Letter #14 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

Friday, October 30, Day 29 – 151 to go

Ma’am Behind The Curtain

The violent ones “allowed” Aubern to “represent” my person in their devilish system. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I signed an apology, as much as I could stand to, to just get me into a position where I can get both remedy for my pain and limited physical abilities and into a position where I can contribute to my family and the world in a way that thugs may not like, by providing for them without begging permission from them.… which sadly and shamefully I have to do so I can do something better for the world. I sure don’t want to rot in here at a cost of nearly $15,000.00 to the tax-payers, most of whom agree that it is against their will, and they don’t approve, never mind the cost of the medical bills, which I sure as heck am not responsible for, and I’m sure the tax-payers aren’t responsible as well. Just who is responsible? I think the man who knows he is, knows. He needs no introduction here, surely.

It is so nice to hear, from all the mail, that many more people are moving here. Lots of people seem to say that Burke’s days are numbered in that seat. Interesting huh?

I wonder if people out there who are not yet in “The Shire” know the kind of grand work that exists here? The support from people I never though or expected have done, and DO, so very much that to make a difference here at times seems very easy to do. I know that my very existence is in debt to the souls who I have the honor to share air space with. I’m living amongst my heroes. My heroes aren’t Spider Man (but thank you anonymous “friends in Trumansburg NY” for the Spidey post card, as well as your thoughts. Please know, we are thinking of you too. Most are wondering why on earth you haven’t moved yet. We’re wondering what you are waiting for. I can tell you that I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams. Though I have very little materially anymore, I am wealthy with a pleasure for life that I never knew existed.

One of the postcards I’ve received from Mail-to-Jail.com is from Paul, who is looking forward to moving back to Keene in the coming year. Where else on earth can we exist and flourish alone, without other like-minded individuals to support us? How is that property battle in Massachusetts with the EPA and such going for you? How is that battle against the zoning Nazis going? After all, they all know what is best for your lives, like it or not, or they will lock you up if you disagree. Are they ganging up on you to re-zone your private property and ruin its potential Are they making you alter your dreams of building your house the way YOU see best for you and yours? Those things aren’t gone here, it’s just that people here are now saying “enough” and en masse! (Not “in Mass” 🙂 ) Megalomaniacal judges exist elsewhere as they obviously do here, but do you see the writing on the wall? Many of them do too. First they laught at you. Then they fight you… Then you win.

If you want to “win” your liberty back and are prepared to be laughed at, scared, abused (much like you probably are dealing with where you are) how much longer do you want that to go on? Do you want to take consolation in the fact that many others welcome you here in celebration? Again, I digress. I really wanted to talk about this card Dale Everett made up, the one that Paul (who is ALSO coming BACK to Keene) sent. If you missed it on AnarchyInYourHead.com, it’s Dale’s “Burke head” floating above fire, engulfed in a mist staring down with typical impatience screaming (no, not “have a seat” this time) “Who dares defy the great and powerful Burke?!!” down to a puny dark human figure. The next comic window is a cartoon of the same dark figure in a jail cell and a guard who just tossed a paper and pen into a cell saying “The boss says you can get out if you just sign that statement.” You may have guessed it, the third cartoon window is a close of of the “statement” that reads “There is no man behind the curtain,” and it’s next to a little bug of some gross sort only inhabiting in jails. What I find interesting is that this cartoon, while hilarious as well as an accurate parody, has some deep truth to which I subscribe to, and the judge and all his thuggish henchmen don’t want you to know, especially if they can keep you in conflict or dishonor, that is after all their game. It’s how they assume they can ruin people’s lives because they have no one to stop them. Are you afraid to live freely? If so, this “perceived” and “assumed” power (make no mistake, it’s not a “right”) that you begged for… oh no, you begged for it, don’t disagree or well lock you up and beat you… after all, we’ve taken away your firearms and anything that tells us that you may disagree at the door you so willingly showed up at, for “YOUR hearing.” Nope, it’s not theirs, it’s all FOR you. Aren’t they kind? But just in case you don’t agree with my finding of guilty (which you are, don’t keep fooling yourself) to which I will either get funding from your pockets and that of your families by force of my thugs and henchmen, or I will make other people pay for your transgressions at $80.00 per day and if they don’t agree, I’ll send my thugs out to steal the home and property they THOUGHT they owned; I’m the great and powerful “Man In A Black Dress,” who dares challenge me?

Since I’ve been kidnapped against my will, I’ve experienced many others who have been kidnapped from their lives as well for harming no one, for providing for their families, etc. You all know the drill. This is nothing new. Why when I was slammed into a wall by 480 or so pounds I sure felt scared. I was shaking as I cam in and out of consciousness, and that was for trying to hug and kiss and touch my wonderful and peaceful lady. Have you ever wondered why they disarm you at the door and then beg tax-payers (demand, let’s get honest) to pay for more disarming. They call it “security.” Let’s call it what it is now okay? Thuggery, plain and simple. It will end here first. It will end with me. It will end peacefully. The curtain is gone. You are a cross-dressing man in a black dress (again let’s call it what it is) who is on shaky ground. Your threats we are sick of. I’m not the only one who is pulling that curtain back, even if you shackle my hands and feet and tell the world what a threat I am, that you and only you hold the “fabric of society” together. I’m a peaceful guy, no? I have no use for you any more. I withdraw my consent. I never assented in the first place but only to my God and the woman I love. Your power is only perceived. You can cage humans for speaking freely and harming no one… but not forever. When on when are you going to make peace with us. I’m sure if you are sincere, you will be forgiven and even if you are not, just please stop, go away and leave peaceful people alone. Provoke no more. The curtain is gone.

A particular letter I received last night from a new friend, from Taxachusetts, shared a story with me. “Last weekend I drove by a prison in Walpole, Mass and explained to my 4-year old: this is where the government puts people in cages. The government makes lots of rules, most of which are nonsense, and no one even knows what all the rules are. Then they decide when people break the rules and put them in cages here.”

He continues “That did not make much sense to him, but prison, as the most senseless, evil institution of government there is probably should not make much sense. The sad part is that most people need it to make sense and would explain ‘That’s where they put bad people so they can’t hurt us.'”

Jacob, I’ll reply to the rest in a letter separate from this, but thumbs for reminding me and others new, just what this is truly about. We do know who the REAL bad guys are now.

Peace, Love, Blessings,


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