police station. Talked to a few but there wasn't much traffic.

    One of the activists suggested just walking around downtown so we headed to Elm Street and stayed outside of city hall while I spoke to people for about an hour. No police.

    We then headed to the Manchester district court and talked with a few people. No police.

    At this point it was hot, we had been at it for hours and I decided to just go inside the police station. I had been asking the question "Do you think people that possess marijuana like this should go to jail?" so I told the secretary what I had been doing and was hoping to get to talk to the chief about his views on marijuana possession.

    The chief wasn't in all day and likely didn't hear the voicemail I left him this morning so I assume that's why no police showed at Victory Park.

    The response from people I spoke with was overall positive. I wasn't keeping track but I'd say about 15-20 said no, you shouldn't go to jail. 10-15 either said no comment (even with no camera running) or they didn't have an opinion on the subject.

    Only one woman angrily said yes they should go to jail but, in all fairness, she was walking out of city hall and could have been in a bad mood for any number of reasons:)

    My point wasn't so much to get arrested, it's to challenge the law. If my only intent was to be arrested I'd consider today a failure.

    But I think what happened was a success. First, nobody called the police. Hats off to the residents of Manchester that looked at me like I was nuts but failed to notify the authorities that a peaceful guy was on the loose in the city with a plant.

    Second, with the exception of Sgt. 'Roid-Rage who screamed at an activist for sitting on a counter, the Manchester police did what I'd hope they would do more often and chose to ignore me. Maybe the cameras had an impact. Maybe it was the group of activists that showed up to support me. Maybe they were spending their time going after actual criminals. But they saw the pot and did nothing.

    It was surreal.

    There is a second video where I show them the bud again and ask if I should come back another time with my marijuana. A different lady with a big smile tells me to come back anytime. So nice of her.

    Jraxis will have a longer clip he'll be posting pretty soon. I'll give the link when it's up. Joe used his phone to send the footage to qik but had technical difficulties.

    I was going to return today but after giving it some thought I think it would be better to send the chief a letter requesting an appointment where, hopefully, he'll answer some of my questions on camera.

    Yes, I'll bring the pot with me and we'll see what happens when I lay it on his desk. Details to follow soon. Thanks for your support Keeniacs. I think some Manchies are gonna start stepping up to the plate.

  3. Fantastic! GOod idea for a protest, very brave. And cops ignored you! How completely arbitrary (which isn't surprising) after what they did to Andrew Carroll!

  4. Fascinating approach.

  5. Big Mike is my new favorite activist.

  6. Hey Big Mike,

    How did you fit your gigantic cojones through the police station doorway?

  7. Comment by bob

    August 20, 2009 @ 7:38 am

    Hey Big Mike,

    How did you fit your gigantic cojones through the police station doorway?

    My thoughts exactly, Bob. If there is an upcoming "Brass Balls" award then Big Mike gets it or there is absolutely no justice in the world.

  8. I'm sure the other "Big Mike" is smiling down on you!

  9. FYI: NH Brass Balls isn't a top-down award; if you think someone has displayed extraordinary courage in their journey towards freedom, nominate them or vote for them at NH Brass Balls.

  10. Thanks for the support all. I'm hoping to demonstrate that defending myself is the actual activism. If I can take it to the top I will. The arrest part will suck and I'm not looking forward to it. If I get an interview with chief Mara, I hope he chooses to ignore me like his officers did.

  11. Welcome Mike! Very courageous, I was thinking brass balls as well right after I learned about it.

    There's no way to tell how they will react until you give them something (peaceful) to react too. Thanks for showing us their response to a certain plant.

    This is prime for a story in the Union Leader with a long comment thread to follow!

    Thanks and again Welcome to NH!

  12. Thanks Mike. That took courage. I assume they will eventually end up arresting you. I hope they don't hold you too long.

    I don't know how realistic this is, but I'd suggest being careful about being picked up at the worst possible time. I think some people have had their cars, and/or homes, stolen from them when possessing some sort of prohibited substance.

  13. I agree with KAT. You are where you want to be. He would be with you if he could.

  14. Big Mike is a hero.

  15. This CD has to be my favorite so far, not only for the fact that Mike went into the PD with the bud, but that he managed to walk back out without being kidnapped and held for ransom.

    Simply awesome.

  16. Well done, Mike. Actions like this make it quite clear how absurd some laws are. People see you not hurting or bothering anyone, yet you're breakin' the law!

    //does not compute?!?!alfwiuehfawl///

    As Ayn Rand loves to say, contradictions don't exist. When you see a contradiction… check your premises.

  17. just my thoughts…i don't think the ManchPD *ignored you*, as much as they wisely chose to not engage in contact/conflict with you. Agreeing w/others here, I think that the *GROUP OF PEOPLE*, with *VIDEO*, + the generally peaceful and lighthearted mood of everybody, *ALL* contributed to the success of this action. Not to take any glory away from Mike, just want to show that it was a well-thought out group effort! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL OF YOU! (Um, i couldn't really see the "bud"…what was it, like maybe 1/2 gram???…Indica? Sativa? Seeds?…hey, stop by, i've got a bubbler…uh, wait a minute, ok, i can't find my lighter…DAMN!, this is some good action…*cough* *cough* ***SIGH*….AHHhhhhhhhhhhh……..zzzzzzzz……*grin*

  18. Good point, Elkfart. Thanks to everyone involved!

  19. It actually wasn't all peaceful.

    One of the activists sat on the counter in the lobby. A woman behind the glass knocked on the glass and requested he not sit on the counter, in which he complied without hesitation.

    Within seconds a nice man we dubbed Sgt. Roid-Rage storms out and begins shouting at the activist to behave and after a brief exchange of not-so-pleasantries (I don't remember now exactly what he said but the activist's response was pretty funny) the guy yells something about how the place is not a zoo.

    You think he knew there were cages in the building where they treat humans like animals? Maybe it was his first day doing his job.

    Also, another activist was given the run-around when trying to submit her application for a concealed carry permit.

    So I guess you get a hard time trying to obtain their special permits and god-forbid don't sit on their counters, but it's cool to bring in illegal plants that sometimes get you a free trip to the zoo.

    I'm told the better quality video will be uploaded shortly so everyone can see some of the interviews and probably hear what was said in the police station a little better.

    I'll finish the letter I'm sending to chief Mara today that requests an appointment and provide the link to nhteaparty when I upload it. I'm considering also sending a letter to the mayor and the governor, who is really who I am protesting in all this.

  20. Wow, I find it funny that a cop walked right past him and didn't even say anything.

  21. Mike, I'm suggesting that you send copies of every letter to everybody. So all can see what's going on. As for Governor Smiley-faces' veto of the "medical marijauna" bill recently, I am glad he did veto it. I think it was very poorly written, almost as if it was written to be vetoed. *2 ounces* every 10 days is a *LOT* of weed, especially medical grade. Only maybe Cheech & Chong *TOGETHER* could smoke *6* ounces/month! Commercial grade/schwag maybe, but not medical grade! And the whole "care-center" thing, or whatever they are called, I also think is stupid. I still think all that's needed is to *DECRIMINALIZE* posession/use/cultivation for *ADULTS*… Create legal parity between alcohol & weed…If "they" would just pass *THAT* law, that is the best way forward, I think! //// Speaking of "treating humans like animals", here in Cheshire County, a stray cat/dog unfortunate enough to get hit by a car will receive comprehensive free medical care at any of several local Vets, (…"Midnight (Special) Thundercat" recommends Donna Harwood, DvM…me-ow!…), then given warm, clean, safe, shelter at the "no-kill" Monadnock Humane Society. If we're lucky, we homeless *PEOPLE* are ignored! I've *BEEN* to the "zoo". Never again. Just as in the Holocaust. Never again. //// And, here in Cheshire County, Rick Van Wickler, Jail Superintendent, is an outspoken "L.E.A.P." member. (FYI: " E.nforcement A.gainst P.rohibition"…) They say the "War On Drugs" has been a total *FAILURE*, and I agree. They call for legalizing *ALL* "drugs*, and the *"GOV'T"* SELLING them for $$$!… I can't yet see how we're gonna get "THERE", from "HERE", but that's sure as hell the correct direction to move towards! Thanks for helping lead the way…

  22. Mike,

    You sure made a bang on your move to New Hampshire!


  23. Come to Moultonborough NH and try doing this…. If you want to stir something up go to the moultonborough police! It will be like hitting a bees nest with a stick good luck

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